Sunday, July 16, 2017

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie Movie Review

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie a.k.a.The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue is a 1974 horror movie directed by Jorge Grau and starring Ray Lovelock, Cristina Galbo and Arthur Kennedy.

The movie begins with a man called George(Lovelock) who is zooming along on his motorbike through a village. He stops at a petrol station to fill up and his bike is hit by a woman in a car. Her name is Edna(Galbo) and she is on the way to visit her sister in the area. George has to leave his bike at the station to be fixed so Edna gives him a lift in her car. They drive along and overtake a mortuary truck. George needs to go to meet friends, but he has to drop Edna off first. She isn't too sure where her sister's house is so George goes to a local farm to ask for directions. He sees the Department of Agriculture at the farm. They have a strange machine with them and they are experimenting with it.
 George asks them what they are doing. It is a machine to kill pests on the farm. It makes a very unusual sound and uses radiation to kill. Edna waits outside the car and sees a man stumbling around.He looks dishevelled and he comes for her. She runs away and gets back into the car. George and the farmer come to her and the man has gone. She tells them what happened,but they think that it was all in her imagination.

Edna's sister is called Katie and she lives with a photographer called Martin. Katie has a problem with drug addiction. Martin goes down to the river to take some photographs. Katie is attacked by the creepy man who turns up at her house. She escapes and runs to find Martin at the river. The man kills Martin and Katie runs off in a panic. She runs into Edna and George who have arrived. George finds the body of Martin. The police show up and talk to Katie. The Sergeant(Kennedy) asks Katie about her marriage and he tells her that he knows Martin was going to put her into a clinic. The police tell Edna and George that they have to stay in a local hotel as they were at the scene. Katie has a breakdown and ends up in hospital. George and Edna go to see her. One of the babies in the hospital bites a nurse. The doctor tells George that the babies are aggressive. They all come from the area around the farm where the machine has been working away.

Edna and George talk to the local chemist and they find out that the man who attacked Edna is a local vagrant who died. How could he be alive? George takes Edna to the local graveyard to prove that the man is dead. They go down to the crypt and find his coffin. It is empty! They get locked into the crypt by the zombie vagrant who brings other dead people to life and he and his pals try and get Edna and George. George finds a hole and they manage to scramble out before they get eaten. They have been followed by a policeman and he tries to help them. He ends up barricaded in the church with George and Edna. The policeman thinks that he should get his radio outside and he dashes out to get it. Unfortunately, the undead are waiting for him and he gets eaten alive. The zombies are at the door. They get in and George sets them alight which works. He and Edna get the hell out of there!

George tells Edna to take the car and get the police. George is stranded and he walks to the farm where the machine is. He has a argument with the workers and he tries to wreck the machine. The workers head off and leave him there. The Sergeant turns up at the church and he thinks that George and Edna are Satanists and he orders his men to shoot them on sight. Edna arrives at Katie and Martin's house and she is met by the now undead Martin who tries to attack her. She gets away and proceeds to drive over him. George turns up and she tells him what happened. He drops her off at the petrol station and goes back to burn Martin. He gets stopped by the cops and he tries to tell them about the zombies. Martin is brought to the hospital. Of course, he comes to life and he kills the staff.
The weird machine is fixed and this creates havoc as more zombies are created. George takes a police are and drives off to find Edna. He is chased by the cops.

The movie comes to a close with George going to the hospital and finding that Edna has turned into a zombie. He has no choice but to kill her with fire. George is shot dead by the police. The Sergeant thinks that all is well and he goes back to his hotel room where a zombie George gets his hands on him and kills him. Meanwhile, the machine is working away...This was a very entertaining movie. I really enjoyed this one. There are some eerie scenes in this and there are some pretty good zombie effects here.I liked the scene in the crypt which was spooky and the ending was very good with a lot of things happening. The ending is pretty bleak as the two main characters are killed which is unusual. Nobody ends up walking away at the end of this. The Sergeant gets what he deserves in the end, which I liked and the machine keeps working, suggesting that there will be plenty more zombies created in the area. All in all, this is a very good movie which I really had fun watching. I recommend it and I will give it a 7/10.


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