Thursday, September 21, 2017

Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare Movie Review

Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare is a 1991 horror movie sequel directed by Rachel Talalay and starring Robert Englund, Lisa Zane and Shon Greenblatt.

This movie begins with a guy having nightmares. Freddy(Englund) is there. He wakes up in the road. He ends up in a shelter and meets a woman called Maggie(Zane) who works there. He has amnesia. He tells Maggie that he was the last survivor of the Freddy murders and that he needs to stay awake or he will die. He ends up falling asleep and dreams of a young girl. She leads him into a house and a padded cell where he sees himself. He tells Maggie about his dream. He has no name so he is called John Doe(Greenblatt). Maggie is having dreams too and they are connected to his. Maggie wants to take him to Springwood where he woke up in the road. Some of the other kids from the shelter go along for the ride.

They go to Springwood and the locals are very weird. There is a cameo by Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold. Maggie and John go to the local school. There is a guy there talking to himself. Maggie finds a scrapbook with newspaper cuttings about Freddy Krueger. The other kids are in the van. They end up on Elm Street and they go into a house. Freddy is there. He kills one of them. Maggie and John look for information about Kruegers child. They meet Tracy, one of the kids who tells them what is happening with Freddy. Another one of the kids, Spencer falls asleep. Freddy performs a song for him on TV. Spencer ends up in a video game and Freddy controls it. He kills him. John falls asleep and wakes up in a nightmare.

Freddy left him alive so that he could bring Maggie to him. John gets killed. Freddy goes into Maggie. She and Tracy drive away. Maggie delves into her past and she asks her mother about her parents. She dreams of herself as a child. Her mother and Freddy were arguing. She finds his lair. Maggie meets Freddy and he tells her that he is her father. A friend of Maggie's called Doc tells her that Freddy needs to be pulled into the real world to be killed. Maggie decides that she will do it.
Maggie goes to sleep. She wakes up in a dream. She sees Freddy's past and what happened to him to make him the monster that he is. She tries to kill him but she can't. She eventually gets him to come into the real world. Tracy and Maggie battle Freddy. Maggie gets his glove and stabs him with it.
They throw a bomb at him and they kill him. His demons come out and he finally dies. Maggie and Tracy are happy with a job well done.

This was an entertaining for a sequel. I liked it. I found it good fun and Freddy is great as always. I liked the idea of Freddy having a daughter and his being killed by her. It was well worth a watch. If you like the other sequels, then you will enjoy this one. I will give this a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Nice review, Jigs! The Freddy having a daughter twist was delightful.

Midnight Gore said...

Nice review Jig! Now I'm going to have to pull my nightmare on Elm Street box set off the shelves and go through all of them again lol. I guess my weekend is planned.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan! It was a good twist. This was very enjoyable overall!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks!!That sounds like a good plan!!I like all of the movies and I would watch them anytime!

John Nada said...

Good review Jigsaw. I have always liked this franchise. Thank you for the review and I will give it another watch.

Amanda said...

Thanks John!I love the NOES franchise too and this one was fun!!

MHS Josh said...

Great review! I probably would have rated it higher because this was a classic to me growing up, and I love Freddy's playful side, but I can see how it doesn't hold up to today's standards. The 3-D actually works really well when the TV scene starts if you even have the old red and blue glasses. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Josh! It was a decent movie and I liked it.I have not watched that in 3-D. I must have a look again!!

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