Sunday, November 12, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 12

This episode begins with Gordon and Albert meeting. They are going to deputise Diane. They also want Tammy to be part of their Blue Rose team. They have their suspicions about Diane, though.
Then, we see a familiar face. Sarah Palmer is shopping in a local store. She seems like she is haunted by something.She has gone nuts it seems as she starts shouting and acting very strangely. She obviously has a lot of problems after what happened to her daughter and husband. She is paid a visit by Deputy Hawk and she looks very shifty when she opens the door. She doesn't want his help and she seems distracted. There are noises coming from within the house and we see flashbacks to the original show. She has problems.

We see Sheriff Truman go to see Ben Horne and tell him about his son. We then get to see Audrey for the first time. She is having an argument with her husband, Charlie. There is obviously no love lost between them and I wondered what has happened to Audrey to make her so bitter. Their marriage is unusual and Audrey seems to be having an affair with another man or something like that. It is good to see her character back in the show. It makes it very interesting. The two assassins, Chantal and Hutch kill the prison Warden on the orders of Bad Cooper. Diane discovers that the numbers on Ruth Davenport's arm are coordinates to a place. Could it be Twin Peaks?

This was an interesting episode and the appearance of Audrey was very welcome as was Sarah Palmer. Diane is surely up to something so it will be fun to see what that is. Good episode.


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