Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kiss of the Tarantula Movie Review

Kiss of the Tarantula is a 1976 horror movie directed by Chris Munger and starring Suzanna Ling and
Ernesto Macias.

Susan Bradley(Ling) is a young girl who loves spiders. Her mother wants to send her away as she doesn't like her. Her father stands up for her. The mother is having an affair with Susan's uncle, Walter(Macias). They are planning to kill her husband so they can be together. Susan hears their plans so she uses her spiders to kill the mother, who dies of a heart attack after seeing them.Cut to years later and Susan lives with her dad, who owns a mortuary. He is going away for a few days, leaving Susan alone in the house with her pet spiders. A guy called Joe Penny calls Susan and she asks him to come over to the house. A group of Joe's friends come over and mess with her. They end up killing one of her spiders. She swears revenge.

Susan follows them to the drive in and uses a box of her pals to kill them. The cops investigate. Walter is on the case. He is also coming onto his niece. She disposes of one of the gang who she didn't kill. He comes to get her and she uses her eight legged army to get him and he dies. Walter investigates and finds a spider leg at the scene. He knows that Susan has something to do with it.
He kills a girl who snoops around Susan. He tells her that he killed the girl who was snooping into her business. Susan is horrified and runs off. He chases her. She pushes him down the stairs and he can't move. She drags him into the coffin room and she puts him into it. She covers him up and puts a dead body on top of him and closes the lid, cutting of his air. The movie ends with Susan smiling.

This was a weird movie. The lead character is very weird in that she loves tarantulas and has loads of them in her basement. There is not much to this film. It is pretty simple. A girl kills her mother by scaring her to death with her pet spiders. Then she gets revenge on some louts who killed one of her beloved spiders! If this appeals to you, then watch it but beware that there are loads of spiders in it!!!I hate spiders and this was uncomfortable viewing for me!But I did actually find it a little bit enjoyable.I will give it a 4/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Don't think I would watch this one. I might out of morbid fascination though.... Good review, Jigs.

Amanda said...

This is a really weird movie. I found it so strange and disturbing as I detest spiders.
I wouldn't watch it again!!!

Midnight Gore said...

Good review Jig! Something about spider movies, I just never could watch them lol. Thanks for the review.

MHS Josh said...

I do not like spiders either. I think I may have to watch it, though.

Amanda said...

Thanks!!I feel the same way.This was uncomfortable to watch because of the spiders!!It's not for everyone..

Amanda said...

It is worth a look if you can stand the spiders but don't expect too much!!!

Alex said...

Kiss of the Tarantula is an unpleasant movie, which is obvious as its a horror movie. Different sources give different dates for this movie. 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1977 have all been given as dates. What year was this movie really made? All we know is its a 1970s something movie filmed in Columbus, Georgia. Ernesto Macias is actor Eric Mason who plays Uncle Walter.
The funeral home/mortuary setting of this movie is repulsive. The movie exudes death the way a funeral home exudes death. The girl's undertaker father is the only person in the movie she cares about. The spiders in the movie are scary, but what's scarier and worse than the spiders is the buried alive scene at the end of the movie where the girl buries her sleazy uncle alive inside an airtight coffin. That's just monstrously cruel, inhumane torture. Suffocation and claustrophobia are the worst forms of torture, a fate worse than death. That's just demented. How could a girl be capable of such monstrous physical cruelty? Obviously she has no conscience. Anyone who would enjoy watching this disgustingly cruel, monstrous spectacle is demented and immoral. This is a demented, immoral, repulsive movie.

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