Monday, November 27, 2017

Annabelle: Creation Movie Review

Annabelle Creation is a 2017 horror movie prequel directed by David F. Sandberg and starring Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto and Lulu Wilson.

The movie begins with a man called Samuel Mullins(LaPaglia) and his wife, Esther(Otto). He is a doll maker and he makes the Annabelle doll. They have a daughter and she gets knocked down by a car and killed. Cut to 12 years later and it is 1955. The Mullins are taking in some orphans into their house. Samuel shows them around. They are with Sister Charlotte(Sigman). One of the girls is called Janice(Bateman) who has been left crippled after having polio.She gets a note saying 'in here' and she discovers a child's room. She finds a beautiful dolls house and discovers a key inside it.  The key belongs to a closet. She opens the door and finds the Annabelle doll in there. She locks the door again but it keeps opening.

Jan tells Sr. Charlotte about the doll. She goes back into the room and finds a diary. There are new entries in it. She sees the Mullins' daughter but she turns into a demon. It chases Jan and it gets her. Jan tells Sr. Charlotte that the demon threw her down the stairs. Now she is in a wheelchair. Her friend Linda(Wilson)sees the Annabelle doll rocking on a chair. Linda sees something in her closet.
She hears footsteps. The demon is there. Jan is taken into the barn by something evil and she gets possessed. Linda tells Mr. Mullins about Janice and his dead daughter. He is annoyed over it. He sees the doll inside and the demon kills him. Linda takes Annabelle from Janice and throws her into the well. Something tries to pull her in too.

Mrs. Mullins is very ill and she talks to Sr. Charlotte about her daughter. She says that her daughter's spirit came back to them and it went into the doll. The Mullins realised that it was not their daughter who came back. It was something evil. Esther saw the demon and it ruined her face. The demon wanted her soul, but it didn't get it. The Mullins locked the doll away. Esther gets killed by the demon. The girls try to escape the house but Janice has gone crazy and she drags Linda back . Sr. Charlotte gets knocked out. The girls manage to escape and Charlotte locks Janice into a room with the evil doll. The girls run out and the cops come. They find the evil doll. Janice heads off on her own. Sr. Charlotte and Linda leave together. Janice meets a couple who want to adopt her. She calls herself Annabelle. They give her a very creepy doll. Cut to 12 years later and Annabelle and her friends kill people and this leads into the first movie. There is a post credits scene in which the creepy nun makes an appearance which is a teaser for the upcoming The Nun.

This was a lot better than I expected it to be. The first movie was substandard and slow. This one is an improvement. There are more scares and a better story. I found that this was more tense than the first movie and there were some really creepy scenes with the demon. I would certainly recommend this one. If you disliked the first movie, then give this one a try anyway as it is more enjoyable. I liked it. I will give it a 6/10.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kiss of the Tarantula Movie Review

Kiss of the Tarantula is a 1976 horror movie directed by Chris Munger and starring Suzanna Ling and
Ernesto Macias.

Susan Bradley(Ling) is a young girl who loves spiders. Her mother wants to send her away as she doesn't like her. Her father stands up for her. The mother is having an affair with Susan's uncle, Walter(Macias). They are planning to kill her husband so they can be together. Susan hears their plans so she uses her spiders to kill the mother, who dies of a heart attack after seeing them.Cut to years later and Susan lives with her dad, who owns a mortuary. He is going away for a few days, leaving Susan alone in the house with her pet spiders. A guy called Joe Penny calls Susan and she asks him to come over to the house. A group of Joe's friends come over and mess with her. They end up killing one of her spiders. She swears revenge.

Susan follows them to the drive in and uses a box of her pals to kill them. The cops investigate. Walter is on the case. He is also coming onto his niece. She disposes of one of the gang who she didn't kill. He comes to get her and she uses her eight legged army to get him and he dies. Walter investigates and finds a spider leg at the scene. He knows that Susan has something to do with it.
He kills a girl who snoops around Susan. He tells her that he killed the girl who was snooping into her business. Susan is horrified and runs off. He chases her. She pushes him down the stairs and he can't move. She drags him into the coffin room and she puts him into it. She covers him up and puts a dead body on top of him and closes the lid, cutting of his air. The movie ends with Susan smiling.

This was a weird movie. The lead character is very weird in that she loves tarantulas and has loads of them in her basement. There is not much to this film. It is pretty simple. A girl kills her mother by scaring her to death with her pet spiders. Then she gets revenge on some louts who killed one of her beloved spiders! If this appeals to you, then watch it but beware that there are loads of spiders in it!!!I hate spiders and this was uncomfortable viewing for me!But I did actually find it a little bit enjoyable.I will give it a 4/10.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Mutilator Movie Review

The Mutilator is a 1985 horror movie directed by Buddy Cooper and starring Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez and Jack Chatham.

The movie begins with a young child called Ed Jr. He is cleaning his dad's guns when he accidentally shoots his mother dead. His father returns and sees what his son has done. He is furious about it and he chases the son away. Cut to years later and Ed Jr(Mitler) is with his friends when his dad, Ed Sr(Chatham)calls him. He wants him to go to his condo at the beach and close it up for him. Ed. Jr isn't too sure about it, but his friends convince him to go there. What they don't know is that his dad is hiding in the garage waiting for them. He has gone insane and he is planning revenge on them.

Ed Jr, Mike, Linda,Ralph, Sue and Pam arrive at the condo. They settle in. Mike and Linda decide to go for a walk and they find a swimming pool. Someone is there and they drag Linda underwater. It's Ed Sr and he takes her off then he kills Mike too. The others are looking for them. They meet the beach patrol officer and tell him that they are looking for their friends. He goes on his way and ends up getting killed by Ed. Sr. The others think that Mike and Linda are having fun somewhere so they play games. Ralph decides to go and look for them eventually and he ends up dead. Pam gets Ed.Jr to look for Ralph.

Ed, Sue and Pam go looking for their friends. Sue wanders off and gets killed by the dad. Ed Jr and Pam find the bodies of their friends. They see Ed's dad coming for them. Ed fights his dad but he gets knocked out. Pam is left to battle him and wounds him. She gets a knife and stabs him in the chest.
Pam and Ed get into the car but it won't start. The dad gets back up and he attacks them again. Pam burns him with the cigarette lighter and he falls off the car. The cops show up. Pam uses the car to back the dad into a wall and kill him. He manages to chop on a cop's leg before he dies. The movie ends with Pam and Ed in hospital together. They are happy that it is all over.

This was a fun horror movie. It is one that I had heard about, but had never gotten a chance to see.
I liked it and I thought that it was entertaining. There are some great kills in it and the story is good.
I enjoyed watching this and if you like slashers, then this will be for you. I recommend this one. I am going to give it a 6/10.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 12

This episode begins with Gordon and Albert meeting. They are going to deputise Diane. They also want Tammy to be part of their Blue Rose team. They have their suspicions about Diane, though.
Then, we see a familiar face. Sarah Palmer is shopping in a local store. She seems like she is haunted by something.She has gone nuts it seems as she starts shouting and acting very strangely. She obviously has a lot of problems after what happened to her daughter and husband. She is paid a visit by Deputy Hawk and she looks very shifty when she opens the door. She doesn't want his help and she seems distracted. There are noises coming from within the house and we see flashbacks to the original show. She has problems.

We see Sheriff Truman go to see Ben Horne and tell him about his son. We then get to see Audrey for the first time. She is having an argument with her husband, Charlie. There is obviously no love lost between them and I wondered what has happened to Audrey to make her so bitter. Their marriage is unusual and Audrey seems to be having an affair with another man or something like that. It is good to see her character back in the show. It makes it very interesting. The two assassins, Chantal and Hutch kill the prison Warden on the orders of Bad Cooper. Diane discovers that the numbers on Ruth Davenport's arm are coordinates to a place. Could it be Twin Peaks?

This was an interesting episode and the appearance of Audrey was very welcome as was Sarah Palmer. Diane is surely up to something so it will be fun to see what that is. Good episode.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll

The Two Faces of Dr.Jekyll is a 1960 Hammer horror movie directed by Terence Fisher and starring Paul Massie, Dawn Addams and Christopher Lee.

The story begins in London in 1874. A man called Dr. Henry Jekyll(Massie) is performing experiments. He thinks that everyone has two personalities and he talks to his friend about it. He is married to Kitty(Addams) but their marriage is not a happy one. He has become a hermit and he is obsessed with his work. He has created a serum that can change the personality of a person or creature. Henry has a friend called Paul(Lee) who asks him for money on a regular basis. Paul is also having an affair with Henry's wife. Henry injects himself with his special serum and he begins to change. He turns into another person called Edward Hyde. Hyde is everything that Henry isn't. Hyde finds Kitty with Paul. He chats to a prostitute but then he brushes her off. He is confronted by the bouncer(played by a young Oliver Reed) and Hyde almost kills him in a fit of rage. Paul stops him.

Hyde and Paul become pals and they hang around together at a club. Hyde meets a dancer and gets involved with her. Hyde changes back to Jekyll. It doesn't last long , though and Hyde is soon back. He offers to clear Paul's debts and to lend him money. He tells Paul that he wants him to give him Kitty. Paul is horrified. Hyde starts hanging around with lowlifes and smoking opium. Kitty decides to leave Henry. Henry realises that Hyde is getting out on control. He wants to get rid of him once and for all. It is harder than he thinks. Hyde makes arrangements to meet Kitty and Paul at the club. He pretends that Henry will be there. When Paul arrives, Hyde leads him into a room and locks him inside with a poisonous snake. He calls Kitty in next.

Hyde attacks her and rapes her. She wakes up alone and finds Paul dead. She ends up falling thorough a glass window and dying. Hyde also disposes of his dancing lover. Henry comes back and he tries to talk to Hyde. Hyde wants Henry gone. He wants to be the only one. The cops are investigating the case. Hyde kills the handyman and he sets the place on fire and when the cops turn up, he makes it look as if Henry is holding a gun on him. He gets out of the burning house and he tells the police that Henry shot himself. The inquest concludes that Jekyll shot himself after he murdered the dancer. Hyde changes in front of the police and his friend. He becomes Henry again. Henry says that he has destroyed Hyde once and for all. He is arrested for murder.

This was a fun movie. There are some good moments in it. The cast were good. Lee was great as the sleazy Paul and Massie was good in the lead role. He played both characters well. I didn't realise that Oliver Reed has a very small role in this and it is interesting to see how young he is in this. He plays a bouncer so look out for that! Overall, this is an enjoyable Hammer movie which I really liked. There is not much in the way or blood or scares, but it is entertaining all the same. I will give it a 6/10.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Demonic Toys Movie Review

Demonic Toys is a 1992 horror movie directed by Peter Manoogian and starring Tracy Scoggins and Bentley Mitchum.

The movie begins with two children playing cards. A woman is dreaming it. Cut to Matt and his partner, Judith(Scoggins) are on a job. They are police officers. Judith is pregnant and Matt is the father. They meet two dodgy guys who are selling weapons. It is a sting but it goes wrong. Matt gets shot dead by the guys. Judith chases them herself. They flee to the Toyland warehouse and go inside. Judith chases them. There are toys everywhere. Some of them start to awaken. Judith follows the baddies into the warehouse and she arrests one of them. The security guard sends out for chicken and the delivery guy is called Mark(Bentley Mitchum). He and the security guard hear something and they go to look around.

They find Judith and the bad guy. The guard hears noises and he looks around. He gets attacked by a demonic teddy bear!A doll called Baby Oopsie Daisy talks to the guard and picks up his gun and shoots him. Mark sees it. A girl called Anne(Ellen Dunning) appears and she seems to know about the toys. She sleeps in the warehouse. The toys drag the guard to a circle. Anne tells Mark and the others that evil spirits are in the toys. Judith has a vision of a boy that she saw in her dream. Anne and Mark crawl through the vents. Judith hears a voice calling her.Judith sees the boy who leads her to a house . He wants a body to put his soul in. He has been in the warehouse for years. He tells her he needs her baby to bring him back to life. He wanted her to come to the warehouse. The toys attack Mark and Anne.

The jack in the box attacks Mark and Anne. Mark shoots it. Oopsie Daisy runs off. Anne is dead.
 The kid talks to Mark. Judith wakes up on the floor. The toys are out to get them. Judith and Mark shoot at them. A huge toy turns up and chases Judith. She locks herself into a room and the creature tries to get at her. A toy soldier shows up and leads her out. She faints. The kid comes and changes into a demon. The demon sees the toy soldier who shoots him in the eye. Mark battles the huge creature. The toy soldier is also a child. He kills the demon. Judith dreams again but this time, the bad child has gone. She sees her own child. He tells her that the demon is in hell. Her son has not been born yet. He protected her. He tells her that she will see him soon. The movie ends with Mark and Judith leaving the warehouse.

This movie was not great, but it wasn't terrible either. I quite enjoyed some parts of it. I liked the toys which were good fun and it was entertaining on the whole. I think that this deserved to go straight to DVD as it is not a brilliant movie, especially when you compare it to Puppet Master. If you are looking for a great horror movie, then this isn't it but there are parts that are fun. I will give this one a 4/10.

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