Thursday, April 26, 2018

Werewolves on Wheels Review

Werewolves on Wheels is a 1971 horror movie directed by Michele Levesque and starring Stephen Oliver and D.J. Anderson.

The movie begins with a biker gang driving along. They drive into town and they mess with the locals. They beat one up.They cause havoc and then they run into a group of Satanists. The bikers don't know what to expect but the cult come out to them with bread and wine. The bikers laugh at them. The leader of the Satanists is called One(Severn Darden). The bikers fall asleep. The cult have a black mass and they take one of the biker women called Helen(D.J.Anderson). She is the girlfriend of the leader of the biker gang who is called Adam(Oliver). They perform some sort of ritual and Helen becomes a werewolf!!! Why that happens is a mystery, but I guess it doesn't matter here!

The rest of the bikers wake up and realise that Helen has disappeared. They retrieve her from the cult and they take her off with them. Someone begins killing the bikers. The movie consists of the bikers having fun and causing trouble etc. The bikers realise that something happened at the Satanists place and they go back there to get answers and fight. Something happens first. Adam and Helen turn into werewolves and the gang decide to light them up and kill them. The rest of the gang go to the kill the Satanists but they decide to join the cult or they are already part of the cult. What's going on??? I don't know!!

Oh, this movie was bad. I didn't know what to expect when I began this, but I wanted more werewolves and less shots of bikers messing around and wrecking stuff or beating people up. I waited for the killings and they were pretty bad. There was little horror in this. The idea wasn't bad, but the movie was. It is crazy and I did laugh in parts, but overall, this was a bit of a mess and there wasn't enough horror in this for me. I will be kind and give it a 3/10.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Blood Song Movie Review

Blood Song is a 1982 horror/thriller directed by Alan J.Levi and starring Frankie Avalon,Donna Wilkes and Dane Clark.

The movie begins in 1955, in Oregon. A man comes home to find his wife in bed with another man and he kills them and then himself. His young son, Paul, sees it. Cut to twenty five years later and Paul(Avalon) is in a mental institution. He kills an orderly and he escapes. He has a wooden flute with him that his father had given to him. A young girl called Marian(Wilkes) is having nightmares. She had an accident and she hurt her leg and she has to wear a brace. She received a blood transfusion from Paul and somehow, this has caused her to have some sort of psychic link with him. She has visions of him.

Paul hitches a ride and he kills the driver and takes his van. Marian argues with her father, who was responsible for her accident. He is annoyed at her because of her boyfriend, Joey. Marian and Joey are planning to leave once he gets a job. Marian tells Joey that she has been having nightmares and visions. He tells her that it is just stress. Paul picks up a girl and takes her to a motel where they have sex. He kills her after playing his flute. Sheriff Gibbons(Clark) gets a report of a missing girl. Marian sees Paul's van while she is walking along and she sees him digging a grave. He spots her and chases her. He loses her. He asks the locals where the high school is and hangs around, looking for Marian.

Paul watches her house and he breaks in. He meets her father and he attacks and kills him. Marian sees this and runs off. He chases her in his van. They reach a lumber yard where they play a game of cat and mouse. She manages to hurt him. The Sheriff goes to the house and finds the dead body of her father. The cops wonder where she is. Marian is trying to fend off Paul who keeps coming despite being injured. He gets a forklift and tries to kill her, but he drives it into the water instead. The cops rescue Marian but they don't find Paul. The movie ends with Paul hitchhiking and Marian in a mental institution screaming. Paul comes in and he is going to kill her.

This movie is middle of the road. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. I liked the ending but on the whole, the film wasn't the best. It was fun seeing Frankie Avalon playing a flute playing psycho!!
This wasn't really scary and there was not much gore in it either. I found it a little tame and a little dull in parts. Don't let that put you off though. If you like the thought of seeing Frankie Avalon playing a killer, then have a look. As I said, it is middle of the road, so i will give it a score to match- 5/10.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 2

This episode, the fighting continues as the different groups take on the Saviours. Carol, Ezekiel are looking for more Saviours. They reach the Saviours' pharmacy and there is one of them there. They try to get him, but he sets off a smoke bomb and loads of walkers appear. It's no problem for Carol and Ezekiel and their crew and they need to get the guy before he can warn others that they are coming. Shiva manages to catch the guy and she kills him before he can get away. Ezekiel is enthusiastic after this and tells his people that they will be going on to the next lot of Saviours to kill them even though the Saviours will know of their coming.

Daryl and Rick have been given information by Dwight. He told them where guns are hidden and they are going to get them. They both wonder if Dwight has been truthful with them as they look around and can't see any guns. They split up to search. Meanwhile, Jesus and Tara meet a guy who says he is a worker from the Sanctuary. They don't kill him but he turns on them and takes Jesus hostage. Tara and Jesus overpower him and tie him up. Morgan is wandering around and he seems to have lost the plot a bit. He is not himself.

Rick is looking for the guns. He finds a man guarding a door and he assumes that the guns are behind the door. They aren't. There is a baby there and Rick is horrified as he has killed the man. He lets his guard down and he gets caught by a man called Morales, who he met at the very beginning, but who has joined the Saviours. This episode was good. There was some action and it was interesting. It is good to see things moving along and some of the Saviours getting killed, as they were so strong in the previous season.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 1

So, a new season of this great show is here. I loved the first one and I was looking forward to this.
The episode begins with Mick(John Jarratt) who is buying a gun and some ammo from a guy. They chat and Mick leaves the shop. He returns shortly afterwards and kills the owner. Cut to a couple called Danny(Charlie Clausen) and Rebecca(Tess Haubrich) who are going on a coach trip into the Australian outback. There are a bus full of people going too. They have a tour guide called Davo(Ben Oxenbould). Mick is prowling around also. The group sets off.

They camp for the night. Danny and Rebecca are having marital problems and they meet a guy called Brian(Matt Day) who happens to be a psychiatrist. They chat with him. They stop for petrol and Davo meets Mick who asks him where they are going. He tells Davo that he should give them a fright just for a laugh and Davo doesn't think that it's a good idea. Mick takes this the wrong way and he and the driver part ways. Mick looks at the bus and he counts the passengers. Cut to the tourists who are all having a great time. Mick is following them.The bus stops at a roadhouse. All of the tourists are asleep. It seems abandoned. Davo goes inside and looks around. There is nobody there. He goes in to use the bathroom and when he comes out to wash his hands, Mick appears. He freaks him out and he kills the driver. The next morning, the tourists awake and the are surprised to see that they have a new driver- Mick!!!

This was a great opening episode to this new series. I really enjoyed it. I love the Wolf Creek franchise and I have looked forward to this for a while. Anyway, this is well worth a look if you enjoy the movies or the first series. I can't wait for the next episode!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Amanda's Horror Years- 2003

So, this time, we are going back to 2003 to see what horror movies were on offer. There were some good and some bad. Overall, this wasn't a great year for horror so there aren't loads of movies to include.

Let me start with the best of them. I liked Wrong Turn which appeared in this year. It was the start of a franchise which has two sequels and three prequels! The movie is about a group of people who go into West Virginia and end up being hunted by a weird group of cannibals. It is a good movie and the best of the lot. I enjoyed it and recommend it. There are a couple of other notable movies from this year. Underworld was released and it was a successful horror movie and has spawned four other movies. Dreamcatcher is based on a Stephen King novel. It didn't perform very well at the box office so it was a flop. Another movie that was released in this year was Darkness Falls. I didn't like this movie at all. It was boring and just not scary. I had heard about it and I wanted to watch it, but by the end of this film, I was irritated. I think it is just a bad movie. Another bad movie is Monster Man. This was a predicable, silly movie with nothing new to offer. Not worth your while really unless you like cheap movies.Some other movies you might like to watch are Dead End, Switchblade Romance and Open Water which I enjoyed. That was a good movie!

The sequels!! There were some pretty good ones this year. The best one is Freddy Vs Jason. This movie brought together two fantastic franchises and two fantastic horror icons. I really liked it a lot. It had some great scenes and there was the inevitable showdown at the end which was such fun. It is a really great movie which is a must for any horror fan.  I also liked Final Destination 2. This was a pretty good sequel and I found it a decent horror movie. Jeepers Creepers 2 was a decent follow up to the original, but it is nowhere near as good as the first movie. There was a yet another Leprechaun movie- Leprechaun:Back 2 tha Hood. This was the sixth film in the franchise and Warwick Davis hung up his boots after this one. Puppet Master: The Legacy was the eighth movie in the franchise and by far the weakest. I love the Puppet Master Franchise, but this added nothing new. Beyond Re-Animator is another sequel which popped up in this year.

Lastly is the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I am not a fan of remakes and this one was no different. I know people might enjoy them and that's fine, but the original movie is such a classic and is so hard to emulate that this pales in comparison. This ended up as a run of the mill slasher with nothing interesting or original to offer the viewer. Overall, 2003 was not very good for horror movies. My favourite film from this year would be Freddy Vs Jason and of course, Wrong Turn was enjoyable too. Other than that, there are a few decent movies, but nothing brilliant. Anyway, it has been enjoyable revisiting this horror year and of course, if you like any movies from this year, let me know!!

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