Thursday, April 26, 2018

Werewolves on Wheels Review

Werewolves on Wheels is a 1971 horror movie directed by Michele Levesque and starring Stephen Oliver and D.J. Anderson.

The movie begins with a biker gang driving along. They drive into town and they mess with the locals. They beat one up.They cause havoc and then they run into a group of Satanists. The bikers don't know what to expect but the cult come out to them with bread and wine. The bikers laugh at them. The leader of the Satanists is called One(Severn Darden). The bikers fall asleep. The cult have a black mass and they take one of the biker women called Helen(D.J.Anderson). She is the girlfriend of the leader of the biker gang who is called Adam(Oliver). They perform some sort of ritual and Helen becomes a werewolf!!! Why that happens is a mystery, but I guess it doesn't matter here!

The rest of the bikers wake up and realise that Helen has disappeared. They retrieve her from the cult and they take her off with them. Someone begins killing the bikers. The movie consists of the bikers having fun and causing trouble etc. The bikers realise that something happened at the Satanists place and they go back there to get answers and fight. Something happens first. Adam and Helen turn into werewolves and the gang decide to light them up and kill them. The rest of the gang go to the kill the Satanists but they decide to join the cult or they are already part of the cult. What's going on??? I don't know!!

Oh, this movie was bad. I didn't know what to expect when I began this, but I wanted more werewolves and less shots of bikers messing around and wrecking stuff or beating people up. I waited for the killings and they were pretty bad. There was little horror in this. The idea wasn't bad, but the movie was. It is crazy and I did laugh in parts, but overall, this was a bit of a mess and there wasn't enough horror in this for me. I will be kind and give it a 3/10.


Tony Briley said...

That's an oldie and was bad even by early 70's standards, when actually a few good titles were rolling out by then.

Amanda said...

Yes this was pretty bad overall and the werewolves were awful😀

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