Monday, July 10, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 7

This episode begins with Jerry Horne. He is lost in the woods and has obviously been smoking his own product. Cut to Hawk and Truman. They are looking at the letter that Hawk retrieved from the bathroom door. It turns out that they are pages from Laura Palmer's diary. Frank calls Harry, but he is too ill and Frank can't ask him about Cooper and everything that happened. He calls Doctor Hayward(Warren Frost) and he talks to him about what happened when Cooper emerged from the Black Lodge that night. Hayward tells him that Cooper gave him a strange look in the hospital. He assumed that Cooper was going to visit Audrey Horne who was in intensive care but Cooper left. Detective Macklay is visited by a Lieutenant Knox who wants to know about the investigation into the dead body which had Major Briggs' fingerprints. She discovers that the body is actually from a man in his 40's and not 70's so what is going on? She calls her boss, Colonel Davis and tells him.
 Knox tells the cops that nobody is to have access to the body from now on.

Gordon and Albert talk about Diane. She refuses to go and see Cooper. They go to visit her and she tells them that she will not go. They talk to her and she eventually agrees to go and see him but she is not happy about it. She goes in and sees Cooper. She talks to him and asks him who he is. When she comes out, she talks to Gordon and tells him that the person in prison is NOT Cooper. Meanwhile, evil Cooper has some information about the warden and he threatens to leak it if he does not get released and given a car and a gun. Mr. Strawberry is mentioned once again and this scares the warden. Cooper also wants Ray Monroe released too.

The cops come to see Dougie about his car. Janey-E is here too and s he speaks for him. The cops tell them that the car was involved in an explosion with gang members. Outside, Cooper and Janey- E are attacked by  Ike The Spike. Cooper is warned by the arm which appears and he is able to fight the guy off. Cut to the Great Northern Hotel. Ben talks to his secretary ,Beverly, about a weird noise that is in his office.  They find the key that was dropped into a post box by Jade. It was Cooper's room key. There is some sexual tension between Ben and Beverly. Beverly returns home to her husband who is very sick. We then see a scene from the Roadhouse of a guy sweeping the floor. Cooper is let out of his cell by the warden and he escapes. The episode ends at the Double R diner...

This was a great episode. It was good to see Diane in action and I like the way that she knew that evil Cooper wasn't right. Now that he is on the run, things are bound to get very interesting. I liked the fact that Dougie was able to fight off Ike and he somehow knew what to do. Is the good Cooper coming back to us? I really hope so. I wondered if the noise in the Great Northern has something to with a certain person called Josie who was last seen inside a piece of furniture in the hotel. Maybe I am just reading too much into it. Anyway, I am looking forward to episode 8!


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