Sunday, September 3, 2017

Twin Peaks , The Return, Episode 9

This episode begins with bad Cooper who meets Chantal and Hutch who are killers. He sends a weird message saying that 'Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively'. Who he has sent it to, we don't know yet. Gordon, Albert and Tammy are on a plane when they get a call telling them that bad Cooper has escaped from prison. They find out that the fingerprints from the body found belong to none other than Major Briggs! Cooper gets double crossed by Ray and he is shot. He lies on the ground, dying and some ghostly figures dance around him. He is not dead, though and he gets up and walks down the road.

Bad Cooper manages to make his way to meet Chantal and Hutch. He calls Mr Todd and asks him if he has done 'it' which is kill Dougie. It hasn't been done yet. He wants Chantal and Hutch to kill the prison warden. The text bad Cooper sent goes to Diane. The cops find out that there are no records of Dougie before 1997. In Twin Peaks, Ben Horne and his secretary Beverly search for the source of the weird sound in the hotel. Gordon and his team talk to Hastings and find out that he and the dead woman, Ruth had a blog and they investigated dimensions and weird stuff. They had found something. When they talk to Hastings, he tells them that he and Ruth met the Major and that he was
worried. He asked them to find coordinates so he could leave where he was. The murder was done because they got too close to something.

In Twin Peaks, Bobby and the other officers go to see his mother. They asks her about Major Briggs. She gives them a capsule that he gave to her. He told her that Bobby and the others would come to see her and ask her what Cooper spoke to Major Briggs about before he died. They look inside the capsule and find symbols of the Black Lodge and directions to a place. They know that this is something special. There is also two words written down. Cooper. Cooper. What is going on?
This is a good episode with some good scenes. The story is becoming more interesting as we go along. What secrets will be revealed? I am looking forward to finding out.


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