Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Sect Movie Review

The Sect is a 1991 horror movie directed by Michele Soavi and written/produced by Dario Argento and starring Kelly Curtis and Herbert Lom.

The movie begins in California, 1970. A group of hippies are living on their commune. A man comes out of nowhere. He asks them for help. He kills the group with his accomplices. They take their things. It is a sacrifice. Cut to Frankfurt, German in 1991. A woman is being followed by a man. She runs away from him. He is waiting for her at her house and he asks her why she disobeyed him. He kills her and gets onto the subway. Thieves steal something from his pocket. It is a human heart.
He runs away but the police catch him and he shoots himself. He says that he was just a pawn.He had no choice. An old man Moebius Kelly(Lom)  says that it is time and he throws his keys into the river and goes off with a parcel. He is on the bus when he starts to cough. He is not well. He gets hit by a car. The driver is called a woman called Miriam(Curtis). The man is okay but she offers him a lift. He seems to know her. She is a teacher.

He falls asleep in her house so she leaves him there. The old man opens the box he had with him. He goes upstairs and lets himself into her bedroom. He puts an insect into her nose while she is asleep.
She has weird dreams about a bird pecking her. She finds the man dying. The phone is dead. She has to walk to get the doctor. While she has gone, the old man goes to her basement and looks around. There is a well down there. There is something in there. He dies. Miriam gets back with the doctor and they see that he has gone. They find his body. His body is picked up and the doctor says that he will see her tomorrow.

Her pipes are clogged up with weird stuff. It is coming from the well. She goes down to the basement and there is a woman down there. She asks her what is going on and runs off. One of Miriam's students draws a picture of the insect that the old man inserted into Miriam's nose. Her mother doesn't come to collect her. Miriam takes the child home. The child shows her her mother's work. The insect is extinct. Miriam recognises it and she faints. The maid at the house is the same woman who was in Miriam's basement. Miriam's friend Catherine is staying with her. She gets affected by a cloth that was left by the old man. She dresses up and goes looking for sex. She has a knife with her. He ends up killing her and he says that she made him do it.

Miriam gets a call from the old man who says that he left his diary with her. He tells her to keep it for him. She gets a call about her friend Catherine. She goes to see her dead body. Catherine suddenly jumps up and attacks her. Then she cuts her own throat. Miriam is horrified. She and the doctor talk about the old man and he tells her that Moebius is dead. They go to find his body. The doctor finds the diary and there are pictures of the basement. He wanders around and sees something strange happening in the woods. It is a cult and they are performing some sort of ritual on a woman. They have the body of the old man and they take her face off and put it onto his face. He comes to life.
He is the master.

The doctor is affected by the old man's cloth and he turns evil. He tries to kill Miriam. She is taken by the cult. Moebius tells her that the cult is her family. They found her a job and a house. They have planned her life for her. She is drugged and she wakes up in the basement. She sees a bird and he pecks at her neck. She has been chosen to give birth to Satan's child. She is inseminated by an evil creature.She has the child. Miriam sees it. Moebius tells her that she can raise it if she wants. Se takes the baby and runs.She is chased but she sets fire to herself and the baby. The movie ends with Miriam still alive. Her son saved her life.

This was an interesting movie. There is lots happening and it can be a little confusing. I liked the story and it was well written. I liked the ending too as I did not expect that to happen. It is one that I had meant to watch for a long time and I am glad that I saw it eventually. It is well worth a watch and I found it entertaining and interesting. I will give this one a 6/10.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare Movie Review

Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare is a 1991 horror movie sequel directed by Rachel Talalay and starring Robert Englund, Lisa Zane and Shon Greenblatt.

This movie begins with a guy having nightmares. Freddy(Englund) is there. He wakes up in the road. He ends up in a shelter and meets a woman called Maggie(Zane) who works there. He has amnesia. He tells Maggie that he was the last survivor of the Freddy murders and that he needs to stay awake or he will die. He ends up falling asleep and dreams of a young girl. She leads him into a house and a padded cell where he sees himself. He tells Maggie about his dream. He has no name so he is called John Doe(Greenblatt). Maggie is having dreams too and they are connected to his. Maggie wants to take him to Springwood where he woke up in the road. Some of the other kids from the shelter go along for the ride.

They go to Springwood and the locals are very weird. There is a cameo by Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold. Maggie and John go to the local school. There is a guy there talking to himself. Maggie finds a scrapbook with newspaper cuttings about Freddy Krueger. The other kids are in the van. They end up on Elm Street and they go into a house. Freddy is there. He kills one of them. Maggie and John look for information about Kruegers child. They meet Tracy, one of the kids who tells them what is happening with Freddy. Another one of the kids, Spencer falls asleep. Freddy performs a song for him on TV. Spencer ends up in a video game and Freddy controls it. He kills him. John falls asleep and wakes up in a nightmare.

Freddy left him alive so that he could bring Maggie to him. John gets killed. Freddy goes into Maggie. She and Tracy drive away. Maggie delves into her past and she asks her mother about her parents. She dreams of herself as a child. Her mother and Freddy were arguing. She finds his lair. Maggie meets Freddy and he tells her that he is her father. A friend of Maggie's called Doc tells her that Freddy needs to be pulled into the real world to be killed. Maggie decides that she will do it.
Maggie goes to sleep. She wakes up in a dream. She sees Freddy's past and what happened to him to make him the monster that he is. She tries to kill him but she can't. She eventually gets him to come into the real world. Tracy and Maggie battle Freddy. Maggie gets his glove and stabs him with it.
They throw a bomb at him and they kill him. His demons come out and he finally dies. Maggie and Tracy are happy with a job well done.

This was an entertaining for a sequel. I liked it. I found it good fun and Freddy is great as always. I liked the idea of Freddy having a daughter and his being killed by her. It was well worth a watch. If you like the other sequels, then you will enjoy this one. I will give this a 6/10.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 10

This episode begins with Steven and Becky who are fighting. He tries to strangle her. Cut to Dougie and Janey E. She gets a look at his toned body and they have sex for the first time in ages. She thinks that he is really attractive now. Richard Horne is on the loose after killing the girl who saw him hit the kid in an earlier episode. She sent a letter to the Sheriff and Richard wants it before it reaches Sheriff Truman and he goes to his grandmother's house. Sylvia Horne(Jan D'Arcy) is there with her son Johnny who has been tied to his chair for some reason. Richard goes in and he attacks Sylvia is a very vicious scene. Johnny is powerless to help her. Richard is unmerciful in his treatment of Sylvia as he takes money and jewellery from the house. After he has gone, Sylvia calls Ben and tells him what has happened.

The Mitchum brothers are going to kill Dougie. Then there is a scene where Candie sees a fly on one of the brothers and goes to hit it but hits him instead. She becomes very upset..Cut to Gordon and Albert. Gordon sees a vision from Fire Walk With Me when Laura was upset and went to see her best friend Donna. Albert tells Gordon that Diane has been contacting Evil Cooper. Tammy comes and she has a photograph from the glass box which was in the first episode. In Twin Peaks, we see all of the different characters doing their thing. Jerry Horne is in the woods, lost.Nadine watched Dr. Jacoby and his golden shovels.

The episode ends with the Log Lady calling Hawk and telling him that everything is coming full circle and that Laura is the One. Not a lot happened in this episode. It was interesting of course with some good scenes. It is going along nicely. I am looking forward to the next episode!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers Movie Review

Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers is a 1989  horror movie sequel directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard and starring Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell.

This movie begins where the last one left off. Michael Myers is in the mine shaft alive. He makes his way out. There is an explosion but he doesn't get hurt. He wanders off down the rivers. He meets a local hermit and then he passes out. The hermit takes him in.Cut to one year later at the children's clinic in Haddonfield. Jamie has a nightmare about attacking her foster mother. She is in a trance and she is linked to Myers in some weird way. Meanwhile, Myers kills the guy who helped him.

Dr. Loomis comes in to see Jamie. She is mute. Rachel is with her. She is going away for a couple of days. She doesn't want to leave Jamie because of how she is. Myers is watching Rachel. Jamie can feel Myers near her. She draws pictures of her dog Max. Loomis calls Rachel and asks her about the dog. She goes to check on him and the dog is gone. He shows up but Dr. Loomis comes to the house and tells Rachel to get out. Rachel meets Myers who is in the house and she gets stabbed. Jamie can feel what is happening. Rachel's pal Tina comes to the house as she is staying there for the weekend.
Jamie sees Myers outside the clinic. She runs away from him. The staff find her. Dr. Loomis comes looking for Michael. He wants Jamie to tell him where he is but she can't.  Loomis goes to the Myers house with a gun and looks around. Michael is there and he is watching. He kills one of Tina's pals.

Jamie is getting ready for a Halloween party. Her friend Billy helps her. Tina gets picked up by Myers, who has killed Tina's pal and is posing as him by wearing his Halloween mask. Jamie has a funny turn as she can sense Myers. Dr. Loomis wants her to tell him where Myers is. She tries to tell them and the cops go to the store where Tina is. They save her from Myers. Jamie gets her voice back. She wants Tina to stay with her as she is afraid of Myers but Tina won't. Loomis tries to stop her from leaving. Jamie heads off with her pal Billy to find Tina. The cops are watching her. Myers is also watching her. Myers starts to make his way through Tina's friends. Myers comes after Tina and chases her. Jamie and Billy show up and distract Myers. He chases Jamie.

Loomis shows up and chases Michael. The cops show up and Tina is taken away. Jamie agrees to help Loomis to get Michael. Loomis tries to talk to Myers and he tells him to fight his rage and go home. He tells him that he will be waiting. Jamie waits in the Myers house. The cops are there too, waiting for Myers. Jamie senses him coming. The cops gets a distress call from the clinic. They go there. Loomis thinks that he will come to the house. He waits with Jamie. Myers shows up and Loomis tries to reason with him.Myers attacks him. Jamie gets out. There is a chase and they meet face to face. She talks to him and there is a moment when he shows emotion but then he reverts to his evil self and tries to kill her. Loomis shows up and he shoots Michael and he beats him. It seems as if he has been beaten. He gets taken to the police station where he is locked up. A man in black comes in and he sets an explosion. There is gunfire. Jamie goes into the station and finds all of the police men dead and Michael Myers has gone.

This sequel was pretty good. It is a continuation of the fourth movie and the two could have been one long film. It is what you would expect but I enjoyed it all the same. Myers is evil and silent as usual and Harris plays Jamie once again. There is nothing really new or original here, but it is worth a look if you enjoy the Halloween series of movies. I had fun watching it anyway and I will give it a 5/10.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Twin Peaks , The Return, Episode 9

This episode begins with bad Cooper who meets Chantal and Hutch who are killers. He sends a weird message saying that 'Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively'. Who he has sent it to, we don't know yet. Gordon, Albert and Tammy are on a plane when they get a call telling them that bad Cooper has escaped from prison. They find out that the fingerprints from the body found belong to none other than Major Briggs! Cooper gets double crossed by Ray and he is shot. He lies on the ground, dying and some ghostly figures dance around him. He is not dead, though and he gets up and walks down the road.

Bad Cooper manages to make his way to meet Chantal and Hutch. He calls Mr Todd and asks him if he has done 'it' which is kill Dougie. It hasn't been done yet. He wants Chantal and Hutch to kill the prison warden. The text bad Cooper sent goes to Diane. The cops find out that there are no records of Dougie before 1997. In Twin Peaks, Ben Horne and his secretary Beverly search for the source of the weird sound in the hotel. Gordon and his team talk to Hastings and find out that he and the dead woman, Ruth had a blog and they investigated dimensions and weird stuff. They had found something. When they talk to Hastings, he tells them that he and Ruth met the Major and that he was
worried. He asked them to find coordinates so he could leave where he was. The murder was done because they got too close to something.

In Twin Peaks, Bobby and the other officers go to see his mother. They asks her about Major Briggs. She gives them a capsule that he gave to her. He told her that Bobby and the others would come to see her and ask her what Cooper spoke to Major Briggs about before he died. They look inside the capsule and find symbols of the Black Lodge and directions to a place. They know that this is something special. There is also two words written down. Cooper. Cooper. What is going on?
This is a good episode with some good scenes. The story is becoming more interesting as we go along. What secrets will be revealed? I am looking forward to finding out.
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