Monday, May 14, 2018

Hatchet 2 Movie Review

Hatchet 2 is a 2010 horror movie and the sequel to Hatchet. It is directed by Adam Green and stars Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Parry Shen and Tom Holland.

The movie begins directly at the end of the previous movie. Mary Beth(Harris) is in the water and she swims away. A man in a boat rescues her. His name is Jack Cracker and when he finds out who she is, he doesn't want to help her anymore. He sends her to see Reverend Zombie(Todd). He has the misfortune of meeting Victor Crowley(Hodder) and gets killed when he is strangled with his own intestines!!What a way to go... Marybeth goes to see Zombie and she tells him what happened with Crowley. He tells her that a long time ago Thomas Crowley had an affair with a nurse while his wife was sick. The wife put a curse of them before she died. The nurse got pregnant but the baby was born a monster, Victor.

The kids who caused Victor's death got away with it. Marybeth's dad was one of those kids. Crowley knows this. Marybeth wants revenge on Victor Crowley. Zombie tells her that he will help her if she gets more people to join them.  Zombie talks to the tour guide Shawn's brother, Justin(Shen) and tells him that his brother went missing int he swamp and that he is going to find him and the boat. Justin agrees to come. They get a group of hunters together who will help smoke out Crowley and kill him.
Zombie takes charge and he tells them the job. Marybeth's uncle Bob(Tom Holland) shows up and says he wants to help. Everyone heads off to the swamp to get Crowley. They arrive out there and split up so they can cover more ground.

Unfortunately, Crowley catches some of them and dispatches them easily. Zombie tells Marybeth that Crowley wants the descendants of those who killed him. Marybeth's uncle is one of them. He thinks that if Crowley gets what he wants, he will leave. Crowley kills all of the hunters. Marybeth, Bob and Zombie are left along with Justin who gets killed. Bob ends up facing Crowley, but he doesn't make it and he wasn't her real uncle so Crowley is still alive. Marybeth and Zombie face Crowley and Zombie gets skinned alive. Marybeth and Crowley face off. She attacks him and beats him with a hatchet and he seems to be dead. She isn't sure so she shoots him in the head, ending his killing rampage.

Another great movie! I really enjoyed the first movie and this one was good fun too. I liked the story and I liked all of the bloody action. It starts straight after the last one so we can follow it along and the addition of Tony Todd makes this even more fun. I liked that Tom Holland had a role in this. Holland directed two classics- Fright Night and Child's Play and wrote one of my all time favourite movies- Psycho 2! Harris takes over the role of Marybeth and she does a great job here. All in all, a really enjoyable horror sequel and I would certainly recommend this! I will give it a 7/10.


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