Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 13

This episode begins with the Mitchum brothers, who are pretty happy that they have received their payout from the Lucky 7 insurance company and from Dougie.He takes it all in his stride. Dougie is off the hook with the police also. Things are getting better and better for him. Bad Cooper is on the loose and on his way to find his sidekick Ray who shot him. Ray is with some friends of his and he is not too happy to see Cooper. He has a boss called Renzo(Derek Mears) and there is an arm wrestling match to see who is the tougher guy. There is a long battle and Cooper ends up winning the match and attacks Renzo. He takes Ray and gets information about the coordinates etc and then he kills him.
Ray ends up in The Black Lodge.

Sarah Palmer is seen in her house, watching TV and drinking. Nadine meets Dr. Jacoby and there is some sort of connection between the two. Audrey is having problems. She tells her husband Charlie that she can't leave her house. She is confused and there is something seriously wrong with her and their marriage. More familiar faces pop up as Big Ed and Norma are still in love, but they have not got it together. She seems to have another man in her life. The episode ends with James singing his song 'Just You' which he sang in the original series with Donna and Maddy. 

An interesting episode and I liked seeing some familiar faces!! 


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