Thursday, March 22, 2018

Retro Puppet Master Movie Review

Retro Puppet Master is a 1999 horror movie and the seventh movie in the Puppet Master series. It is directed by David DeCoteau and stars Guy Rolfe, Greg Sestero and Brigitta Dau.

The movie begins after Puppet Master 3. Toulon(Rolfe) is with his puppets and they find a bit of Cyclops, an old puppet of Toulon's. Toulon says that Cyclops was one of the first puppets he had. He tells them a story. It begins in Cairo,in 1902. A man called Afzel has stolen the secret of life and he is in trouble with a god called Sutekh, who sends his men to get it back. He is able to fight then and flee to Paris. The god Sutekh sends three mummies after him. Cut to Toulon, who is making his puppets.
A woman called Elsa(Dau) wanders is to see his puppet show.

Afzel gets beaten up by men who have been hired by the mummies. Elsa finds him and Toulon brings him into the theatre. He talks to him about the secret of life and he wants to pass it on to him. He makes the puppets come alive and Toulon believes his story. Toulon's friend dies and Afzel tells Toulon to bring him inside and he uses his blood to animate the puppets. He teaches Toulon what he knows. He warns Toulon not to waste the gift of life. Elsa is having problems with her father who does not want her to see Toulon. He gets his men to take him out to the forest and leave him there.
He threatens to send Elsa away. The mummies go to Toulon's home and they kills his friends.
Afzel kills himself so Sutekh won't get the magic.

Toulon uses his friends souls and puts them into the puppets. The mummies want to kill him, but they can't as the puppets help him. They go and capture Elsa and hold her hostage to get Toulon to come.
 He takes the train and sends the puppets to find her. They do and he has to fight the mummies who want the scroll that Afzel gave to him. He manages to get rid of them and he and Elsa head off into the future, along with the puppets...The movie ends with Toulon telling the puppets that he has more stories to tell them in the future.

This was a fun sequel and it contributed to the story of the puppets. I liked the way that it set up the next movies and it is a good origin tale. It wouldn't be my favourite of the Puppet Master movies, but I enjoyed it all the same. If you enjoy the series, then this will be entertaining. I liked it anyway. I will give it a 5/10.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Jigsaw. I am a sucker for puppet master movies but I do share your opinion on this particular one as well. Always a pleasure to read on of your reviews.

Amanda said...

Thanks John!I like these Puppet Master movies too.I enjoyed the latest one.It was good viewing!!

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