Thursday, July 27, 2017

Friday the 13th Part 7:The New Blood Movie Review

Friday the 13th Part 7:The New Blood is a 1988 horror movie sequel. It is directed by John Carl Buechler and stars Lar Park Lincoln, Kevin Blair, Susan Blu and Terry Kiser.

This movie begins with a synopsis of the last film. Jason ended up at the bottom of the lake in chains. This film opens with him still there. A young girl called Tina is running away from her dad and she goes off in a boat on her own in the lake. She wishes that her father was dead and somehow, she makes it happen. He falls into the lake and dies. We cut to Tina(Lincoln), now grown up. She is driving to see a Dr.Crews(Kiser) with her mother, Amanda(Blu). They are going back to the house where her father died to help Tina come to terms with her guilt. Tina has telekinetic powers and the doctor wants to study her.

Tina goes out to the lake where Jason is and she uses her powers to try and bring her dad back. Unfortunately, she brings Jason back instead. She passes out. Later, she tells Dr. Crews about it, but he thinks that it was all in her imagination. Tina meets a neighbour, Nick(Blair) who invites her to a party that he and his friends are having for his cousin Michael. Little do they know that Jason has arrived on dry land and he is back to his old ways again! Tina has a vision of the teens being killed by Jason and she gets upset. She runs back to her mother and Dr.Crews and tells them about it. Tina is beginning to doubt her sanity at this point.

Tina decides that she wants to leave but Dr Crews doesn't want her to go. She talks to Nick about it. Meanwhile, Jason starts to slash his way through the group of friends. It turns out that Dr. Crews has been trying to make Tina crazy so that she will use her powers. Amanda is furious with him. Tina finds out and she runs away.  Amanda and the doctor meets Jason while they are in the woods and he kills them both. Tina knows what Jason has done and she uses her powers to bring the house down on him. It doesn't kill him, though and he comes after the rest of the group. He and Nick face off, but Nick is no match for him. Tina tries to kill Jason using her powers, but he is strong. She cracks his mask and reveals his horrible face. She brings her father back for a few moments and he takes Jason back down into the lake and chains him up. The movie ends with Jason's mask being found and Nick and Tina being taken away in an ambulance. All is well. Or is it??? I think that we know that Jason will be coming back for another sequel!!

I liked this sequel. Maybe I didn't like it as much as the previous one, but it was entertaining. The ending was a bit iffy, but I went with it anyway! I liked the later sequences between Tina and Jason as she used her powers to try and defeat him. It was good to see him being challenged for a change. I also enjoyed Jason in this one. He is larger than life and a monster. This was the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason and he would go on to play Voorhees in three more sequels! This is a sequel, so don't expect too much here, but I liked it a lot and I would watch it again so I am giving this one a 5/10!!


Susan Leighton said...

I love Kane as Jason! This incarnation isn't as polarizing as JTM. Quite a few F13 fans dig Tina. Good review, Jigs!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan, this was great fun with Kane Hodder playing Jason very well and the story wasn't too bad. I enjoyed this one!

John Nada said...

Like Susan Kan play's a good Jason for sure. I liked this movie, better than some of the others. Great review. Thank you!

Amanda said...

Thanks, John,you're welcome. It is a decent sequel which was fun overall. I enjoyed it.I would watch it again.

MHS Josh said...

Very fair rating. Not as good as some others!

Amanda said...

I agree, it is not as good as other sequels, but it is worth a look. It is enjoyable as part of the series.

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