Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 3

In the last episode, Rick was being held at gunpoint by a man called Morales, who is one of Negan's men. Rick talks to him and they both say that they had lost people. Morales thinks that Rick is the monster and he thinks that he is a bad man. Rick tries to reason with him when Daryl comes in and kills Morales. Rick grabs the baby and they take her with him them. She is called Gracie. They are going to meet up with Aaron who has a group with him. In the previous episode, Eric was shot in the stomach and he tells Aaron that he has to leave him and go back to the fight. Aaron moves him and he kisses him goodbye. He goes back and meets up with Rick and Daryl. They fight and when it is over, Aaron goes back to where he left Eric, but he has turned into a zombie and is wandering off. Aaron is devastated. Rick and Daryl find out that the guns have been moved so they were looking in the wrong place. 

The slimy Gregory shows up at Hilltop and he wants to come inside. He asks Maggie if he can and she allows him inside. He pretends that he knows nothing about what happened at the Sanctuary.
Maggie doesn't trust him at all, but she decides to let him in anyway. Jesus and Tara get some Saviour prisoners and bring them to the Hilltop. They both have to calm Morgan down. He is very agitated and unreasonable. Morgan and Jesus scuffle.The episode ends with Carol and Ezekiel being ambushed by the Saviours, who have big guns. Ezekiel is in big trouble.

This episode was pretty good. Morgan seems to be losing it. He is getting more and more agitated and strange. It is looking pretty bleak for Ezekiel and Carol. No sign of Negan in this episode, but he will pop up soon. We said goodbye to Eric, who was in the series for quite a while. All in all, a good watch.


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