Friday, June 22, 2018

Island of Terror Movie Review

Island of Terror is a 1966 horror movie directed by Terence Fisher and starring Peter Cushing,Edward Judd,Carole Gray and Eddie Byrne.

On a remote island near Ireland, a medical team are working in a lab. They are working on a cure for cancer. A local man called Ian Bellows disappears. His wife goes to the local Constable Harris(Sam Kydd) and tells him. Harris goes looking for Bellows and he finds his dead body. He runs to Dr.Landers(Byrne) and tells him that he saw the dead body of Ian Bellows and his body had no bones. It had turned into jelly. Landers wants to see it. The bones are gone. Landers takes the body back to the lab. He consults Dr Brian Stanley(Cushing) for help. Stanley is an expert in diseases etc. Stanley recommends David West(Judd). He is a bone specialist. They tell him what has happened.
David has a love interest called Toni(Gray) and she borrows her father's helicopter to fly them out to the island.

They are looking for Dr. Phillips who was working in the lab on the island. They go to his house. There is a body in the house. They discover all of the scientists dead. A farmer tells Harris that his horses have turned to jelly too. The doctors surmise that whatever is killing people was created in the laboratory by Dr. Phillips. Harris goes to tell the doctor's about the horses, but he meets the creature and dies. Landers has the misfortune of meeting one and it kills him. Toni, Stanley and West escape it. Dr West wants help from the locals. The doctors tells the local people what has happened. They tell them that Dr.Phillips created the creature by mistake. They need to kill the creatures.

The locals have guns etc but the creatures are very hard to kill. They discover that a chemical can kill them. They find more of the chemical in the lab and they infect a group of cows with it, hoping that the creatures will eat the cows and die. The creatures are multiplying outside. Dr Stanley gets attacked by one of them and he has to get West to cut off his hand to stop himself getting killed. The creatures eat the cows. The creatures attack the locals, but they start to get weaker. They start to die.
The doctors are glad that the creatures have been contained and that it happened on an island otherwise it would have been a disaster. What he doesn't know is that in Japan, there are scientists replicating what Phillips was doing in the lab and guess what? Yes, the creatures are back!

This movie is good fun. I really didn't know anything about it before I watched it, but I can say that it is very enjoyable. Of course, Cushing is great in his role and he makes the movie better just by appearing. The story is good and the creatures will make you laugh. This is a decent monster movie and I would certainly recommend it. I think that these movies are always entertaining and this is no different and it is directed by Terence Fisher who also directed so many movies such as The Devil Rides Out, The Gorgon and Curse of the Werewolf. I am giving this one a 7/10. Watch it if you can!!


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