Monday, November 27, 2017

Annabelle: Creation Movie Review

Annabelle Creation is a 2017 horror movie prequel directed by David F. Sandberg and starring Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto and Lulu Wilson.

The movie begins with a man called Samuel Mullins(LaPaglia) and his wife, Esther(Otto). He is a doll maker and he makes the Annabelle doll. They have a daughter and she gets knocked down by a car and killed. Cut to 12 years later and it is 1955. The Mullins are taking in some orphans into their house. Samuel shows them around. They are with Sister Charlotte(Sigman). One of the girls is called Janice(Bateman) who has been left crippled after having polio.She gets a note saying 'in here' and she discovers a child's room. She finds a beautiful dolls house and discovers a key inside it.  The key belongs to a closet. She opens the door and finds the Annabelle doll in there. She locks the door again but it keeps opening.

Jan tells Sr. Charlotte about the doll. She goes back into the room and finds a diary. There are new entries in it. She sees the Mullins' daughter but she turns into a demon. It chases Jan and it gets her. Jan tells Sr. Charlotte that the demon threw her down the stairs. Now she is in a wheelchair. Her friend Linda(Wilson)sees the Annabelle doll rocking on a chair. Linda sees something in her closet.
She hears footsteps. The demon is there. Jan is taken into the barn by something evil and she gets possessed. Linda tells Mr. Mullins about Janice and his dead daughter. He is annoyed over it. He sees the doll inside and the demon kills him. Linda takes Annabelle from Janice and throws her into the well. Something tries to pull her in too.

Mrs. Mullins is very ill and she talks to Sr. Charlotte about her daughter. She says that her daughter's spirit came back to them and it went into the doll. The Mullins realised that it was not their daughter who came back. It was something evil. Esther saw the demon and it ruined her face. The demon wanted her soul, but it didn't get it. The Mullins locked the doll away. Esther gets killed by the demon. The girls try to escape the house but Janice has gone crazy and she drags Linda back . Sr. Charlotte gets knocked out. The girls manage to escape and Charlotte locks Janice into a room with the evil doll. The girls run out and the cops come. They find the evil doll. Janice heads off on her own. Sr. Charlotte and Linda leave together. Janice meets a couple who want to adopt her. She calls herself Annabelle. They give her a very creepy doll. Cut to 12 years later and Annabelle and her friends kill people and this leads into the first movie. There is a post credits scene in which the creepy nun makes an appearance which is a teaser for the upcoming The Nun.

This was a lot better than I expected it to be. The first movie was substandard and slow. This one is an improvement. There are more scares and a better story. I found that this was more tense than the first movie and there were some really creepy scenes with the demon. I would certainly recommend this one. If you disliked the first movie, then give this one a try anyway as it is more enjoyable. I liked it. I will give it a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I intend to watch this movie in the near future. I enjoyed Annabelle. Good review, Jigs.

Unknown said...

Good review Jig! Dolls can be creepy lol. I need to go back and watch 1 & 2 again. Thanks for all the reviews.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.This is an improvement on the first one so it is worth watching!

Amanda said...

Thank you!!This doll is one of the creepiest I think!!!It's the eyes!!

MHS Josh said...

Nice review! I loved this one.

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