Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 2

This episode, the fighting continues as the different groups take on the Saviours. Carol, Ezekiel are looking for more Saviours. They reach the Saviours' pharmacy and there is one of them there. They try to get him, but he sets off a smoke bomb and loads of walkers appear. It's no problem for Carol and Ezekiel and their crew and they need to get the guy before he can warn others that they are coming. Shiva manages to catch the guy and she kills him before he can get away. Ezekiel is enthusiastic after this and tells his people that they will be going on to the next lot of Saviours to kill them even though the Saviours will know of their coming.

Daryl and Rick have been given information by Dwight. He told them where guns are hidden and they are going to get them. They both wonder if Dwight has been truthful with them as they look around and can't see any guns. They split up to search. Meanwhile, Jesus and Tara meet a guy who says he is a worker from the Sanctuary. They don't kill him but he turns on them and takes Jesus hostage. Tara and Jesus overpower him and tie him up. Morgan is wandering around and he seems to have lost the plot a bit. He is not himself.

Rick is looking for the guns. He finds a man guarding a door and he assumes that the guns are behind the door. They aren't. There is a baby there and Rick is horrified as he has killed the man. He lets his guard down and he gets caught by a man called Morales, who he met at the very beginning, but who has joined the Saviours. This episode was good. There was some action and it was interesting. It is good to see things moving along and some of the Saviours getting killed, as they were so strong in the previous season.


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