Monday, October 2, 2017

Puppet Master 5:The Final Chapter Movie Review

Puppet Master 5:The Final Chapter is a 1994 horror movie sequel directed by Jeff Burr and starring Gordon Currie,Ian Ogilvy and Guy Rolfe.

The movie continues on from the last one. Rick is in the police station. He cops think that he murdered his friends and the two scientists. They have Blade and they think that Rick programmed him to kill. Rick is arrested for murder. There is a recap of the previous  movie. Rick gets bail when his boss Dr. Jennings(Ogilvy) comes and helps him. Blade is left at the police station but he manages to escape into Susie's(Chandra West) bag.Sutekh is still trying to get Toulon's secret. He has a new creation. 

Jennings is making a deal with the sponsors of the Omega project to give them Toulon's secret.
He hires some guys to break into the Bodega Bay Inn and get the puppets. Blade returns to Rick and they leave. Meanwhile Sutekh breathes his life force into a totem and sends it to earth to get the formula and kill people. Susie's pal Lauren is in a coma and she has a vision of Sutekh and his totem coming to earth, The puppets are on the prowl for intruders. The crooks split up and look for the puppets. Blade and Rick arrive at the hotel. One of the crooks discovers a Ouija board which has a pyramid on top of it. It starts to glow. He gets killed by the totem.

The puppets discover the totem and try to kill it. It hurts Torch when he tries to kill it. Rick discovers Jennings in the hotel. He also finds Toulon's formula on his computer. He needs to kill the totem.
Jennings sees Jester and Pinhead. He wants them. Rick hears a voice tell him to destroy the demon.
Decapitron will help him. Rick needs to bring him to life. Jennings agrees to help. They bring him to life and  Toulon's voice tells them that Sutekh is coming and he tells them to leave it to him and the puppets. Jennings tries to attack them. He knocks Rick out and goes to get the puppets. They see what he has done to Rick and they are not happy. Torch takes care of him. Toulon tells his puppets to get Sutekh. The totem comes after Susie and Rick. Decapitron steps in and there is a face off. Susie and Rick get out of there. The puppets fight against the totem. They kill Sutekh eventually. The movie ends with Toulon's ghost showing up and telling Rick that the magic is his now.

This was a pretty decent sequel. It followed on nicely from the previous one. I liked the story and the puppets were great, as always. I like these sequels and this one was fun. I think that sometimes with horror movie sequels, the quality can get worse as you go along, but this one was enjoyable and I liked it. I recommend it to fans of the series. It is worth your while to take a look. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs. I haven't seen the Puppet Master series as of yet. I will put it on the list for Halloween. Thanks for the recommend.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan. It is certainly worth a look. Those puppets are great fun and even though the sequels aren't brilliant, they are all fun!!!

Midnight Gore said...

Good review Jig! Thanks for the great reviews!

MHS Josh said...

Great reviews as always!

Amanda said...

Thanks!!This was a fun movie!

Amanda said...

Thanks Josh!!!

John Nada said...

I really like this franchise Jigsaw. Thank you for the review. I rather enjoyed this film myself.

Amanda said...

thanks John. This was a fun movie and I enjoyed it!!

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