Monday, February 26, 2018

Nightmare City Movie Review

Nightmare City is a 1980 horror movie directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Hugo Stiglitz and Mel Ferrer.

The movie begins with a news report that there has been a radioactive spill. A reporter called Dean Miller(Stiglitz) is supposed to meet a doctor who is coming into the airport. A military aircraft comes in to land. It lands. There are a lot of cops waiting as the craft is suspicious. Miller sees this and he goes in for a look. There seems to be nobody coming out. Eventually, the door opens and out comes the doctor who attacks the cops. More people come off of it and start to attack and kill the cops. They seem to be infected with something. Miller escapes. He wants to make a special announcement of the air. He is warned not to do it. The military want it kept quiet and a General Murchison(Ferrer) warns him off. Miller walks out of his job in disgust.

Th zombies break into the news station. They start killing everyone in sight. Miller escapes again. The military guys look at the body of one of the creatures. It is radioactive. They have super strength. They reproduce when they kill. They can be killed by a shot to the brain.  One of the military men is Major Holmes. He calls his wife and tells her not to outside and to lock the door.Miller also calls his wife, who is a doctor, but she is in surgery. The Generals daughter and her husband and told to to to him for safety. They escape and zombies chase them. Miller goes to the hospital to get his wife.
A state of emergency is declared. The hospital is overrun with zombies. 

Miller finds his wife. They escape the hospital and find a car. The General orders measures to control the zombies. His daughter and her husband hear about the state of emergency. They run into some zombies and get killed. Miller and his wife reach a gas station. There are zombies there. They succeed in blowing them up and they continue on. They reach a church but the priest is a zombie. Miller kills it. The General has plans to has the zombies. Major Holmes returns home to find that his wife is a zombie. He has to shoot her. Miller and his wife find a jeep. They are chased by zombies. The Major sees them and tries to help them. They are in trouble. Miller wakes up. It was all a nightmare. Cut to the airport and Miller is waiting for a doctor to come off a plane. The nightmare is going to become reality....

I liked this film. It was a good zombie movie. I enjoyed the story and the ending was okay too.
It is not that scary really. I didn't think so, anyway. These zombie movies can be great fun and this one is no exception. I was entertained throughout and, even if the special effects aren't brilliant, this movie is worth a look. It is a movie that I had not heard of before I watched it. I found it entertaining and good horror fun so I will award it a 6/10.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 1

So, this season begins with Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie leading the Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom groups to attack the Sanctuary. Carol and Morgan work with Tara and Daryl to get a huge group of walkers to the Sanctuary also. There is a face off between Rick and Negan, who has his soldiers with him. Eugene is one of them, as is Dwight. Rick tells Negan that is going to kill him, but he will let the others live if they surrender. They decide not to. Sneaky Gregory sidles out and he tries to tell Rick that the Hilltop do not agree with the attack, but Jesus says that they are with Maggie, not him. He gets pushed down the stairs by Simon.

There is a huge battle between everyone. Negan goes back inside to take cover. There are explosions and shooting everywhere. Rick wants to shoot Negan, but he just can't get him. Negan is hiding behind a metal sheet and Rick has to leave before they get into trouble. Gabriel is going to escape in a car, but Gregory takes it and he leaves Gabriel to hide in a trailer and who is in there? Negan. They are stuck in there together as the walkers are everywhere.The episode ends with Rick and Carl meeting a guy called Saddiq. Rick doesn't trust him, but Carl feels sorry for him. He leaves him some food. Then we cut to Rick crying and then the final scene has Rick smiling. He is a lot older and he is with Michonne, Carl and Judith. He is in Alexandria and things are good.

I enjoyed the premiere. It was good to see some action and it sets up the season nicely. I am intrigued by the flash forward of Rick as an older man. I wonder what will happen there. It will be interesting to see what happens with Negan also.All in all, a good start to the 8th season.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Horror Express Movie Review

Horror Express is a 1972 horror movie directed by Eugenio Martin and starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas.

In China, 1906, a man called Saxton(Lee) is in Manchuria. He finds a frozen skeleton in a cave. He takes it away with him. He is an anthropologist and he wants to study it. In Peking, he wants to take the Trans-Siberian Express to Russia. He meets a colleague called Dr. Wells(Cushing). They both are going to travel on the same train. The crate will be stored on the train. A man opens it and he ends up dead.Saxton finds that the crate is open. The police question him about it. He tells them that it is fossils. A strange monk called Pujardov(Alberto de Mendoza) appears on the scene and he says that the crate contains evil. Wells is curious about what is in the box. Saxton will not tell him. He meets a Countess and her husband. She is very interested about what is in the box also.

The train porter has a look in the crate. He disturbs the creature and he starts to bleed from the eyes and the mouth. The police inform Saxton about what has happened. They want him to open the crate.
They break the lock and they discover the dead porter inside. The creature has escaped. It kills another man. Wells does an autopsy on one of the dead men and he finds that the man's brain has been altered. A thief had stowed away on the train. She meets the creature but a policeman shoots at it. They think that it is dead. Wells and Saxton study the dead bodies and find that the creature is some sort of alien. It seems to have jumped from the creature into the inspector.

The weird priest decides that he wants to serve the creature. The inspector starts to kill people. The passengers want to get off of the train. The inspector won't let it stop. He wants Wells and Saxton.
They check everyone's eyes to see if they are white, as that is what the creature does. There are none.
Captain Kazan(Savalas) is waiting with his men. They get on the train. They know something has been happening. Saxton tells him what has been happening and, when he sees it for himself, he believes the story of an alien being. He shoots the inspector when they find out that he is the host for the creature. The being goes into the mad monk next. The monk sets to work killing.

The creature has been absorbing memories from it's victims. It's knowledge is vast and it wants to create a vessel so it can go back to where it came from. Saxton realises that bright light stops it. It kills the Count and his wife has to go with Saxton to escape the creature. When Saxton pulls a gun on it, it pleads with him for mercy. He relents a little, but then it reanimates the body of the Count,who attacks. They get away and make their way to a carriage where some survivors are. They need to separate the carriage from the rest of the train. The Russians are going to derail the train and destroy it. Wells and Saxton manage to get the carriage away from the train. The alien is on the train alone and he crashes and burns. The survivors watch him as he burns.

This was a fun movie. The cast are great and the story has enough to keep you interested. I enjoyed it and found it entertaining. I like that there are few dull moments and the pairing of Lee and Cushing makes for a good movie. It is worth watching if you enjoy those actors or if you are in the mood for a 1970's horror movie. I will give this one a 7/10. Recommended.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Slayer Movie Review

The Slayer is a 1982 horror movie directed by J.S.Cardone and starring Sarah Kendall, Frederick Flynn and Alan McRae.

The movie begins with a woman called Kay(Kendall) who is having nightmares about a creature. She is having a hard time dealing with the bad nightmares and they are affecting her life. Her husband, David(McRae) wants to take her on a break with Kay's brother Eric(Flynn) and his wife Brooke.
Kay doesn't want to go but they persuade her. They fly over to an island. The pilot warns them that the island is deserted but they don't care. They reach the house and look around. The pilot comes back to warn them about a storm that is coming. He tells them to be careful. David is worried as Kay is acting strangely. He hears a noise downstairs at night. He  looks around and he gets killed. Kay wakes up and finds David beside her. It was just a nightmare. She is worried about him. Eric is annoyed with her. He tells her that David is fine.

Kay tells him that David is dead. Eric tells her no. He goes to look for him. Brooke also thinks that something happened to David. She and Eric search for David. Kay finds his body in an old theatre. Eric tells Brooke that Kay was always strange. Kay tells them that she saw the killer in her dream and she thinks that it is a premonition. They give her something to help her sleep. Eric thinks that maybe the pilot could be the killer. He thinks that he never left the island and is wasting to kill them. Eric gets attacked next and when Brooke looks for him, she gets it too. The next day, Kay wakes up and looks for them and finds their dead bodies. She runs to the house and locks herself in. She hears something trying to get in. She shoots at the person and discovers that it was the pilot who was just looking around. The house goes on fire and the creature from her dream shows up and tries to kill her.
We cut to a scene from Kay's childhood where she is telling her parents that she had a nightmare and it turns out that the film was one big nightmare or something like that. It ends with her being given a black cat by her parents.

This was a fun movie. I liked it but I did think that the ending was a bit strange. I didn't really feel that it was a good ending but that's a small thing. It is a typical slasher movie and I liked the cast too.
The setting of the island is interesting and the killings are pretty good too. There isn't anything very scary here,but I enjoyed it anyway. I recommend this one if you enjoy 1980's slashers. I give it a 6/10.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Blade In the Dark Movie Review

A Blade In the Dark is a 1983 Italian horror movie, directed by Lamberto Bava and starring Andrea Occhipinti and Michele Soavi.

Bruno(Occhipinti) is a musician who is renting a villa in which to record a soundtrack for a horror movie. He talks to the director, Sandra. He hears someone in his house. It is a neighbour called Katia. She just wants to have a look around. A friend of his called Tony(Soavi) helped him to get the villa and he calls him to see if everything is okay there. Katia is outside his villa when she hears someone in the bushes. She is murdered by an unknown person. Bruno hears a voice on his tapes. He isolates the words and they say that there is a secret about Linda. A woman called Linda lived in the house before. He looks around the place. He gets blood on his pants and he sees more inside his house.
Bruno asks the caretaker, Giovanni about Linda. He doesn't know much.

Bruno's girlfriend, Julia, turns up and he tells her about Katia. He is worried because she seems to have disappeared. Tony shows up and Bruno asks him about Linda. Another neighbour called Angela shows up. She is looking for Katia, who is missing. She gets murdered too.Bruno discovers blood in his bathroom.He finds a locked door and pulls out a blood rag from underneath the door. He makes a recording speaking about the murders in case something happens to him. He tells Sandra about the killings. She thinks that the bodies must be in the house. They find the locked door has now opened and they go inside the room to look. Sandra tells Bruno about Linda. She says that Linda was obsessed with tennis balls.

Bruno is worried about Katia and Angela disappearing and he talks to Giovanni about it. Sandra's movie reels are destroyed by someone. Bruno finds them in pieces. Giovanni discovers Katia and Angela's dead bodies in the boiler. He gets attacked by the killer. Sandra calls to Bruno's villa and she sees Giovanni who is dead. She gets strangled. Julia is at the villa too and she finds Sandra dead. The killer chases her. She hides in a cupboard but the killer finds her. Bruno arrives back just in time to see Julia stabbed by the killer. The killer attacks Bruno but Bruno hits him with a brick. He realises that it is Tony, He dressed himself as a woman and lived as a woman called Linda. He killed the four women. He had problems as a child and that caused him to dress up as a woman. He killed the girls  to show he wasn't scared.

This was a good movie. I enjoyed it. It was a little slow in parts, but overall, I found it a good watch.
I liked the story and the ending was quite good. It was fun seeing Michele Soavi as the killer. He has directed some good movies himself. So, if you enjoy Italian horror, this will be an entertaining film for you. I do enjoy Italian horror movies a lot, so I had fun with this. I will give it a 6/10.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Evil Dead Movie Review

Evil Dead is a 2013 horror movie and the fourth Evil Dead movie. It is directed by Fede Alvarez and stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, Elizabeth Blackmore.

The movie begins with a girl who is being taken somewhere by a group of people. Her father says that she killed her mother. He is going to burn her. She is a demon. She screams at the group as she burns. Cut to present day and a group of friends are going to a cabin in the woods. They are  Mia(Levy), her brother David(Fernandez) and his girlfriend Natalie(Blackmore). David's friends Eric(Pucci) and Olivia(Lucas). Mia is in withdrawal as she had a bad drug habit. They all look around at the cabin. It belonged to David and Mia's family. Their mother died of cancer and Mia looked after her until she died. Mia thinks that there is a smell in the cabin. They uncover a trap door in the floor and look in the basement. They find a door down there and there are loads of dead animals in there.
They find a book. It is called the Naturom Demonto. Eric looks at it but cuts himself on it. There is a warning written on the book. For some insane reason, he reads out something from the book and something is awakened.

Mia goes a bit crazy and drives off. She crashes the car and ends up in the river. There is some sort of creature in the water. It tries to kill her. Something comes out of it and enters her. Olivia and David are worried about her. Mia wants to leave, but David refuses. Mia begins to act strangely. She is changing. She scalds herself with hot water in the shower. David is getting worried and he tries to take her to the hospital, but there is no leaving. Mia gets a shotgun and shoots David in the shoulder.
She is possessed and she vomits blood over Olivia and tells them that they will all die. She falls into the basement where they leave her. Eric thinks that the book has something to do with it.

Olivia begins to change and she gets possessed. She saws off her own face. She attacks Eric and stabs him. He manages to kill her. Natalie goes down to Mia who pretends to be crying. Mia drags her into the basement where she bites her and kisses her. David sees the demon and he nails the trapdoor shut.
 Eric tries to burn the evil book but it won't burn. They look at the book and it says that there is a demon who will rise after claiming five souls. Natalie cleans her bite but she is infected. She cuts off the infected arm. Eric reads about how to get rid of the demon. They have to burn Mia. Natalie get possessed and tries to kill them. David shoots her. Eric gets hurt and he is on the way out.

David has to burn Olivia. He chainsaws her and he pours petrol all over the cabin. Mia tries to stop him. He is going to bury her alive. She attacks him and David injects her with a tranquiliser. He puts her into a grave and buries her. She comes alive and says that she can't breathe. He pulls her back out.H brings her back to life. She wakes up but David gets stabbed by Eric, who is now infected. Mia seems okay now. David tells her to go. He shoots a gas can and the place burns. It rains blood outside. Natalie comes back and tries to get Mia. There is a fight and Mia grabs a chainsaw. They fight. Her hand gets crushed so she has to take it off. She chainsaws the demon and that is it. She walks away but the book is still there so the evil isn't really gone. There is a post credits scene where Bruce Campbell shows up as Ash and says 'Groovy' which is a nice touch, I thought.

So, it is hard to see why there was a need for this film when the first three were so good. I felt that it was unnecessary but anyway I watched it. There were parts that I enjoyed and some that I didn't. This is basically a reboot with a new generation discovering the evil in the woods. The cast were fine and the story was okay but it just suffered because Campbell is so synonymous with the movies and he wasn't there except for a tiny bit at the end. I know that it is meant to be a new beginning but it just didn't hit the mark. I will say that there were parts that I really liked, especially the end sequences. It was not all bad and as a horror movie, it is fine. When compared with the original movies, it pales in comparison but that is always going to be the case I guess. If you like the Evil Dead series, then you might like this as it is continuing on the story while rebooting it at the same time. I would recommend it to fans of the original movies and I will give it a 5/10.

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