Saturday, July 15, 2017

Puppet Master 2 Movie Review

Puppet Master 2: His Unholy Creations is a 1991 horror sequel directed by Dave Allen and starring Steve Welles, Elizabeth Maclellan and Collin Bernsen.

The movie begins at Shady Oaks cemetery. Pinhead the puppet digs up Toulon's coffin. He pours a special elixir onto the dead body and Toulon is resurrected from the dead. Cut to a paranormal research team who have come to the Bodega Bay Inn. They are investigating the place after the events of the first movie. They are Carolyn(Maclellan), Camille,Patrick,Lance and Wanda.We find out that the previous owner, Megan was killed and Alex was in an asylum. The group talk about Toulon. Camille sees one of the puppets. The others think that she imagined it. Camille has a feeling that they are in danger and she wants to leave tonight. Unfortunately, the puppets her her and she disappears. The others think that she just left.

Patrick gets killed by The Tunneler. Wanda and Lance see it and Lance tries to smash the puppet. Lance shows the puppet to the others and they open it up to see how it works. It is somehow alive.
A man appears. His name is Eriquee Chanee(Steve Welles). He says that he has lived in the hotel for years and that it was left to him by the previous owner. After this, a man called Michael(Collin Bernsen) turns up looking for his mother, Camille. Carloyn tells him what has happened at the hotel with the puppets. She invites him to stay. The puppets are on the loose and they kill a couple of locals for their brains. Leech Woman gets roasted in the fire when she gets on the wrong side of a local. Toulon tells his puppet pals that they have to be clever. They need more brains to bring back more of the puppets.

Toulon sees Carolyn and she reminds him of his dead wife. He thinks that she is a reincarnation.
There is a flashback to 1912 in Cairo where Toulon discovered how to make his puppets come to life.
Carolyn and Michael are suspicious of Toulon and wonder what is going on. Has he some connection to the puppets. He starts acting strangely around Carolyn and she is creeped out by him. He wants to get rid of Michael as he knows that Carolyn likes him. Meanwhile, Blade kills Lance and Wanda and he uses their body parts for the mixture to help Toulon. Carolyn snoops in Toulon's room and she finds his equipment. He catches her and tells her that she is his wife. Torch tries to kill Michael but he can't. The others gang up on him, but he fights them off.

Toulon tells Carolyn that the Nazis killed his wife. Carolyn tries to make him see that she is not his wife, Elsa. Toulon has two bodies ready for himself and Carolyn to inhabit when he drinks the elixir and brings himself back to life and she will be  with him too. The puppets have brought Toulon animal brains instead of human and he turns on them . They don't like what he has done so they kill him. Carolyn and Michael escape as the puppets set Toulon on fire. The puppet reanimate Camille and her spirit is put into the mannequin that Toulon had chosen for Carolyn. She has the puppets with her now and she is taking them to a children's home to put on her show...

This was an very entertaining movie. I enjoyed it and found that it was pretty good for a sequel.
The story was fun and the puppets were amusing too. I liked the addition of Torch in this movie. He was one bad ass puppet. This stayed true to the original, I thought and the story went along quite nicely. Bringing back Toulon was interesting and I didn't expect them to turn on him and kill him.
I liked the ending because it was left open for more puppet related adventures so I will be moving on to the next sequel now. This movie is a decent one and I think that you will enjoy it if you liked the original movie. I certainly did. I will give this one a 6/10.


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