Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 11

This episode begins with Miriam being found in the bushes. Becky calls her mother, Shelley to come and get her. Becky takes her car and she has a gun. Shelley calls Bobby for help. Becky goes looking for Steven. Cut to Albert and Gordon. They go to find out more about Major Briggs. They see a vortex. Diane is with them as is Bill Hastings. Gordon sees a back void and then he sees ghosts swirling around. They discover Ruth Davenport's body. One of the ghosts gets into their car and he kills Hastings.

Cut to the Double R. Bobby and Shelley talk to Becky about Steven. They tell her that she needs to leave him. Bobby is her father. Shelley is dating Red. Bobby is upset when Red shows up and he sees them kiss. Hawk and Truman look at symbols. The Log Lady calls Hawk. She says that they have found something. Her log is afraid of fire. She says that there is fire where he is going. Gordon and Albert looks at a picture of Ruth. There are symbols on her arm. They talk about the ghostly man who killed Bill. Diane saw him. Cut to the Mitchum brothers who want to kill Dougie. Dougie sees the red room and Mike calls to him. The Mitchums wait for Dougie. One of them had a dream with Dougie in it holding a box. He says that if there is a cherry pie in the box, they can't kill him.

There is a cherry pie in the box. They receive their insurance payout from the company and then they are delighted with Dougie. They take him out to dinner as a thank you. Dougie hears a sad song playing in the restaurant and it seems to make him remember something. This was an interesting episode which is propelling the story along pretty nicely. I am looking forward to seeing more about the symbols and what they mean.


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