Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Monster of Piedras Blancas Movie Review

The Monster of Piedras Blancas is a 1959 horror movie directed by Irvin Berwick and starring Les Tremayne, Forrest Lewis and Jeanne Carmen.

The movie beings on the beach. Constable Matson(Lewis)finds bodies there. The shop owner talks about the legend of the monster of Piedras Blancas and hints that that is what happened to the dead people. The lighthouse keeper is called Sturges and he has a daughter called Lucille(Carmen). The constable asks him some questions. Dr. Jorgenson(Tremayne) does an autopsy on the bodies and he says there were severed heads. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper is scaring everyone who comes into his shop by telling them about the monster. He is warned not to by the constable. Lucille walks along the beach at night and goes swimming. Something is watching her. She tells her father. He is mad because he doesn't want her on the beach at night.

The shopkeeper meets the monster and he gets it. He is found dead. The cops discover a gill from a fish. It is from some prehistoric creature. Lucille finds her father injured. Their dog is also missing. The locals want to look in some caves down by the beach. Lucille's boyfriend, Fred wants to look in the caves also. She doesn't want him to. They argue. The monster is turning up in the tow. The constable takes a posse of locals with him and they look for the creature. They find a severed head on the beach. They hear shots. Lucille asks her dad about the caves. He tells her that he was in the cave years ago and he saw some creature. He left fish for it and keep it alive. He feels responsible for it.
 Fred looks for the creature. It's from the sea. It is like a reptile. Fred wants to take it alive. They are going to set a trap for it.

The monster comes out and he sees Lucille. It breaks into her house.  The constable is worried about Lucille. Fred calls Lucille but there is no answer. He goes to the lighthouse. The monster has Lucille.
The others come and fight the monster. They try to trap it but they can't. Fred tells them to turn on the strong light in the lighthouse and the creature is dazzled. Fred knocks him off into the sea. The end.
This was a fun film. It was pretty simple, but it was good. I liked the story and it was fun to see the monster when it did appear. This was great for 1959 and I would certainly recommend it if you enjoy monster movies. This is an entertaining movie with not much in the way of scares, but I don't think that it matters at all. I give this one a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Terrific review, Jigs. I will put this on my list of creature features to watch.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan! This is certainly worth your while. I liked it a lot!!!

Midnight Gore said...

Good review Jig! I love black and white movies.

Amanda said...

Thanks!This is fun.There is a lot to like about this one!!

mhs Josh said...

7/10?! A must watch! Love the old B&W films.

Amanda said...

Yes!This is a fun watch which is enjoyable!

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