Sunday, July 9, 2017

Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives Movie Review

Jason Lives(1986) is the sixth movie in the series and it is directed by Tom McLoughlin. It stars Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke and David Kagen .

The movie carries on from the previous installment. Tommy Jarvis(Mathews) is at Jason Vorhees' grave with his pal, Allen. Tommy wants to dig up Jason's body to be sure that he is actually dead. Why he doesn't just leave it alone is beyond me! He and his pal do so and when Tommy sees Jason, he is reminded of his battles with him. He gets a spike and stabs it into Jason. He throws Jason's mask into the grave. Now, the likelihood of the spoke being hit by lightning and reanimating Jason is very low, but that is just what happens! Jason comes back from the dead. Tommy tries to set him on fire.
Jason chases him, but Tommy escapes.

Tommy goes to the local Sheriff Garris(Kagen) and tells him about Jason. The Sheriff thinks that he has lost the plot entirely. They throw him into jail. The Sheriff is not happy with Timmy dredging up Jason Vorhees' name and he doesn't want to remind people of the horrible things that he did. Camp Crystal Lake is now called Forest Green and a new bunch of people are coming there. A couple who are driving there see Jason in the road. They don't know what to make of him so they try and get past him, which is a big mistake. Jason is a bit rusty, but he soon finds his feet and kills them. The Sheriff's daughter, Megan(Cooke)comes into see her dad and finds Tommy interesting. Megan and her pals hear about Jason and they are working at the summer camp.

The kids arrive at the camp and there are also people paint balling in the woods. Jason is watching them. He decides to attack them and kill them, even pulling some poor guy's arm off in the process!
Tommy gets escorted to the edge of town and told not to come back by Sheriff Garris. Jason murders his way through the town. He goes to the camp and he gets rid of the camp counsellors. Megan likes Tommy and she believes him about Jason. Her dad thinks that Tommy might be behind the murders and he does not want him near her daughter. Megan picks Tommy up and says that she will help him to get Jason. The cops chase them. The Sheriff catches Tommy and throws him back into jail. He finds out that Tommy has an alibi for some of the killings so he knows that he is not guilty. Megan makes the Deputy Sheriff let Tommy out but holding a gun on him.

Tommy and Megan head for the camp where Jason is on a killing spree. Sheriff Garris goes into the dorms and gathers the kids together. He tells them to hide. He comes face to face with Jason and shoots him. Jason cannot be killed as he has changed into a supernatural being. Tommy and Megan arrive. The Sheriff and Jason face off and the Sheriff ends up losing. Jason chases Tommy and Megan. Tommy makes a trap for Jason. He goes into the water and waits for Jason to come to him.
They fight. Tommy manages to put a huge chain around Jason's neck and this pulls him to the bottom of the lake where he is stuck. Jason grabs Megan when she comes to help Tommy. She uses a propeller from a boat to kill him(or so she thinks). Tommy survives and they head off, thinking that Jason has gone. But of course, WE know that Jason will be back again!!!

I liked this movie. I found it great fun and I loved Jason and his killing spree. He just hacked his way through so many people in this one! I enjoyed the confrontation between Tommy and Jason. I liked the story in general and these sequels are just so much fun to watch because you are rarely disappointed. This was the end of Tommy Jarvis in the franchise which was a shame. I liked that Jason had a nemesis and this could have been a recurring theme throughout the series. Tommy was a worthy opponent for Jason and it would have been fun to explore this relationship further but it was not to be.
So, to sum up, I really liked this sequel and I would definitely watch it again. I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

I only vaguely remember this one, but I remember it was one of the better sequels to the series. I'll have to try to check it again, a good nostalgia moment would be nice this summer.

Amanda said...

It is one of the better sequels. I really liked it and found it good fun.It's always good to indulge in a little nostalgia!!

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