Saturday, June 30, 2018

Puppet Master Vs Demonic Toys Movie Review

Puppet Master Vs Demonic Toys is a 2004 cross over horror movie directed by Ted Nicolaou and starring Corey Feldman ,Danielle Keaton and Vanessa Angel.

The movie begins at the Toulon Doll Hospital at Christmas. A man called Robert Toulon(Feldman) is working on puppets. His daughter Alex(Keaton) is working with him. He found the puppets at a flea market in Paris. He is a distant relation of Andre Toulon. He also has the formula for bringing the puppets to life. He and his daughter are trying to reanimate the puppets. Cut to the Sharpe Toys company and Erica Sharpe(Angel) is watching Robert on a hidden video camera that she has installed in his workshop. Robert injects Six Shooter with the formula and he brings him back to life. He injects the rest of the puppets. He introduces himself. He is the great grandnephew of Andre Toulon. Erica wants those puppets for herself. She sends her goons to get them. The puppets won't go quietly though. They attack the goons. Robert wakes up and hears noise. The workshop goes on fire and the puppets get burned. Robert fixes them with super parts. Sergeant Russell(Silvia Suvadova) arrives to investigate.

Eric is annoyed that she didn't her hands on the puppets. She takes a girl who works for her down to an underground room where she has demonic toys. They are evil. She gives them the girl. She dies and Erica uses her blood to bring back a demon called Bael.  She tells him that she wants Toulon's puppets. The demon wants Alex. He wants her blood and he promises Erica the puppets in return.  Robert discovers the hidden camera and realises Erica knows everything about him and the puppets. Robert and Alex leave their house and go somewhere to hide. Robert breaks into Sharpe Toys and he finds the demonic toys. He tells Russell about it. Erica wants to get him.

Eric has a plan to sell demonic toys which will kill everyone on Christmas Day. She takes Alex and Robert has to team up with Russell to get her back. They go to Sharpe Toys on Christmas Eve to get Alex and stop Erica's evil plan. They meet the demonic toys who do battle with the puppets. Robert gets his daughter back and Erica is left with nothing to bargain with. Bael comes and takes her off to Hell with him as she has failed to give him what he wants. Robert, Alex and Russell head off to Christmas dinner. One of the demonic toys has a nasty Christmas message.

This movie wasn't one of my favourites in the series. I did like Feldman in the lead role, but overall, it was just kind of silly in parts and I didn't really like Vanessa Angel in it either. I always enjoy the puppets and the demonic toys were amusing also. I just felt the film was less than it should have been. It is a crossover movie though, so it was going to be different from the other puppet master movies. All in all, I would not like this as much as some of the others, so for that reason, I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Island of Terror Movie Review

Island of Terror is a 1966 horror movie directed by Terence Fisher and starring Peter Cushing,Edward Judd,Carole Gray and Eddie Byrne.

On a remote island near Ireland, a medical team are working in a lab. They are working on a cure for cancer. A local man called Ian Bellows disappears. His wife goes to the local Constable Harris(Sam Kydd) and tells him. Harris goes looking for Bellows and he finds his dead body. He runs to Dr.Landers(Byrne) and tells him that he saw the dead body of Ian Bellows and his body had no bones. It had turned into jelly. Landers wants to see it. The bones are gone. Landers takes the body back to the lab. He consults Dr Brian Stanley(Cushing) for help. Stanley is an expert in diseases etc. Stanley recommends David West(Judd). He is a bone specialist. They tell him what has happened.
David has a love interest called Toni(Gray) and she borrows her father's helicopter to fly them out to the island.

They are looking for Dr. Phillips who was working in the lab on the island. They go to his house. There is a body in the house. They discover all of the scientists dead. A farmer tells Harris that his horses have turned to jelly too. The doctors surmise that whatever is killing people was created in the laboratory by Dr. Phillips. Harris goes to tell the doctor's about the horses, but he meets the creature and dies. Landers has the misfortune of meeting one and it kills him. Toni, Stanley and West escape it. Dr West wants help from the locals. The doctors tells the local people what has happened. They tell them that Dr.Phillips created the creature by mistake. They need to kill the creatures.

The locals have guns etc but the creatures are very hard to kill. They discover that a chemical can kill them. They find more of the chemical in the lab and they infect a group of cows with it, hoping that the creatures will eat the cows and die. The creatures are multiplying outside. Dr Stanley gets attacked by one of them and he has to get West to cut off his hand to stop himself getting killed. The creatures eat the cows. The creatures attack the locals, but they start to get weaker. They start to die.
The doctors are glad that the creatures have been contained and that it happened on an island otherwise it would have been a disaster. What he doesn't know is that in Japan, there are scientists replicating what Phillips was doing in the lab and guess what? Yes, the creatures are back!

This movie is good fun. I really didn't know anything about it before I watched it, but I can say that it is very enjoyable. Of course, Cushing is great in his role and he makes the movie better just by appearing. The story is good and the creatures will make you laugh. This is a decent monster movie and I would certainly recommend it. I think that these movies are always entertaining and this is no different and it is directed by Terence Fisher who also directed so many movies such as The Devil Rides Out, The Gorgon and Curse of the Werewolf. I am giving this one a 7/10. Watch it if you can!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 7

This episode begins with Rick, still stuck in the container. Jadis has a camera and she takes pictures of him. We cut to Eugene, who tells Dwight that he is aware of what he has been doing and that he should stop it but Dwight refuses to. He thinks that The Saviours are finished and he doesn't want to be part of Negan's crew anymore. Eugene is not impressed with him and he warns him off doing anything else. He goes to see Gabriel, who is in a very bad way. They chat and Gabriel wants Eugene to help him and the doctor get out. Eugene seems unsure of what to do.

Daryl, Rosita, Morgan, Michonne and Tara talk about their plan to attack the Sanctuary. Rosita is having cold feet about the whole thing. She won't go. When they arrive at the Sanctuary, Michonne also has cold feet and she leaves. Eugene is trying to lead the walker horde away from the Sanctuary by using Sasha's ipod, but he gets stopped by Dwight before his plan can work. Daryl comes crashing through the Sanctuary walls in a truck. The walkers flood into the place and there is pandemonium.
Eugene is angry about this as people begin to get eaten by the walkers. He goes to Negan and they agree to use their guns to get rid of the horde. Eugene tells Negan that he has made lots of bullets so they won't run out.

Rick is forced to fight a walker in the junkyard. He overpowers it and kills it. Jadis tries to kill him.
He stops them and he tells the Scavengers that they are going to pay for this. He tells them that they will be attacked in future by Rick and his group. Jadis backs down and she looks for some deal.
Rick tells her that he wants Negan dead. She agrees. They all go to the Sanctuary and find that there  is nobody there and he calls on the walkie talkie but there is silence. He doesn't know what has happened.

This was an okay episode. There were some good scenes, but it wasn't anything special..

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Halloween Resurrection Movie Review

Halloween Resurrection is a 2002 horror movie and the eighth movie in the Halloween movie franchise. It is directed by Rick Rosenthal and stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, Sean Patrick Thomas and Tyra Banks.

The movie begins with Laurie(Curtis) is a mental institution. Michael Myers is not dead. It turns out that she decapitated some other guy who was wearing the mask while Michael escaped dressed as a paramedic. Laurie pretends to be insane. Michael turns up and he kills the security guards. He goes into her room and she hits him. He chases her and throws her off of the balcony after kissing her. Cut to Haddonfield University. Six students have been chosen to go to the Myers house on Halloween night. They are going to star in an Internet reality show called Dangertainment directed by Freddie(Rhymes) and Nora(Banks). They need to spend the night there and see why Myers did what he did.

They enter the house at night. Little do they know that the real Myers is around. Freddie dresses up as Myers and he goes into the house. He is followed by the real Myers. He has been dispatching annoying people. Some of the students discover a tunnel behind a wall, but Michael kills them. There are two Michael's wandering around and it gets confusing. Freddie tells the students that it is all a set up and if they cooperate, they will make money from it. They don't want to stay there any longer and they hare going to leave when the real Myers shows  up and kills them all. There is one girl left and Freddie.The two have to battle Myers and there is a ridiculous face off between Freddie and Myers which is just so stupid. It just looks so bad and I didn't like it at all. Freddie manages to electrocute Myers and burn down his house. He saves the girl and they escape. Myers is taken to hospital and the medical examiner looks at him. Of course, he is not dead!!!

This movie is bad. It finished off the Halloween franchise. I thought that this was the weakest of all  the sequels. The fight scene between Busta Rhymes and Michael Myers was just so idiotic and stupid that I wanted to turn it off there and then, but I had to see it through to the end. There is nothing new here. After Halloween H20, this was a bitter disappointment. This has nothing to offer the Halloween enthusiast. I wanted to finish watching the franchise, so I sat through this. You have been warned- watch this at your peril!!! I will give it a 2/10.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 2

Last time, we saw Mick murder the tour bus driver and take his place. This episode begins with everyone wondering what happened to Davo.  They do not think that Mick is any way threatening, though and accept his excuse that Davo had to leave in a hurry. Mick stops the bus for  a break and while everyone is walking around and chatting, he tinkers with the water. A park ranger shows up and asks Mick about Davo. He tells her that he is around somewhere and offers to show her where. They go off together. Unfortunately for her, Mick is lying and he kills her and throws her off of a cliff. Mick heads back and he meets Richie who is asking him questions. He is annoying Mick. Everyone drinks the water.

As Mick starts the bus again. everyone starts to feel drowsy and they fall asleep one by one. When they wake up, Mick has disappeared and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. The battery has gone from the bus and the satellite phone has also gone. Who took them? They wonder is something has happened to Mick and Johnny and Danny wander off to look for him. Nobody misses Richie who has been taken by Mick. Mick hits him over the head and he buries him up to his neck. He puts a termite mound over his head and leaves him to die. Back at the bus, the others find Davo's dead body and things become very tense.

Johnny and Danny meet Mick finally but it is not what they expect. That night, the others hear weird noises in the outback.  They look around with their torches but there is nothing there. They wonder if it was Danny or Johnny. Suddenly, shots come at them. One of them hits the gas tank of the bus and blows it up with two people inside. Others are injured. This is when they realise something is not right. This was a great episode with a brilliant ending. Mick just steals the show in this. We are losing some characters, but  I don't think it matters. This is great stuff.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Puppet Master:The Legacy Movie Review

Puppet Master:The Legacy is a 2003 horror movie and the eight installment in the Puppet Master series. It is directed by Charles Band and it stars Kate Orsini and Jacob Witkin.

The movie begins with a woman called Maclain(Orsini) who is searching for Toulon's secret. She is in the Bodega Bay Inn and she looks around. She finds a man called Eric Weiss (Witkin) who has been in the basement with the puppets. She pulls a gun on him and demands information about Toulon and the formula. He has a tapes with him and he plays her one of Toulon. Toulon explains about the origin of the secret. Maclain is impatient. She wants the formula and she will kill him to get it. We discover that Eric is actually Peter Heinz who was in Puppet Master 3:Toulon's Revenge.

There are plenty recaps from the previous Puppet Master movies which explain the story of the the puppets. Maclain shoots Eric in the knee and he tells her that Toulon was not an evil man. He just used his puppets to kill those who deserved to die. There are more recaps. We find out that Maclain killed Rick because he would not give her Toulon's diary. She took the diary but she needs the formula. The puppets and Eric manage to attack her and she is close to death. She tells Eric that Toulon had performed an experiment with transferring souls into the puppets. She wanted the formula so she could find out how to destroy the puppets. She tells Eric that all of the Puppet Masters have created bad puppets who have souls inside them, wanting revenge on the Puppet Master. Eric is now the Puppet Master. The bad puppets show up and Eric and the good puppets get ready for battle.

This was a weak entry in the Puppet Master series. It was really just a recap of what has happened in the previous movies and it adds very little to the story of the puppets. It seemed like a waste of a movie opportunity. It is really just clips of the other films mixed in with a story about a woman who wants the formula. If you missed this entry, you would not lose any important plot development. You could give this one a miss. I will be kind and give it a 4/10.
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