Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 4

The episode begins with Dougie in the casino. He keeps winning and the casino boss is worried. He calls Dougie to his office to give him his winnings. He asks him where he lives and gives him a chauffeur to take him home. He arrived there and his wife Janey-E(Naomi Watts) comes out and gives him hell for disappearing. She tells him that he has been gone for three days. She sees the money and she is amazed. He can pay off his debts. She is delighted. Meanwhile, Gordon Cole goes to see Denise(David Duchovny) who is the FBI Chief  of Staff. He tells her that they have found Cooper.

In Twin Peaks,Sheriff Frank Truman(Robert Forster) is in charge at Twin Peaks Sheriff Department now. He is Harry's brother. We find out that Bobby Briggs(Dana Ashbrook) is a cop!!!!Who would have imagined that! Frank and Hawk bring out the old Laura Palmer files to have a look. They discuss the Log Lady's message. Bobby sees Laura's photograph and tears come to his eyes as he remembers her. They talk about Cooper and Bobby tells them Cooper was the last person to talk to his dad, Major Briggs, before he died. Cooper left town after that and Major Briggs died in a fire.
Lucy and Andy's son Wally(Michael Cera) turns up and gives a speech. He is dressed like Marlon Brando from The Wild One movie.

Cooper/ Dougie is at his house and he looks at his son, Sonny Jim. He is unsure of what to do. His son laughs. Gordon and Albert arrive at a jail in South Dakota to see evil Cooper. He talks to them and tells them that he was working undercover with Phillip Jeffries. He tells them that he was going to tell them all about it. He tells them that he left messages with Phillip so that he knew that it was safe.Albert tells Gordon that he authorised Jeffries to give some information to Cooper years ago about their man in Colombia and a week later, the man was killed so something is very wrong. It has  something to do with the Blue Rose. They don't think that the person that they talked to is really Cooper and they need to bring 'her' in to see if it really is.Who is she??? That is food for thought. Is it Diane? Audrey? Annie? So many possibilities!

This episode was great. It was good to see Duchovny reprising his role as Denise.There was some real emotion in the scene where Bobby sees Laura Palmer's photograph. It was a very powerful scene and I loved it! I like that Gordon and Albert are not fooled by evil Cooper's facade and it will be so interesting to see who 'she' is!!


Susan Leighton said...

Don't read my episode 6 then, Jigs. I know who "she" is. The scene between Gordon and Albert at the prison was priceless. When Albert was shuffling his shoes against the concrete and killing Gordon's ears. Good review. I like how yours is very concise.

Amanda said...

Yes, I do keep it short, but that's just my style!! I loved the scene with Albert and Gordon too. The show is just great so far and I am dreading when it comes to an end!!

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