Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 2

Last time, we saw Mick murder the tour bus driver and take his place. This episode begins with everyone wondering what happened to Davo.  They do not think that Mick is any way threatening, though and accept his excuse that Davo had to leave in a hurry. Mick stops the bus for  a break and while everyone is walking around and chatting, he tinkers with the water. A park ranger shows up and asks Mick about Davo. He tells her that he is around somewhere and offers to show her where. They go off together. Unfortunately for her, Mick is lying and he kills her and throws her off of a cliff. Mick heads back and he meets Richie who is asking him questions. He is annoying Mick. Everyone drinks the water.

As Mick starts the bus again. everyone starts to feel drowsy and they fall asleep one by one. When they wake up, Mick has disappeared and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. The battery has gone from the bus and the satellite phone has also gone. Who took them? They wonder is something has happened to Mick and Johnny and Danny wander off to look for him. Nobody misses Richie who has been taken by Mick. Mick hits him over the head and he buries him up to his neck. He puts a termite mound over his head and leaves him to die. Back at the bus, the others find Davo's dead body and things become very tense.

Johnny and Danny meet Mick finally but it is not what they expect. That night, the others hear weird noises in the outback.  They look around with their torches but there is nothing there. They wonder if it was Danny or Johnny. Suddenly, shots come at them. One of them hits the gas tank of the bus and blows it up with two people inside. Others are injured. This is when they realise something is not right. This was a great episode with a brilliant ending. Mick just steals the show in this. We are losing some characters, but  I don't think it matters. This is great stuff.


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