Friday, June 30, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 6

This episode begins with Dougie still staring at the statue outside his office. A cop comes over and asks him questions. He brings him back home. Janey-E is worried about him. She gets a photograph of Dougie and Jade together and she gets mad at him. They get a call from someone to whom Dougie owes $50,000. She tells the person that she will meet them and take care of it. Cut to the red room where Mike tells Cooper to wake up. He tells him not to die. Dougie has files from work and he is somehow shown what to do and he starts to draw on them. Albert is in a bar and he meets Diane(Laura Dern).

Richard Horne meets Red who asks him if everything is under control. Richard is caught up in drug
smuggling with Red and Red tells him he had better have it all sorted or he will be sorry. We see the Fat Trout trailer park and Carl Rodd(Harry Dean Stanton) is still there. He is sitting on a bench when he sees Richard Horne drive into a young boy and kill him in the street. Horne drives off. The boy's mother is horrified and Carl tries to help her. We see the same telegraph pole as we did in Fire Walk With Me with the same number on it. What does that mean??

The cops take away Dougie's car. We see a guy in a hotel room receive an envelope. There are two pictures inside. One is of a woman and the other is of Dougie. He is called Ike 'The Spike' and he is a hit man. He goes to the office of the woman and kills her, as well as a witness. He bends his spike that he uses to murder people with. Dougie is called into his boss' office and when his boss sees what he has done with the files, he is impressed. He tells Dougie to keep it to himself. Janey-E meets the two guys who were calling for money and she tells them that she will give them $25,000 and that is it. They agree and she gives them the cash and walks away.

Richard wipes the blood from his truck. Hawk is in the bathroom when he drops a coin. He sees a Native American logo on the toilet and thinks that it is a sign because of what the Log Lady had told him. He notices that the bathroom stall door has a screw missing and there is paper in there. He takes off the other screws and finds a letter. This episode was great. The scene with the child dying was emotional and sad and the scene where Hawk finds the letter was very good. Who is it from? We will find out. I liked that there are more references to Fire Walk With Me. I love that movie! I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!


Susan Leighton said...

Good recap, Jigs. This episode is chockful of Fire Walk with Me references. Nice catch.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan. I love the way that it is all coming together and I really enjoy the references to Fire Walk With Me. I love that film and I was hoping that Lynch would link it with the TV show as it is integral to the story. This show has me intrigued and delighted. I look forward to more!

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