Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Burial Ground Movie Review

Burial Ground is a 1981 horror movie directed by Andrea Bianchi and starring Karin Well, Antonella Antinori, Pietro Barzocchini and Mariangela Giordano.

A professor is unearthing ancient ruins near his house. He is looking in caves when he finds something evil. Zombies come to life and they eat him. A group of people arrive at the house to meet the professor. What they meet are a group of zombies who are rising up from the dead.The group consists of George, Janet(Well), Leslie(Antinori), weirdo Michael(Barzocchini) and his mother, Evelyn(Giordano), Mark, James and Nicolas. The group go inside the house to barricade themselves in. The zombies find their way into the house though and when George tries to shoot them, he gets eaten. The zombies are clever and can use weapons. The maid gets killed next. The zombies bang at the front door and pour into the house.

Janet tries to fend them off. The others come to help her and they manage to kill a few. Evelyn grabs a sword and starts chopping them. There is a very weird mother and son moment as Michael tries to touch his mother sexually and she is horrified. Leslie gets bitten and she turns into a zombie. She eats Michael. Evelyn goes mad and she kills Leslie. The professor shows up but he is not one of the zombie horde. The group is thinning out now as they are overrun by zombies. The rest of the group are outside when they spot a monastery. The door is open so they go inside. They see monks, but the monks are all zombies. A horde of monk zombies chase them! They run off and find another place. It is a workshop but the zombies are there too. Michael shows up and his mother hugs him. He eats her breast!!Even as a zombie, he is still a weirdo..The zombies are coming from everywhere and the remaining survivors get surrounded and eaten as the movie ends.

This was a fun movie. The action starts straight away and the zombies keep coming throughout the film. The weird mother and son thing was odd and that guy who played the son was creepy looking. The ending was pretty bleak but good.I thought that overall, the movie was enjoyable and I would recommend it to any fans of Italian horror or zombie movies. I will give this a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Great review, Jigs! Sounds like an interesting twist on the traditional zombie fare.

Midnight Gore said...

Good review Jig! Thanks, I love Italian Horror!

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.It was good fun and I liked the zombies in it as they were pretty smart!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks😀I love Italian horror too and I enjoyed this one!!

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