Monday, May 28, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 6

Rick, Maggie and Carol chat about what has happened with each of them. They discuss Negan and what to do next. Rick decides to go to Jadis and talk to her about joining them against Negan. He shows her some pictures that he took of the kills that they made. She doesn't want to bargain with him and she has him taken prisoner and put into a container. Meanwhile, at the Hilltop, Jesus and Maggie success the Saviour prisoners they have. Jesus has been giving them food and Maggie isn't happy about it. Gregory is sticking his nose in, being annoying so Maggie puts him in with the prisoners.

Ezekiel is in seclusion. He is very unhappy over the loss of Shiva and he doesn't want to fight anymore. Carol is worried about him and she tries to talk to him about it, but he sends her away.
Carl meets Siddiq and he talks to him. He tells him that he can come back to Alexandria with him and that he will help him once he gets there. They get attacked by walkers and Carl gets himself into difficulty. They deal with them and keep going. Michonne and Rosita had to the Sanctuary to see what's happening and on the way they see Saviours with speakers loaded onto their truck so they can get the walkers to leave the Sanctuary. They kill one and they are surprised with Daryl and Tara kill the other. They have also come to the Sanctuary to fight.

This episode was pretty good. It wouldn't be the best one. It could be a tad slow at times, but all in all, it was entertaining.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Final Terror Movie Review

The Final Terror is a 1983 horror movie directed by Andrew Davis and starring Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah, John Friedrich and Joe Pantoliano.

The movie begins with a couple crashing a motorbike in the woods. The girl runs off to find help and she discovers an empty ranger station. When she comes back, her boyfriend has disappeared. He is dead and when she finds his dead body, she runs but gets caught and killed in a trap. Cut to a group of campers are going into the same woods. They are on a bus and the driver is an annoying guy called Egger(Pantoliano). He thinks that the group of campers will get hurt in the forest. The campers tell stories about a woman who was raped in the woods. She went crazy and got put into a mental institution. She was pregnant and she had her baby in the institution. She ended up going into the forest.

The group are Margaret(Ward), Vanessa,Wendy(Hannah), Dennis(Friedrich), Marco(Adrian Zmed), Nathaniel,Boone,Melanie and Mike. They wake up in the morning to find that Marco has gone missing. They all search for him. Egger has also vanished. Mike gets killed and Melanie gets taken by someone who is in the woods. Nathaniel and Dennis find a hut in the woods with a grave outside.
They find Eggers' hat in there and they think that it is him who is messing with them. They also find a dog's head. The group decide to keep watch and stick together. A dead body is found in the outhouse.
Everyone gets very upset. Dennis tells them that they all need to be clever. They dress in camouflage.

They get a dinghy and they go onto the river. A body is thrown onto their dinghy and they are all horrified. They go back to their bus and there is nobody on it. Their belongings are still there. They think that Egger is to blame for all of this. The bus won't start so they have to stay on it. They fall asleep and when they wake up, the killer is there. They escape from the bus but Wendy ends up alone in the woods. She gets attacked but the others find her. Dennis goes onto the bus to find the first aid kit and he has gone a little nuts. He is setting a trap for Egger. The group try to draw him out into the open. He shows up and they attack him, believing him to the the killer, but it is his long lost mother, who sets a trap and gets caught in it herself and kills herself.

This movie is mediocre, unfortunately. The premise was not original but I still enjoyed it anyway. I wouldn't say that this is really great, but if you are a fan of the slasher movie, as I am, then you can have fun with this one. It has a decent cast as you can see and there are some good moments in an otherwise not so good movie. All in all, this is not great, but it is worth a look just the same. I will give it a 5/10.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 5

This episode begins with a flashback to the weasel Gregory who made a deal with Negan and his minions to throw out any person who is against Negan. Negan's sidekick, Simon, thinks that they could do better and he wants to kill people but Negan tells him no. Cut to present and Negan and Gabriel are holed up inside a trailer surrounded by walkers. They work together and they manage to cover themselves in walker guts and escape.

Meanwhile, the others are fighting about who will take over from Negan. Everything gets confused and people start to become agitated. Dwight and the others talk about it and things seem to be getting out of hand when Negan shows up and everything goes back to the way that they were. Gabriel is locked up again. Eugene figures out that the snitch is Dwight. He doesn't say anything to Negan.
He goes to see Gabriel and he finds that he is in a bad way. Rick and Daryl fight over what to do with the weapons that they found. The weapons end up being blown up and that's the end of them. Daryl is mad and the two make their way back to Alexandria separately.

This was an interesting episode. Not a whole lot happened, but it was good all the same. I see a power struggle in the making between Negan and Simon.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hatchet 2 Movie Review

Hatchet 2 is a 2010 horror movie and the sequel to Hatchet. It is directed by Adam Green and stars Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Parry Shen and Tom Holland.

The movie begins directly at the end of the previous movie. Mary Beth(Harris) is in the water and she swims away. A man in a boat rescues her. His name is Jack Cracker and when he finds out who she is, he doesn't want to help her anymore. He sends her to see Reverend Zombie(Todd). He has the misfortune of meeting Victor Crowley(Hodder) and gets killed when he is strangled with his own intestines!!What a way to go... Marybeth goes to see Zombie and she tells him what happened with Crowley. He tells her that a long time ago Thomas Crowley had an affair with a nurse while his wife was sick. The wife put a curse of them before she died. The nurse got pregnant but the baby was born a monster, Victor.

The kids who caused Victor's death got away with it. Marybeth's dad was one of those kids. Crowley knows this. Marybeth wants revenge on Victor Crowley. Zombie tells her that he will help her if she gets more people to join them.  Zombie talks to the tour guide Shawn's brother, Justin(Shen) and tells him that his brother went missing int he swamp and that he is going to find him and the boat. Justin agrees to come. They get a group of hunters together who will help smoke out Crowley and kill him.
Zombie takes charge and he tells them the job. Marybeth's uncle Bob(Tom Holland) shows up and says he wants to help. Everyone heads off to the swamp to get Crowley. They arrive out there and split up so they can cover more ground.

Unfortunately, Crowley catches some of them and dispatches them easily. Zombie tells Marybeth that Crowley wants the descendants of those who killed him. Marybeth's uncle is one of them. He thinks that if Crowley gets what he wants, he will leave. Crowley kills all of the hunters. Marybeth, Bob and Zombie are left along with Justin who gets killed. Bob ends up facing Crowley, but he doesn't make it and he wasn't her real uncle so Crowley is still alive. Marybeth and Zombie face Crowley and Zombie gets skinned alive. Marybeth and Crowley face off. She attacks him and beats him with a hatchet and he seems to be dead. She isn't sure so she shoots him in the head, ending his killing rampage.

Another great movie! I really enjoyed the first movie and this one was good fun too. I liked the story and I liked all of the bloody action. It starts straight after the last one so we can follow it along and the addition of Tony Todd makes this even more fun. I liked that Tom Holland had a role in this. Holland directed two classics- Fright Night and Child's Play and wrote one of my all time favourite movies- Psycho 2! Harris takes over the role of Marybeth and she does a great job here. All in all, a really enjoyable horror sequel and I would certainly recommend this! I will give it a 7/10.

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 4

This episode begins with Ezekiel waking up and being surrounded by the dead bodies of all of his men and women. He is devastated as he sees the loss of life. He sees them starting to turn into walkers and he is surrounded. Carol is taking care of the Saviours who fired on them. Ezekiel gets caught by a Saviour who pulls a gun on him and tells him that he will turn him into Negan and get a reward. Ezekiel has no choice but to accept his fate. The Saviour realises that Ezekiel can't make it back to safety, as there are walkers everywhere, and he is going to kill him and take his head back to Negan instead. Luckily for Ezekiel, one of the survivors, Jerry, saves him and they both try and get to safety as the walkers get closer.

Carol is killing some Saviours when she sees Ezekiel and Jerry and she realises they are in trouble. She has no choice but to try and help them and let the remaining Saviours get away. Rick and Daryl show up and they get the Saviours and their guns. Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry make their way back to the Kingdom. Ezekiel is low on morale and he offers to sacrifice himself to fight off the walkers while the others make it back. He doesn't think that he should be king any longer. They don't want him to stay there and die. Shiva turns up and she tackles the walkers while the three of them leave. Unfortunately, she doesn't make it and Ezekiel is devastated and horrified. When they get back to the Kingdom, Ezekiel has nothing to say. 

This was a decent episode. The loss of Shiva was heartbreaking and sad. She was a great addition to the series and she looked cool! It was awful that she had to go out like that. This was a depressing episode in some ways as things went so wrong, but I enjoyed  it anyway.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 3

In the last episode, Rick was being held at gunpoint by a man called Morales, who is one of Negan's men. Rick talks to him and they both say that they had lost people. Morales thinks that Rick is the monster and he thinks that he is a bad man. Rick tries to reason with him when Daryl comes in and kills Morales. Rick grabs the baby and they take her with him them. She is called Gracie. They are going to meet up with Aaron who has a group with him. In the previous episode, Eric was shot in the stomach and he tells Aaron that he has to leave him and go back to the fight. Aaron moves him and he kisses him goodbye. He goes back and meets up with Rick and Daryl. They fight and when it is over, Aaron goes back to where he left Eric, but he has turned into a zombie and is wandering off. Aaron is devastated. Rick and Daryl find out that the guns have been moved so they were looking in the wrong place. 

The slimy Gregory shows up at Hilltop and he wants to come inside. He asks Maggie if he can and she allows him inside. He pretends that he knows nothing about what happened at the Sanctuary.
Maggie doesn't trust him at all, but she decides to let him in anyway. Jesus and Tara get some Saviour prisoners and bring them to the Hilltop. They both have to calm Morgan down. He is very agitated and unreasonable. Morgan and Jesus scuffle.The episode ends with Carol and Ezekiel being ambushed by the Saviours, who have big guns. Ezekiel is in big trouble.

This episode was pretty good. Morgan seems to be losing it. He is getting more and more agitated and strange. It is looking pretty bleak for Ezekiel and Carol. No sign of Negan in this episode, but he will pop up soon. We said goodbye to Eric, who was in the series for quite a while. All in all, a good watch.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Whip and the Body Movie Review

The Whip and the Body is a 1963 horror movie directed by Mario Bava and starring Christopher Lee,
Daliah Lavi and Luciano Stella.

The movie begins with a woman whose daughter died when she killed herself over a man. His name was Kurt Menliff(Lee) and he was told never to return to his father's castle again. He comes back anyway. The locals wonder what he wants. His father, Count Menliff and his brother, Christian(Stella) don't want him back. It turns out that he seduced a servant girl and that she killed herself. The girl's mother swears revenge. The Count sees Kurt at night and he is frightened of him. Kurt visits his ex fiancee, Nevenka(Lavi) who has married Christian. He kisses her and whips her, but she likes it. They kiss..

Kurt gets killed by someone. A servant finds Nevenka, who is bleeding. He also finds Kurt's body.
He is buried. Christian asks his dad if he killed Kurt. Nevenka sees Kurt in visions. She gets very upset over it. Christian tells her that it is an hallucination, but she keeps seeing him. She visits his crypt and she sees ghostly footprints. The Count dies. Nevenka thinks that Kurt has come back for revenge and that he killed the dad. Nevenka is at Kurt's headstone. She is delirious. Christian thinks that maybe Kurt is still alive and hiding. 

Christan decides to open Kurt's coffin. They decide to burn his remains so Nevenka will realise that
he is not real.It turns out that she has been keeping Kurt alive in herself. She killed him and went crazy, pretending that he had come back. She killed the Count also. She is in the crypt and Christian realises what she has done. She runs away and sees Kurt and kills herself, hoping that this will kill Kurt also. End of movie.

This was an unusual movie with some twists and turns. It is a good one , though. Lee is good in the role of the nasty Kurt. He gets killed early on, but he is in the movie through the visions etc. I liked the creepy feel of this and the ending was a surprise.If you enjoy Bava movies, then you will enjoy this. There is the addition of a sadomasochistic scene with the whip, which was a little risque for the time!!All in all, this was a decent horror movie and one to watch. I will give a 6/10.
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