Thursday, June 8, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 3

So, this episode begins with good Cooper falling into a strange place with water all around. He sees a window and he climbs through it. He enters a room where there is a woman sitting with no eyes. He asks her where he is but she can't tell him. Someone is knocking at the door and she tries to warn him to be quiet. She shows him a way out of the place that he is in and when he exits, he is on some sort of metal craft in what looks like space. He sees Major Briggs who tells him of a 'Blue Rose'. He goes back inside the place and finds another woman(played by Phoebe Augustine who you will remember played Ronette Pulaski in the original Twin Peaks) waiting for him. She helps him escape from something nasty that is behind the door. Evil Cooper is driving, but he gets very sick and crashes his car on the highway.

We see a THIRD Cooper who is called Dougie Jones and is in a house with a hooker called Jade(Nafessa Williams). He feels weird and we see that he wearing the ring from Fire Walk With Me.
He gets sick and disappears. He ends up in the Lodge with Mike who takes his ring. Dougie has fulfilled his purpose and he is turned into a tiny gold ball. He was made as a Cooper duplicate and now he is no longer needed. Good Cooper emerges and he is confused and dazed. Jade thinks that he is Dougie and tells him that she will give him a lift. There are two guys in a car watching Dougie's house and they are not good guys. The cops find Cooper in his car. They look at him and the smell of whatever he spewed is horrific.

Lucy, Hawk and Andy search for the missing thing that the Log Lady told them about, but come up empty handed. Jade takes Cooper/Dougie to a casino and tells him to go inside. He is not himself.
He goes into the slot machines and sees a strange signal over some of the machines. He plays them and wins loads of money. We cut to Gordon Cole(David Lynch) and Albert Rosenfield(Miguel Ferrer). They see the footage of Tracey and Sam who were watching the box. They don't know what going on. They receive a call to tell them that Cooper has been found in South Dakota!

This episode was great. We finally got to see Cooper coming out of the Lodge, but he is not able to function properly  AND we find out that there are other Coopers out there. Are there more? Probably.
This episode is classic David Lynch and it spooked me in parts which is great. There was some nightmarish imagery but it is all just wonderful. I am intrigued to see what is coming next. This series is getting better and better!


Susan Leighton said...

That it does, Jigs! Lynch is definitely taking us on a wild ride & I am definitely buckled up. Nice review!

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan. I can't wait to find out where all of this leads!!!

John Nada said...

Jigsaw great review. This show is pretty trippy and I am enjoying every minute.

Amanda said...

Thanks John.It is so great and I am really looking forward to the next episode.It's been a while since I have felt that way about a TV show!!

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