Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Final Terror Movie Review

The Final Terror is a 1983 horror movie directed by Andrew Davis and starring Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah, John Friedrich and Joe Pantoliano.

The movie begins with a couple crashing a motorbike in the woods. The girl runs off to find help and she discovers an empty ranger station. When she comes back, her boyfriend has disappeared. He is dead and when she finds his dead body, she runs but gets caught and killed in a trap. Cut to a group of campers are going into the same woods. They are on a bus and the driver is an annoying guy called Egger(Pantoliano). He thinks that the group of campers will get hurt in the forest. The campers tell stories about a woman who was raped in the woods. She went crazy and got put into a mental institution. She was pregnant and she had her baby in the institution. She ended up going into the forest.

The group are Margaret(Ward), Vanessa,Wendy(Hannah), Dennis(Friedrich), Marco(Adrian Zmed), Nathaniel,Boone,Melanie and Mike. They wake up in the morning to find that Marco has gone missing. They all search for him. Egger has also vanished. Mike gets killed and Melanie gets taken by someone who is in the woods. Nathaniel and Dennis find a hut in the woods with a grave outside.
They find Eggers' hat in there and they think that it is him who is messing with them. They also find a dog's head. The group decide to keep watch and stick together. A dead body is found in the outhouse.
Everyone gets very upset. Dennis tells them that they all need to be clever. They dress in camouflage.

They get a dinghy and they go onto the river. A body is thrown onto their dinghy and they are all horrified. They go back to their bus and there is nobody on it. Their belongings are still there. They think that Egger is to blame for all of this. The bus won't start so they have to stay on it. They fall asleep and when they wake up, the killer is there. They escape from the bus but Wendy ends up alone in the woods. She gets attacked but the others find her. Dennis goes onto the bus to find the first aid kit and he has gone a little nuts. He is setting a trap for Egger. The group try to draw him out into the open. He shows up and they attack him, believing him to the the killer, but it is his long lost mother, who sets a trap and gets caught in it herself and kills herself.

This movie is mediocre, unfortunately. The premise was not original but I still enjoyed it anyway. I wouldn't say that this is really great, but if you are a fan of the slasher movie, as I am, then you can have fun with this one. It has a decent cast as you can see and there are some good moments in an otherwise not so good movie. All in all, this is not great, but it is worth a look just the same. I will give it a 5/10.


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