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Evil Dead Movie Review

Evil Dead is a 2013 horror movie and the fourth Evil Dead movie. It is directed by Fede Alvarez and stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, Elizabeth Blackmore.

The movie begins with a girl who is being taken somewhere by a group of people. Her father says that she killed her mother. He is going to burn her. She is a demon. She screams at the group as she burns. Cut to present day and a group of friends are going to a cabin in the woods. They are  Mia(Levy), her brother David(Fernandez) and his girlfriend Natalie(Blackmore). David's friends Eric(Pucci) and Olivia(Lucas). Mia is in withdrawal as she had a bad drug habit. They all look around at the cabin. It belonged to David and Mia's family. Their mother died of cancer and Mia looked after her until she died. Mia thinks that there is a smell in the cabin. They uncover a trap door in the floor and look in the basement. They find a door down there and there are loads of dead animals in there.
They find a book. It is called the Naturom Demonto. Eric looks at it but cuts himself on it. There is a warning written on the book. For some insane reason, he reads out something from the book and something is awakened.

Mia goes a bit crazy and drives off. She crashes the car and ends up in the river. There is some sort of creature in the water. It tries to kill her. Something comes out of it and enters her. Olivia and David are worried about her. Mia wants to leave, but David refuses. Mia begins to act strangely. She is changing. She scalds herself with hot water in the shower. David is getting worried and he tries to take her to the hospital, but there is no leaving. Mia gets a shotgun and shoots David in the shoulder.
She is possessed and she vomits blood over Olivia and tells them that they will all die. She falls into the basement where they leave her. Eric thinks that the book has something to do with it.

Olivia begins to change and she gets possessed. She saws off her own face. She attacks Eric and stabs him. He manages to kill her. Natalie goes down to Mia who pretends to be crying. Mia drags her into the basement where she bites her and kisses her. David sees the demon and he nails the trapdoor shut.
 Eric tries to burn the evil book but it won't burn. They look at the book and it says that there is a demon who will rise after claiming five souls. Natalie cleans her bite but she is infected. She cuts off the infected arm. Eric reads about how to get rid of the demon. They have to burn Mia. Natalie get possessed and tries to kill them. David shoots her. Eric gets hurt and he is on the way out.

David has to burn Olivia. He chainsaws her and he pours petrol all over the cabin. Mia tries to stop him. He is going to bury her alive. She attacks him and David injects her with a tranquiliser. He puts her into a grave and buries her. She comes alive and says that she can't breathe. He pulls her back out.H brings her back to life. She wakes up but David gets stabbed by Eric, who is now infected. Mia seems okay now. David tells her to go. He shoots a gas can and the place burns. It rains blood outside. Natalie comes back and tries to get Mia. There is a fight and Mia grabs a chainsaw. They fight. Her hand gets crushed so she has to take it off. She chainsaws the demon and that is it. She walks away but the book is still there so the evil isn't really gone. There is a post credits scene where Bruce Campbell shows up as Ash and says 'Groovy' which is a nice touch, I thought.

So, it is hard to see why there was a need for this film when the first three were so good. I felt that it was unnecessary but anyway I watched it. There were parts that I enjoyed and some that I didn't. This is basically a reboot with a new generation discovering the evil in the woods. The cast were fine and the story was okay but it just suffered because Campbell is so synonymous with the movies and he wasn't there except for a tiny bit at the end. I know that it is meant to be a new beginning but it just didn't hit the mark. I will say that there were parts that I really liked, especially the end sequences. It was not all bad and as a horror movie, it is fine. When compared with the original movies, it pales in comparison but that is always going to be the case I guess. If you like the Evil Dead series, then you might like this as it is continuing on the story while rebooting it at the same time. I would recommend it to fans of the original movies and I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...
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Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs. This film has gotten a bum rap ever since it dropped in 2013. The fans wanted Bruce in it. Bruce, Sam and Rob felt that they liked what Fede pitched to them. So, they signed off. Then it had fan backlash.

So, segue to 2014 and in answer to the fans again, Ash vs Evil Dead was spawned. These things grew out of the relentlessness of the Evil Dead contingent. Now, here it is in 2018 and probably season 3 is the last for the chainsaw handed hero.

Of course, once again, the fans will think there will be an AOD2 or ED4...well, that is what AVED was. Don't be surprised if Bruce hangs it up for good if this turns out to be the last hurrah of the Ghostbeaters.

MHS Josh said...

Nice one! I think Starz is dead, but I do think Netflix might pick up AvED since the first two seasons are now available there. They also mentioned having Ash meeting up with Mia to unify the films in the show, which would be awesome!

Midnight Gore said...

Thanks for the good review Jig. I could just never bring myself to watching this endeavor that was offered for the Evil Dead. After reading your review, I think I will give it a shot and watch it now. Thanks for the review.

Amanda said...

thanks Susan.I can't say that I loved this. It was so so. It did suffer from the lack of Bruce Campbell, I thought but you can't have everything. I haven't watched AVED so I am not familiar with it yet! As for another movie in the series, I don't know if that will ever happen after this one..

Amanda said...

Thanks Josh, It would be interesting to see Mia meet Ash I guess. That could be fun!

Amanda said...

Thanks, I think that it is worth a watch but it is by no means a great movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Great review Jigsaw. I enjoyed the reboot for what it was. It had it's moments. As always I enjoy your reviews. Keep up the good work!

Amanda said...

Thanks John!This was not a bad movie.I did enjoy the bloody ending😀

Tony Briley said...

Good review and my sentiments exactly. As a stand alone horror movie it hit and missed some marks, but as part of the Evil Dead, it just didn't seem to add anything to it to make the reboot worthwhile. The ending was great, but the rest was a take it or leave it to me. 5/10 is perfect.

Amanda said...

Thanks Tony. I didn't want to watch this at all, but it was recommended to me as a good reboot. There was no need for it as it doesn't really have anything new or exciting and there is no Bruce Campbell. I wouldn't want to watch it again.

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