Monday, October 30, 2017

Madman Movie Review

Madman is a 1982 horror movie directed by Joe Giannone and starring Gaylen Ross and Paul Ehlers.

The movie begins with a group of young people sitting around a campfire. The camp counsellors are telling ghost stories. One of them, Max, tells a story about a madman called Madman Marz(Ehlers) who killed his family. He was a farmer, but he was evil. The locals found out what he had done and hung him from a tree. His body disappeared and the bodies of his dead family. If you say his name, he will come. They say his name, thinking its a joke. The problem is that Madman Marz IS around the woods and he is looking for fresh meat because they have called him. He follows the kids around as they are camping. He starts to kill them.

One of the counsellors Betsy(Ross) sees someone running in the woods. The kids are dropping like flies as Marz slashes his way through them. Betsy sees the killer and he comes after her. She gets a shotgun and she hides. She gets someone else to take the kids away from the camp and there is a face off between her and Marz. He gets her and impales her. She stabs him,but he doesn't die. He just heads off into the woods. One of the counsellors is left alive and he meets Max and tells him that the legend of Madman Marz is real.

This was a good slasher. It was good fun and I am amazed that it took me so long to watch this!
I liked the story and there were some good kills in it. It is pretty standard slasher fare,but it is done well. I found it enjoyable and I had a good time watching this. I recommend it to slasher fans. I will give it a 6/10.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween H20:Twenty Years Later

Halloween H20 is a 1998 horror movie sequel directed by Steve Miner and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, LL Cool J, Janet Leigh and Adam Arkin.

In Langdon, Illinois a former colleague of Dr. Loomis comes home to find that someone has been in her house. She goes next door and calls the cops. She has the kid next door, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, have a look around the house to see if there is anyone there. Everything seems okay so she goes back inside. Her files have been rifled through and one of them is missing. The Laurie Strode file. Michael Myers turns up and he kills her. He drives away in her car. The cops investigate. Cut to Laurie Strode(Curtis) who is alive but living under the alias of Keri Tate. She still has nightmares about Myers. She lives with her son, John(Hartnett) who knows about Myers. She lives in Summer Glen, California and she is principal of Hillcrest Academy. She faked her own death.

Myers steals a woman's car and heads off to find Laurie.Janet Leigh makes an appearance in this as a secretary which is a nice touch. Laurie is involved with a teacher at the academy called Will(Arkin). It is Halloween and she is very spooked. Myers finds out where she is and he arrives at the school.
John and his girlfriend, Molly(Williams) are supposed to go on a school trip but they stay behind at the school along with their pals, Charlie and Sarah. Myers is stalking the campus. The security guard, Ronnie(Cool J) sees a truck at the gates to the school. He goes out to see what is going on but there is no one there. Myers has set it up so he can get in. Laurie sees Myers coming.

John and his friends meet up for a party. Laurie tells Will all about her experiences with Myers.
She discovers that her son did not go on the trip and freaks out. She and Will are going to look for John and the others. Charlie meets Michael and gets killed. He also kills Sarah. John and Molly look around to see where their friends went. They see Myers. They run and he chases them. Laurie meets them and they all lock themselves in. Myers knows where they are and he tries to get in. Will has a gun and he hears something. He thinks that it is Myers so he shoots him. It turns out that he has shot Ronnie by mistake. Myers kills Will.

Laurie, Molly and John run away from Myers. She tells them to go and get help. She stays to fight Myers. There is a chase and they fight. She stabs him. He falls off a balcony and she goes to look at his body. Ronnie is still alive and he stops her from stabbing him again. Myers is taken away in van. Of course, he comes back to life.  He comes after Laurie. She gets into the van and she drives it at him, pinning him. Laurie survives. She goes to look at Myers. He reaches out for her. She chops off his head. 

This was a very good sequel. I really liked it a lot. I thought that the cast were great, the story was good and the whole movie was a really superior film in the series. It is great fun and there are some good scenes in it, especially the one with Janet Leigh where the Psycho theme tune plays as she approaches her car which is the same one from Psycho. I liked that. I thought that it was clever. This film also scraps Halloween Parts 3,4,5 and 6 so you have to discard those movies and forget everything that happened. All in all, this is a great sequel and one that you should watch if you like the Halloween franchise, as I do. I will give it a 7/10.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It Follows Movie Review

It Follows is a 2014 horror movie directed by David Robert Mitchell and starring Maika Monroe,Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto and Jake Weary.

The movie begins with a girl running out of a house. Her dad asks her what is wrong. She drives off and ends up at the beach. She calls her family and she tells them that she loves them. The next day, she is found dead on the beach. A girl called Jay(Monroe) is at the cinema with her new boyfriend, Hugh(Weary). He says that he an see a woman but there is nobody there. Afterwards, they have sex in his car and he drugs her. She wakes up in a deserted place, tied to a chair. He tells her that something is going to follow her. He tells her that she will need to have sex with someone to pass it on to them. He brings her home.

She calls the cops and they come but they can't find Hugh. Jay sees a woman outside the window. She is spooked. The woman is coming after her. Jay tells her sister what happened. Her sister and friend Paul(Keir Gilchrist) stay with her to make sure she is okay. The window gets broken but there is nobody there. Jay looks around the house. She sees a girl walking towards her. She thinks that she is going crazy. She sees a strange man in the house and she runs off. She and her friends drive around. They go to an old run down house. Jay goes to school and she sees a picture of Hugh in the yearbook. His real name is Jeff. She goes to his house. He tells her that 'it' is following her. He says that it is not done with him yet. He tells her that he picked up the curse from a girl in a bar.

Jay and her friends go to a place away from the city to hide from 'it'. While they are there, something pulls at Jay. Nobody else can see it. She gets a gun and shoots at it but she can't kill it. She sees more people coming. She jumps into the car and drives off but ends up crashing and going to hospital. Jay has sex with her friend Greg. He doesn't see anything following him at first. But, at night he walks around. He goes to his house and breaks the window with a rock. He goes into his room and it goes into his mother who proceeds to kill him. The group want to set up a trap for the evil it. They go to the local swimming pool and fill it with electrical appliances hoping to kill it. Jay gets into the pool and lures it in. Their plan doesn't work but Paul ends up shooting it in the head and seemingly killing it. Afterward, Jay and Paul have sex and walk off together. There is someone behind them but we don't know if it is the evil come back.

I didn't love this movie at all. It started well and I liked the beginning but as it went on, it slowed right down. There were some parts in it that were creepy, but it wasn't really for me.
I thought that the movie wasn't very scary on the whole and that it was very slow in parts. There wasn't enough happening for me. So, all in all, this was an okay movie with just enough to keep me watching, but I would not watch it again. I will give it a 5/10.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Intruder Movie Review

Intruder is a 1989 horror movie directed by Scott Spiegel and starring Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez,Sam Raimi,Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

The movie begins in a supermarket. A guy called Craig comes to see his ex girlfriend, Jennifer(Cox). She broke up with him and he is angry with her. There is a fight when one of the owners called Bill(Dan Hicks) comes out and tells Craig to leave. Craig runs off when some of the other workers show up. They go out to look for him, but he has disappeared. Jennifer calls the cops. Craig comes back and gets caught by the other workers who throw him out. The cops are on the way. The two owners, Bill and Danny(Eugene Robert Glazer) call all of the workers together to announce that they are selling the store. The phone rings and it is Craig. Jennifer is spooked. She is asked out on a date by a co worker, Dave(Billy Marti).

The cops come to the store, but there is nothing that they can do. One of the workers, Linda(Estevez)
hears something or someone in the parking lot. The person has a knife and he stabs Linda. Bill hears something when he goes outside and sees a person trying to enter the store. He looks around. He finds Craig trying to break in and they fight. Craig hits him with a hammer. Danny gets strangled.
Produce Joe(Ted Raimi) is the next to die. Two more workers drop like flies as the killer stalks the store. Randy(Sam Raimi) dies next. When most of the workers die, Jennifer is alone. She finds the dead bodies. She sees the shadow of the killer and she runs. He chases her. she runs into Craig and hits him. She realises who the killer is when Bill shows up covered in blood.

Bill chases her. He wanted to stop Danny from selling the store and he got carried away. He is going to frame Craig for the murders. Jennifer hits him with a bottle and runs off. She hides and he chases her around the store.Craig is still alive. He tells Jennifer that he saw Bill kill Linda. Bill kills him.Jennifer finds an open window and climbs out. He chases her and she stabs him. She calls the cops. Bill comes back again to try and kill her. Craig saves her. The cops come, one of them is played by Bruce Campbell, and they arrest Jennifer and Craig as they think that they are the ones to blame. Bill tells the cops that they did the killings. He is still alive and watches as they are taken away.

I really enjoyed this slasher movie. It had a decent cast and the setting of the supermarket was pretty good. I liked the kills and it was fun trying to figure out who the killer was. This movie was produced by Sam Raimi and he and his brother have roles as well as the always entertaining Bruce Campbell. The movie is superior to a lot of the generic slashers that were released in the 1980's and it is certainly one that I had never heard of until I watched it. I was pleasantly surprised by it and found it great fun overall. I recommend this one and I will give it a 7/10.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Blood and Black Lace Movie Review

Blood and Black Lace is a 1964 horror/thriller movie directed by Mario Bava and starring Cameron Mitchell and Eva Bartok.

The movie begins at a fashion house. Isabella is a model who comes to the house. There is a masked man in the bushes. He attacks her and drags her off. Another woman is attacked in the house. The attacker takes something out of the woman's purses and takes it with him. He drives away. A woman called Peggy(Mary Arden) arrives back at her house with her friend Marco. Inspector Silvester is waiting there for her. He tells her that her car was found abandoned. She tells him that she lent it to her friend.Peggy has a notebook in her purse. It is a diary. She tears pages out of it and burns them.
She hears someone at the door. It is the killer. He attacks her for the diary. The cops are coming so they disturb his work. He takes Peggy off with him.

A man called Max(Mitchell) is a suspect in the killings. He manages the fashion house with his partner Cristina(Bartok).It turns out that Isabella had a diary detailing a lot of shady goings on at the fashion house.The cops think that someone killed her to stop it from getting out. Peggy gets killed as she pulls off the mask of her killer and she recognises the person. The cops arrest all of the men who work at the fashion house, but when there is another murder, they have to release everyone.

Max has the notebook that Isabella had. He meets Cristina and they talk. It turns out that they have been working together and they are lovers. He helped her to kill her husband. Isabella found out and she was blackmailing Max. She pushed him for too much money and the diary was dangerous to the lovers so Max murdered her. They need to get rid of one more girl to be safe and Cristina has to do it.
She murderers another model. Someone is at the door while she is there and she panics. She goes out of the window and falls when a drainpipe breaks. Max has set her up and she finds out about it. She finds him and she shoots him dead. She falls down beside him and dies.

This is a very good movie with loads of twists and turns. It is basically a murder mystery and it is fun trying to figure out who is the killer. It is well made and very enjoyable. I found it entertaining and fun. I enjoyed the story and the ending was pretty good. All in all, this is a very decent mystery movie with elements of horror in it too. It also could fit in the slasher category. I would recommend this one and I will give it a 7/10.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Black Cat Movie Review

The Black Cat is a 1981 horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Patrick Magee, Mimsy Farmer, David Warbeck and Dagmar Lassander.

The movie begins with a man in his car. He sees a black cat in the back seat and he goes into a trance. He crashes his car and dies. The cat wanders into its house, a big house owned by Professor Miles(Magee). He is a bit of a weirdo who says that he is a medium. A woman called Jill(Farmer) is wandering around taking pictures of a crypt when she finds a microphone in there. She meets a policeman who warns her not to into the crypt again. A couple are looking for somewhere to have sex. They find a storage room but the cat is around. The couple loses the key to get out of there and the power is cut. They are stuck inside the room. There is no air. The girl's mother,Lillian(Lassander) goes to the police about her daughter who has disappeared. By this time, the couple are dying.

Inspector Gorley(Warbeck) is brought in from Scotland Yard to investigate the case. Jill wanders around town and meets Miles and they talk. He tries to put her in a trance but the black cat intervenes and scratches him. Jill gets away before he can do anything. The cat wants to kill him. A local man meets the cat at night. He throws a stone at it and it follows him into a building and gets stuck on a ledge, the cat scratches his hands and he falls to his death. The inspector needs Jill to take photographs as she is the only photographer in the village. The cops find the dead man and they think that it was just an accident, Jill sees the cat scratches on the man's hands and wonders. Lillian goes to see Miles about her daughter who is still missing. She gives him an object of her daughter's and he concentrates on it. He tells her that she is by the water. The cops go to the boathouse and they find the couple inside, dead.

Miles realises that the cat is to blame for the deaths. Lillian sees the cat before her house goes on fire. She gets burned alive and the cat wanders off. Jill calls Miles and she shows him the pictures of the cat scratches. He agrees that the cat is to blame for the deaths. Miles tells her that the cat can think and he is clever. Miles goes to hang the cat and end its reign of terror. He sees a shadow of it hanging. He almost has an accident. Then he sees that the shadow has disappeared. The inspector wonders what is going on. Jill is going to show him the cat scratch picture but she finds that it has gone. He goes to see Jill and they talk about the cat and Miles. They manage to squeeze in a kiss in between. Miles sees the cat. It has come back!!! The cat follows the inspector and attacks him. It hypnotises him and he stands out in the road and gets hit by a car.

Jill asks the man who hit the inspector what happened. He tells her that Gorley was acting as if he was in a trance. He tells her that there was a cat there. Another inspector arrives in town. Jill visits Miles and he tells her what he did to the cat. Jill wanders around his house and she takes pictures.
She hides when she sees Miles coming. He realises what she is going. Jill meets the evil kitty. She uses the flash from her camera to fend it off. It appears, then disappears. This is some cat! It tries to get her, but fails. Miles finds her and he tells her that the cat is to blame for everything. He says that he used the cat as a front for his evil deeds. The cat has become strong and now it is in charge. She runs off and gets attacked by bats. Miles knocks her out and hides her car and clears out her place to make it look as if she has left town. The police are looking for Jill. The new Inspector suspects foul play. Miles is going to wall her in in his basement. Gorley informs the new Inspector about the evil cat. Gorley and the police pay a visit to the dodgy Miles and  they asks him about Jill. He tells them that she left. They look around and they hear the cat roaring from the basement. They find Jill. The cat jumps out too. Miles is horrified as the cat is back and has come out on top.

This was a good film. I really enjoyed it. I loved the evil cat angle and it was a good mystery overall. The cast were decent and there were some pretty good scenes in it. Although it is not the best Fulci offering, I found it enjoyable and good fun. There is not loads of gore or anything, but the story is interesting and it is enough to keep you entertained. I have to say that I had not heard anything about this movie before I watched it, but I am glad I did. I had a good time watching and I recommend it as a good horror/mystery. I will give it a 7/10.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blood Rage Movie Review

Blood Rage is a 1987 horror movie directed by John Grissmer and starring Louise Lasser and Mark Soper.

The movie begins in 1974 at the drive in. Two kids get out of their mom's car when she is kissing a man. One of them finds an axe and kills a guy. The woman discovers that her kids have gone.  The killer kid frames his twin for the murder. Ten years later, Todd(Soper) is in an institution. He wants to be released. His mother, Maddy(Lasser) is visiting him. She won't believe that Terry is the real killer. The doctor in the institution suspects Terry. Maddy is going to get married. Terry is living a seemingly happy life. Todd goes missing from the institution. Terry tells his friends about Todd. He sees his mother kissing her fiance and he gets mad. The doctor from the institution  look for Todd.
Terry is up to his old tricks again and he attacks his mother's fiance. The doctor sees Terry and he kills her too.

Todd comes back to his mother's house. Terry has gone to meet a girl and Todd is at the house. Terry's girlfriend shows up and thinks that he is Terry. He tells her that he is Todd and she runs off. She tells her friends about Terry's unbalanced brother. She tells Terry that Todd is at the house. He goes and tells his mother. She tells him to find his brother. Terry goes on a rampage and kills his neighbours. Then he starts in on his friends. Some of them go to the house where Todd is. He tries to tell them that it is Terry who is the psycho. Terry tries to kill his girlfriend next. He chases her. Maddy finds a bloody shirt in the bin. She finds her fiance dead.

Terry finds his girlfriend and his mother shows up too. She has a gun. Todd confronts his loopy brother and they fight. Maddy sees them and realises what he really is. She shoots him and then realises that she shot Terry, not Todd. She goes mad and kills herself. The girlfriend heads off and Todd is left there, wondering what is going to happen next as the movie ends with the cops coming.

This was a fun slasher. It had lots of good killing scenes and I liked the idea of the good twin/bad twin. The cast were pretty good here and there is a lot to like about this one. There is some gore in this but nothing excessive and all in all, this is a decent slasher movie from the 1980's. I don't know how I missed this one, but I am glad that I got to watch it eventually and I certainly recommend this to fans of the genre. I will give this one a 6/10.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 11

This episode begins with Miriam being found in the bushes. Becky calls her mother, Shelley to come and get her. Becky takes her car and she has a gun. Shelley calls Bobby for help. Becky goes looking for Steven. Cut to Albert and Gordon. They go to find out more about Major Briggs. They see a vortex. Diane is with them as is Bill Hastings. Gordon sees a back void and then he sees ghosts swirling around. They discover Ruth Davenport's body. One of the ghosts gets into their car and he kills Hastings.

Cut to the Double R. Bobby and Shelley talk to Becky about Steven. They tell her that she needs to leave him. Bobby is her father. Shelley is dating Red. Bobby is upset when Red shows up and he sees them kiss. Hawk and Truman look at symbols. The Log Lady calls Hawk. She says that they have found something. Her log is afraid of fire. She says that there is fire where he is going. Gordon and Albert looks at a picture of Ruth. There are symbols on her arm. They talk about the ghostly man who killed Bill. Diane saw him. Cut to the Mitchum brothers who want to kill Dougie. Dougie sees the red room and Mike calls to him. The Mitchums wait for Dougie. One of them had a dream with Dougie in it holding a box. He says that if there is a cherry pie in the box, they can't kill him.

There is a cherry pie in the box. They receive their insurance payout from the company and then they are delighted with Dougie. They take him out to dinner as a thank you. Dougie hears a sad song playing in the restaurant and it seems to make him remember something. This was an interesting episode which is propelling the story along pretty nicely. I am looking forward to seeing more about the symbols and what they mean.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Antropophagus Movie Review

Antropophagus is a 1980 horror movie directed by Joe D'Amato and starring George Eastman and Tisa Farrow.

A couple are at the beach when they get attacked by something in the water. Cut to a group of people
who are going to an island. They bring along another woman called Julie(Farrow). She is going to meet some friends. One of the group called Carol does a tarot reading for another woman called Maggie, who is pregnant. She can't seem to read the cards. When they arrive at the island, Julie can't find her friends. The group go to town and look for people. They look in the local store but there seems to be no people or no phones. The telegraph machine in broken. Maggie is left on the boat alone. The deckhand is killed by something. The group see the boat floating away and they can't reach it. Maggie gets dragged away.

Carol is spooked. She thinks that there is a bad vibe on the island. She tells the others that it will destroy them. They plan to look for Maggie in the morning. They stay in a house which belongs to Julie's pals. Julie wanders around the house when she hears a noise. She and one of the others go down to the cellar when a woman pops up and tries to stab them. It turns out to be the daughter of one of Julie's friends. She is blind. She tells them that the village is afraid. She tells them that she can smell 'him' and that she knows when he is coming. He smells of blood. Carol is jealous of Julie talking her her man, Danny. She sees them kissing and runs off. They search for her.  The killer comes to the house and kills Danny.

They find an old house that belonged to a man called Klaus Wortman(Eastman) who went missing along with his wife and child. His sister, Ruth is still on the island, but she kills herself as she is mentally unstable. They find Carol. Julie and Carol make peace with each other. They wonder why the woman killed herself. They look at the family pictures and see the family. They find a diary.
The men try and find Maggie. One of them, Arnold, discovers the hideout of the killer and he sees Maggie. The killer is Klaus who went insane after killing his wife by mistake. He turned into a cannibal.He kills Arnold, pulls out Maggie's unborn baby and eats it .

Klaus turns up at the house and kills Carol, then the girl. He tries to kill Julie, but she runs away.
She manages to knock him into a well, but he gets out. The other member of the group, Andy stabs him in the stomach which causes his insides to spill out. He ends up eating his own intestines.
He dies shortly afterwards, leaving Andy and Julie to look on in horror.

This movie is not for everyone, I would say. There are some scenes that are pretty gory, but I enjoyed it all the same. I think that this was entertaining and fun but not a brilliant movie. I have to say that it was certainly worth a look and I did enjoy it mostly, but it was middle of the road for me. I am glad that I watched it and I also watched the sequel of sorts, Absurd, which I will review soon. So, overall, I think that this is worth a look for horror fans. It has some scenes that will stay with you. All in all, an entertaining movie which gets a 5/10 from me.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Puppet Master 5:The Final Chapter Movie Review

Puppet Master 5:The Final Chapter is a 1994 horror movie sequel directed by Jeff Burr and starring Gordon Currie,Ian Ogilvy and Guy Rolfe.

The movie continues on from the last one. Rick is in the police station. He cops think that he murdered his friends and the two scientists. They have Blade and they think that Rick programmed him to kill. Rick is arrested for murder. There is a recap of the previous  movie. Rick gets bail when his boss Dr. Jennings(Ogilvy) comes and helps him. Blade is left at the police station but he manages to escape into Susie's(Chandra West) bag.Sutekh is still trying to get Toulon's secret. He has a new creation. 

Jennings is making a deal with the sponsors of the Omega project to give them Toulon's secret.
He hires some guys to break into the Bodega Bay Inn and get the puppets. Blade returns to Rick and they leave. Meanwhile Sutekh breathes his life force into a totem and sends it to earth to get the formula and kill people. Susie's pal Lauren is in a coma and she has a vision of Sutekh and his totem coming to earth, The puppets are on the prowl for intruders. The crooks split up and look for the puppets. Blade and Rick arrive at the hotel. One of the crooks discovers a Ouija board which has a pyramid on top of it. It starts to glow. He gets killed by the totem.

The puppets discover the totem and try to kill it. It hurts Torch when he tries to kill it. Rick discovers Jennings in the hotel. He also finds Toulon's formula on his computer. He needs to kill the totem.
Jennings sees Jester and Pinhead. He wants them. Rick hears a voice tell him to destroy the demon.
Decapitron will help him. Rick needs to bring him to life. Jennings agrees to help. They bring him to life and  Toulon's voice tells them that Sutekh is coming and he tells them to leave it to him and the puppets. Jennings tries to attack them. He knocks Rick out and goes to get the puppets. They see what he has done to Rick and they are not happy. Torch takes care of him. Toulon tells his puppets to get Sutekh. The totem comes after Susie and Rick. Decapitron steps in and there is a face off. Susie and Rick get out of there. The puppets fight against the totem. They kill Sutekh eventually. The movie ends with Toulon's ghost showing up and telling Rick that the magic is his now.

This was a pretty decent sequel. It followed on nicely from the previous one. I liked the story and the puppets were great, as always. I like these sequels and this one was fun. I think that sometimes with horror movie sequels, the quality can get worse as you go along, but this one was enjoyable and I liked it. I recommend it to fans of the series. It is worth your while to take a look. I will give it a 5/10.

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