Monday, May 14, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 4

This episode begins with Ezekiel waking up and being surrounded by the dead bodies of all of his men and women. He is devastated as he sees the loss of life. He sees them starting to turn into walkers and he is surrounded. Carol is taking care of the Saviours who fired on them. Ezekiel gets caught by a Saviour who pulls a gun on him and tells him that he will turn him into Negan and get a reward. Ezekiel has no choice but to accept his fate. The Saviour realises that Ezekiel can't make it back to safety, as there are walkers everywhere, and he is going to kill him and take his head back to Negan instead. Luckily for Ezekiel, one of the survivors, Jerry, saves him and they both try and get to safety as the walkers get closer.

Carol is killing some Saviours when she sees Ezekiel and Jerry and she realises they are in trouble. She has no choice but to try and help them and let the remaining Saviours get away. Rick and Daryl show up and they get the Saviours and their guns. Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry make their way back to the Kingdom. Ezekiel is low on morale and he offers to sacrifice himself to fight off the walkers while the others make it back. He doesn't think that he should be king any longer. They don't want him to stay there and die. Shiva turns up and she tackles the walkers while the three of them leave. Unfortunately, she doesn't make it and Ezekiel is devastated and horrified. When they get back to the Kingdom, Ezekiel has nothing to say. 

This was a decent episode. The loss of Shiva was heartbreaking and sad. She was a great addition to the series and she looked cool! It was awful that she had to go out like that. This was a depressing episode in some ways as things went so wrong, but I enjoyed  it anyway.


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