Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blood Rage Movie Review

Blood Rage is a 1987 horror movie directed by John Grissmer and starring Louise Lasser and Mark Soper.

The movie begins in 1974 at the drive in. Two kids get out of their mom's car when she is kissing a man. One of them finds an axe and kills a guy. The woman discovers that her kids have gone.  The killer kid frames his twin for the murder. Ten years later, Todd(Soper) is in an institution. He wants to be released. His mother, Maddy(Lasser) is visiting him. She won't believe that Terry is the real killer. The doctor in the institution suspects Terry. Maddy is going to get married. Terry is living a seemingly happy life. Todd goes missing from the institution. Terry tells his friends about Todd. He sees his mother kissing her fiance and he gets mad. The doctor from the institution  look for Todd.
Terry is up to his old tricks again and he attacks his mother's fiance. The doctor sees Terry and he kills her too.

Todd comes back to his mother's house. Terry has gone to meet a girl and Todd is at the house. Terry's girlfriend shows up and thinks that he is Terry. He tells her that he is Todd and she runs off. She tells her friends about Terry's unbalanced brother. She tells Terry that Todd is at the house. He goes and tells his mother. She tells him to find his brother. Terry goes on a rampage and kills his neighbours. Then he starts in on his friends. Some of them go to the house where Todd is. He tries to tell them that it is Terry who is the psycho. Terry tries to kill his girlfriend next. He chases her. Maddy finds a bloody shirt in the bin. She finds her fiance dead.

Terry finds his girlfriend and his mother shows up too. She has a gun. Todd confronts his loopy brother and they fight. Maddy sees them and realises what he really is. She shoots him and then realises that she shot Terry, not Todd. She goes mad and kills herself. The girlfriend heads off and Todd is left there, wondering what is going to happen next as the movie ends with the cops coming.

This was a fun slasher. It had lots of good killing scenes and I liked the idea of the good twin/bad twin. The cast were pretty good here and there is a lot to like about this one. There is some gore in this but nothing excessive and all in all, this is a decent slasher movie from the 1980's. I don't know how I missed this one, but I am glad that I got to watch it eventually and I certainly recommend this to fans of the genre. I will give this one a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs! I haven't seen this film so I will definitely seek it out.

John Nada said...

That trailer is EPIC. This movie was pretty fun. I enjoyed it. I agree it did have some pretty good kills. Thank you Jigsaw for the review!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan, this is certainly worth a watch if you can find it. It is a good 80's slasher with the novelty of one of the killers being a twin!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks John. This was a fun film which I enjoyed. It was entertaining and enjoyable!!

Midnight Gore said...

Good review Jig! I have not seen it yet now I will. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Thanks!!It's a good slasher movie that I had never heard of.It was fun!!

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