Friday, April 13, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 1

So, a new season of this great show is here. I loved the first one and I was looking forward to this.
The episode begins with Mick(John Jarratt) who is buying a gun and some ammo from a guy. They chat and Mick leaves the shop. He returns shortly afterwards and kills the owner. Cut to a couple called Danny(Charlie Clausen) and Rebecca(Tess Haubrich) who are going on a coach trip into the Australian outback. There are a bus full of people going too. They have a tour guide called Davo(Ben Oxenbould). Mick is prowling around also. The group sets off.

They camp for the night. Danny and Rebecca are having marital problems and they meet a guy called Brian(Matt Day) who happens to be a psychiatrist. They chat with him. They stop for petrol and Davo meets Mick who asks him where they are going. He tells Davo that he should give them a fright just for a laugh and Davo doesn't think that it's a good idea. Mick takes this the wrong way and he and the driver part ways. Mick looks at the bus and he counts the passengers. Cut to the tourists who are all having a great time. Mick is following them.The bus stops at a roadhouse. All of the tourists are asleep. It seems abandoned. Davo goes inside and looks around. There is nobody there. He goes in to use the bathroom and when he comes out to wash his hands, Mick appears. He freaks him out and he kills the driver. The next morning, the tourists awake and the are surprised to see that they have a new driver- Mick!!!

This was a great opening episode to this new series. I really enjoyed it. I love the Wolf Creek franchise and I have looked forward to this for a while. Anyway, this is well worth a look if you enjoy the movies or the first series. I can't wait for the next episode!!!


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