Saturday, July 22, 2017

Puppet Master 3:Toulon's Revenge Movie Review

Puppet Master 3:Toulon's Revenge is a 1991 horror movie and part of the Puppet Master series.
It is directed by David De Coteau and starring Guy Rolfe, Richard Lynch, Ian Abercrombie and Aron Eisenberg.

The movie begins in Berlin, 1941. A man called Dr. Hess(Abercrombie) is performing experiments on people. One of his experiments wakes up and attacks him. Cut to Toulon(Rolfe) who is putting on puppet shows and making fun of Hitler. Some Nazi guys see it and they come to see him. He is warned about making fun of the Fuhrer. Elsa, Toulon's wife is worried about it. A man called Stein is watching the puppets and he sees them come alive. He sees Toulon injecting them. Toulon makes a puppet in the image of his wife. Stein tells his boss about the puppets. Major Kraus(Lynch) thinks that he is crazy but Dr. Hess is interested. Hess calls General Mueller about it and Mueller tells Kraus to work with Hess on finding out what is going on.

Kraus visits Toulon and tells him that his career is over. He takes a puppet and the Nazis shoot Elsa dead. They are going to take Toulon too but he escapes. He swears revenge, Dr. Hess finds out about Toulon's secret. Toulon gets his puppets and together they are going to get revenge on his wife's killers. They break into Hess' lab and they kill one of his colleagues. Toulon mixes some new elixir and he brings his Elsa doll to life. The puppets take care of Stein. Kraus and his band of soldiers are scouring the city for Toulon. Toulon has found an abandoned building to stay in with his puppets.
 The General gets a visit from Six- Shooter who kills him.

Hess wants Toulon because he wants to find out his secret about the puppets, but Kraus wants him dead. Toulon finds a boy called Peter(Eisenberg) and his father staying in the same abandoned building. Peter is fascinated by the puppets, but his father is not so keen. Peter gets caught by Hess and he ends up leading Hess to Toulon's hiding place. Hess talks to Toulon and he tells him that he is impressed with him. He knows that Toulon was once a doctor, but he gave it up. Hess wants his secret. Toulon tells him that his puppets are made in the likeness of his friends. They all wanted life after death so he made them come back. Peter's father ends up betraying Toulon. Kraus arrives at the hiding place. There is a battle with the puppets. Kraus shoots Peter's dad. Hess is also killed.

In the aftermath, Peter comes back to Toulon and offers him his help with the puppets. Blade is created in Kraus' likeness. There is a face off with Kraus. Toulon kills him by setting him on fire and he gets impaled on a spike. Toulon and Peter head off to Switzerland and to freedom. Toulon is still wanted in Germany. This was a great sequel. I really enjoyed the story in this one and it was just fun throughout. I liked the setting of Nazi Germany and Lynch was good as the evil Kraus. There is plenty here to enjoy and I found it very entertaining. I would recommend this one! I will give it a 6/10.


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