Saturday, October 7, 2017

Antropophagus Movie Review

Antropophagus is a 1980 horror movie directed by Joe D'Amato and starring George Eastman and Tisa Farrow.

A couple are at the beach when they get attacked by something in the water. Cut to a group of people
who are going to an island. They bring along another woman called Julie(Farrow). She is going to meet some friends. One of the group called Carol does a tarot reading for another woman called Maggie, who is pregnant. She can't seem to read the cards. When they arrive at the island, Julie can't find her friends. The group go to town and look for people. They look in the local store but there seems to be no people or no phones. The telegraph machine in broken. Maggie is left on the boat alone. The deckhand is killed by something. The group see the boat floating away and they can't reach it. Maggie gets dragged away.

Carol is spooked. She thinks that there is a bad vibe on the island. She tells the others that it will destroy them. They plan to look for Maggie in the morning. They stay in a house which belongs to Julie's pals. Julie wanders around the house when she hears a noise. She and one of the others go down to the cellar when a woman pops up and tries to stab them. It turns out to be the daughter of one of Julie's friends. She is blind. She tells them that the village is afraid. She tells them that she can smell 'him' and that she knows when he is coming. He smells of blood. Carol is jealous of Julie talking her her man, Danny. She sees them kissing and runs off. They search for her.  The killer comes to the house and kills Danny.

They find an old house that belonged to a man called Klaus Wortman(Eastman) who went missing along with his wife and child. His sister, Ruth is still on the island, but she kills herself as she is mentally unstable. They find Carol. Julie and Carol make peace with each other. They wonder why the woman killed herself. They look at the family pictures and see the family. They find a diary.
The men try and find Maggie. One of them, Arnold, discovers the hideout of the killer and he sees Maggie. The killer is Klaus who went insane after killing his wife by mistake. He turned into a cannibal.He kills Arnold, pulls out Maggie's unborn baby and eats it .

Klaus turns up at the house and kills Carol, then the girl. He tries to kill Julie, but she runs away.
She manages to knock him into a well, but he gets out. The other member of the group, Andy stabs him in the stomach which causes his insides to spill out. He ends up eating his own intestines.
He dies shortly afterwards, leaving Andy and Julie to look on in horror.

This movie is not for everyone, I would say. There are some scenes that are pretty gory, but I enjoyed it all the same. I think that this was entertaining and fun but not a brilliant movie. I have to say that it was certainly worth a look and I did enjoy it mostly, but it was middle of the road for me. I am glad that I watched it and I also watched the sequel of sorts, Absurd, which I will review soon. So, overall, I think that this is worth a look for horror fans. It has some scenes that will stay with you. All in all, an entertaining movie which gets a 5/10 from me.


Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs! Mia Farrow's sister. Wow. May have to look this one up.

John Nada said...

Great reveiw Jigsaw. I really liked this movie. You're right it was pretty gory but good. Thank you.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan, this is an odd movie but it is good fun.the end scene is great!!

Amanda said...

Thanks John.This was gory with some unsettling scenes but overall, it was fun!

MHS Josh said...

Love the special effects like this. Will have to give it a watch. Nice review!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Josh. It is a pretty good movie with some decent gore!!

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