Saturday, July 28, 2018

Boogeyman Movie Review

Boogeyman is a 2005 horror movie directed by Stephen T. Kay and starring Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel and Lucy Lawless.

The movie begins with a child seeing a figure in his bedroom. His father comes is and the kid tells him that the boogeyman is there. His father looks around for the boogeyman and gets pulled into the closet by something. Cut to fifteen years later and the kid has grown up. His name is Tim(Watson) and he is still afraid of the dark. He has lights all over his apartment. He has a girlfriend called Jessica(Tory Mussett) and he has a weird experience at her dad's house. He is freaked out by the closet. He has a vision of his mother. He feels the need to go and see her. His uncle calls him and tells him that his mother has passed away. He has to go back to his family home.

He meets a girl called Franny who asks him about his father. She leaves him some information on missing children in the area, suggesting that the boogeyman took them too. Jessica turns up and she makes him stay at a motel for the night. She disappears as the boogeyman gets her. Tim goes into the bathroom where she was having a bath and finds her gone but some blood left behind. He goes to his friend Kate(Deschanel), who he had met earlier on, and he takes her to the motel to show her what happened. Kate doesn't know what is happening. She thinks that he might have killed his girlfriend.
Tim informs her that the boogeyman is in her house. She tells him to go away. Tim talks to Franny about it and he says that he needs her help. They go to the house of a crazy guy and he tells them that his daughter was taken by the boogeyman. He is Franny's dad. Franny tells Tim that he needs to face the boogeyman.

Tim's uncle goes to the house looking for Tim but he meets the boogeyman instead. Tim arrives back at the house and he decides to seal everything except the closet in his old bedroom. Tim waits for the boogeyman to come. Franny tells him that he is coming. Tim enters the closet. He hears Jessica calling him, but he can't help her. He goes to various places and sees different things. He ends up face to face with his worst nightmare. He destroys some of his childhood things that remind him of the boogeyman. The boogeyman begins to fall apart. It seems that Tim has destroyed it once and for all.
He checks the closet, but there is nothing there.  There is a post credits scene where the boogeyman reappears in a girl's closet so he has not been destroyed at all...

This film was just not very good. I found it very slow and there wasn't much in the way of scares. It was unoriginal and watching the lead actor wandering around a creaky house became tedious after a while. I liked the boogeyman himself when he appeared but that was about it. I liked Barry Watson, but this film was not good enough to keep me interested. I just wanted it to end and the ending was limp. All in all, this is a by the numbers horror movie with little in the way of terror or scares and with slow pacing and a silly ending. I will give it a 4/10.

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 8

So, this episode begins with Negan and Eugene having a chat about getting rid of the walkers that are outside.  Negan agrees with Eugene's suggestion that they use their bullets to clear the horde. It works well and then Negan is ready to move on to his next plan. Rick  gets out of his prison when he is rescued by Carol and Jerry. The three of them head off to tell the others what is happening. Eugene lets Gabriel go back to the Hilltop even though he is really sick.

Maggie is horrified when Simon turns up at the Hilltop with Jerry, who he has captured. He wants his men in return for him. Maggie has to agree but Simon shoots a resident anyway. Maggie is annoyed and she kills one of the prisoners. In the Kingdom, the Saviours are telling people that they will be used to build up the Sanctuary again. Ezekiel doesn't want this so he creates a diversion so that his people can escape. He locks himself into the Kingdom with the Saviours. Carol and Morgan see this.

Negan and his crew arrive at Alexandria and pronounce that it is theirs now. Carl tries to bargain with Negan and this allows the residents to crawl into the sewers and escape. Daryl has set up a trap and some of the Saviours get caught in it. On of them sees Dwight on the other side and they escape to tell negan that Dwight has switched sides. Negan and his men bomb the place and they  break inside Alexandria. Rick arrives back and he finds the place smoking. He goes to look for Carl and Judith but he finds Negan waiting for him. There is a fight. Rick has to escape when he gets badly hurt. He goes into the sewers where Michonne and Carl are. He and Michonne are horrified when Carl reveals that he has been bitten by a walker.

This was a good episode, with plenty of action. The ending was sad when it was revealed that Carl will be leaving the group. I was surprised that they killed off such a main character. Anyway, this was a decent episode.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 4

This time, Rebecca is not happy with Brian because of what he did. Nena wants a funeral but Rebecca thinks that they should move on. Rebecca covers the body to shut her up. Steve is lying on the side of the road and he is in a bad way. He is found by two Aboriginal men who are driving along.
He tells them what happened. One of the men mentions a 'spirit man' and it could be Mick. They seem to know about him. He wants to look for Kelly who is wandering around. They agree to help him to look for her. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who are looking for Kelly. Mick is on her trail and he is very close to getting her.

The other group are walking through the outback. There is nothing in sight. Cut to Steve and the guys who are in their truck. A shot hits the truck. Who could it be? Nena gets bitten by a snake and this adds a load of trouble to their plight. Brian shoots at it and this draws Mick's attention. Mick shoots at the guys in the truck. He shoots one with a bullet to the neck and kills the other. Steve is caught by Mick. Kelly is safe for the moment as Mick is busy. She finds one of the guys' rifles and she goes after Mick, planning to shoot him. The still living Aboriginal man goes to a camp where he meets a healer. He tells him what happened.

Steve is tied up and Mick laughs at him. Kelly turns up with the rifle, but she is no match for Mick and he stabs Steve to death and captures her pretty easily. He brings her along with him in his truck which does not bode well for her. Suddenly, Mick seems unwell. Something is happening to him. Along come the two Aboriginal men and the healer guy has put some sort of spell on him, making him weak. He seems to be dying or something but he pulls out a gun and he shoots the two guys dead. So much for that! They might know the land, but so does Mick and he is a match for them.
The others are still walking around when they see  lots of lights. It is an old mine and they are heading for it. Mick brings Kelly back to his home which isn't going to be fun for her...

Brilliant episode once again. I loved this one. I found the scenes with the Aboriginal men very interesting as they are like Mick in some ways. They know the land as he does and they are very much in tune with nature. He got rid of them pretty easily, though. There was a lot happening here and the story is really moving along which I love. The only thing that annoys me is the character of Nena. I was hoping that the snake would finish her off!! She is very irritating. Other than that, this was a great episode.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Curtains Movie Review

Curtains is a 1983 horror movie directed by Richard Ciupka and starring  John Vernon, Linda Thorson, Samantha Eggar, Michael Wincott, Lynne Griffin and Anne Ditchburn.

The movie starts with a woman called Samanatha(Eggar) who comes up with an idea with her director, Jonathan Stryker(Vernon). She is going to stay in a mental institution in preparation for her role in his movie. She enters the institution and she sees that there are really ill people in there and crazy people. She starts to go a little crazy too. She ends up staying in there for real. Stryker drops her as his lead actress and abandons her to her fate. He brings other actresses to his home to audition for the part. When Samantha hears this, she escapes.

There are six actresses coming to his house. One of the women gets lost on the way and she sees a doll on the road. She ends up dead. The other five show up at the house. They are Patti(Lynne Griffin), Brooke(Linda Thorson), Laurian(Anne Ditchburn), Tara(Sandee Currie) and Christie(Lesleh Donaldson). Samantha also shows up and argues with Stryker. There is a caretaker called Matthew(Wincott). Christie sleeps with Stryker to get the part.  Samantha sees her leaving his room.
Christie goes skating on a lake and someone shows up wearing an old woman mask. The person skates up to her and murders her.

The others think that she has decided to go home after sleeping with Stryker. Stryker humiliates Samantha. The killings continue. Stryker and Brooke get shot by the killer. Then he goes after Tara. She knocks him down and there is a chase. The killer gets her. Samantha and Patti are the only two left. Samantha tells her that she was the one behind Stryker and Brooke's deaths. Patti surprises her by revealing that SHE is the killer of the other women. She did it to get a part. She kills Samantha.
The movie ends with Patti in an institution. She is performing the role that she did not get in front of the other patients...

This is a good film. It is a horror movie but it is a mystery also. It is fun trying to work out who the killer is. There are some decent kills in here, but it more of a thriller , I think. I wouldn't class this as a slasher movie really. It is entertaining and there are some good scenes in it so I would certainly recommend this. It is a lesser known 80's movie which is definitely worth a watch. I will give it a 6/10.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Amityville:The Awakening Movie Review

Amityville: The Awakening is a 2017 horror movie directed by Franck Khalfoun and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne and Kurtwood Smith. It is the tenth movie in the Amityville franchise.

A new family are moving into the Amityville house. They are Joan Walker(Leigh), her daughters Belle(Thorne) and Juliet and her son James(Cameron Monaghan), who is in a coma after having an accident. Juliet tells Belle that James has been using bad words. He has a bad turn but his eyes open.
The locals make fun on Belle for living in the murder house. She looks up the story of the house and finds out what happened there. The doctors come to see James but they don't think that he is making progress, despite his eyes opening. Belle has a dream about the Amityville killer, Ronald DeFeo.

Belle meets Terrence(Thomas Mann) and Marissa(Taylor Spreitler) and they become pals. They watch The Amityville Horror movie together. The power goes out. Dr. Milton(Smith) comes to do some tests on James but he gets spooked when flies appear from nowhere. He runs off. James becomes more active and he begins to communicate with them by using a special computer.  Bella and Terrence begin to wonder if his sudden abilities have something to do with the evil house. Bella asks James if there is something controlling him and the answer is yes. He wants her to end his life.

She shuts off his machines, but the evil emerges and frightens her. Joan comes in and she sees what Bella is doing. James starts to breathe on his own. Belle goes down to the basement and knocks down a wall. She finds the red room. She finds a magical circle around the house. James can't leave the circle. Belle tries to tell her mother about the house but Joan doesn't listen. Belle decides to take Juliet out of the house. Joan knocks her out. At 3.15 AM, James wakes up and goes to the red room. He gets a shotgun and he shoots Joan dead. Belle sees what he is doing. She pushes him out of the window and falls herself. She wakes up and sees James. He wants her to take him back inside the house. She refuses and drags him out of the circle. He dies and the real James says thank you. The movie ends with a news report about the killings saying that the police are asking Belle questions but that she has her sister to corroborate her story and that James' fingerprints were found on the gun.

This was a middle of the road horror movie. There was nothing special about it at all. Saying that, it was better than some of the terrible Amityville sequels. I think that the Amityville series should really come to an end some time soon. I have seen a lot of those movies and they are not getting any better.
I love the original movie and parts two and three are decent too. After the fourth one, they started to go downhill. That's just my opinion. Anyway, this film is okay. There is nothing amazing or original about it but if you enjoy the Amityville franchise, then you will like this! I will give it a 5/10.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Night School Movie Review

Night School is a 1981 horror movie directed by Ken Hughes and starring Rachel Ward, Leonard Mann and Drew Snyder.

The movie begins with a teacher who is alone after school. A man in a motorcycle helmet comes into the playground and kills her. Lieutenant Austin(Mann) is investigating the case. The killer has mutilated the victim. He discovers that she went to school at Wendell College. He talks to her friend and a Professor Millet(Snyder). A girl called Eleanor(Ward) also attends the college. She is an exchange student. She is followed home by a weirdo from a cafe that she goes to. She goes home and her boyfriend comes. She is seeing Professor Millett. The killer strikes again and another woman is killed. Austin calls to see Millett. He thinks that the Professor was having an affair with both of the dead girls. Eleanor tells Millett that she is pregnant.

The waitress from the cafe is killed next. The owner discovers her severed head. Austin goes back to the Professor and look around his place. A teacher from the college gets killed. Her head is found in the toilet by a student that she was trying to seduce at her home. The student gets killed too. The cops think that it could be the cafe weirdo. They try to arrest him. They are completely wrong though. It turns out that the killer is Eleanor. She tells the professor that it was her. She is crazy. The police come and chase a person on a motorbike. They think it is the killer. The person crashes the bike and dies. Austin sees that it was the Professor. Austin isn't convinced that he is the killer. He thinks that it was Eleanor, but he doesn't have any evidence so he has to let her go.

This film was pretty good. It is a horror movie but it is a mystery also as the cops try to figure out who the killer is. I liked the cast and I thought that the story was decent. It has some slasher elements and some thriller elements. The ending is good and I enjoyed it overall. I would recommend this and I will give it a 6/10.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Vampire Circus Movie Review

Vampire Circus is a 1971 horror movie directed by Robert Young and starring Adrienne Corri, Laurence Payne and Lynne Frederick.

The movie begins with a teacher, Professor Muller(Payne) who sees his wife, Anna taking a local little girl, Jenny to a castle. It is the castle of Count Mitterhaus, who is a vampire. She gives the girl to him and he drains her blood. Anna is under his spell and she will do anything for him. The village are angry over the girl and they all go to the castle to get the Count. The Count kills some of the group, but he gets staked by Muller. He curses the villagers and says that they will lose their children and that he will come back to life. He tells Anna to go and find his cousin who is called Emil(Anthony Higgins). She escapes through an underground tunnel as the castle is destroyed by the angry locals.

Cut to years later and the village is full of disease. The locals can't allow anyone in or out. It seems that the Counts curse has come true. The local doctor wants to leave to get medicine. The locals talk about the Count and his curse. Some of them think that the bats in the town are really vampires. The circus arrives in town. The leader of the circus is a gypsy woman(Corri) and a weird dwarf. Also in the circus is a man called Emil who we know is related to the Count. He can change into a panther.
Him and the gypsy go to the castle where the Counts remains are and they swear that the curse will live on.

A local girl, Rosa likes Emil and this worries her family. The doctor manages to get away from the village to get medicine. He is helped by his son, Anton(John Moulder Brown). Anton is in love with the doctor's daughter, Dora, who turns up in the town as she missed her father and Anton. People start to get killed by the circus folk and it isn't long before the locals are suspicious. The vampires want Dora's blood. They kidnap her and take her to the castle. Meanwhile, the doctor comes back with news that there have been lots of killings in places where the circus has been. The locals destroy the circus and head to the castle to get Dora.

The locals battle Emil and Muller gets bitten and dies. Anton tries to save Dora. The Count is coming back to life. Muller uses the stake in his heart to kill Emil and the Count stands up and comes for Dora and Anton. Anton decapitates him and the locals set fire to the castle once again. This time, the curse is broken. The doctor, Dora and Anton leave the place but they see a bat fly into the sky. Has the count really been killed??

This is a fun film. It is a Hammer movie, so you know what to expect. The cast are good, the story is good and the film is decent. I liked it and I found it entertaining. I like these old movies as they can be very enjoyable. There are good moments in this movie and the creepy circus makes for a good horror tale. All in all, this is an above average movie from the 1970's with a lot to enjoy, so if you haven't seen it, I would recommend it! I will give it a 6/10.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Reeker Movie Review

Reeker is 2005 horror movie directed by Dave Payne and starring Devon Gummersall, Derek Richardson, Scott Whyte, Michael Ironside and Eric Mabius.

The movie begins with a family who are driving on a desert road. The mother hits a deer and they have to stop. Their dog runs off and the father chases it. He gets killed by something. The rest of the family are attacked by the same unseen force. Cut to a guy called Trip(Whyte) who is buying pills from a drug dealer called Radford(Mabius). He cheats him and steals some of his stash. He is going on a trip with his pals, Nelson(Richardson), Cookie(Arielle Kebbel), Jack(Gummersall) and Gretchen. Radford is after him and he knows where he is. Gretchen sees that he has drugs and she freaks out. She wants him gone. She agrees to take him to an abandoned motel that they saw. It is called The Halfway Motel. They leave Trip there but the car won't start and they all have to stay there too.

Cookie takes one of the tablets. The rest of the group try and figure out where the radio is. They find it and hear that there has been an accident and the road is closed. Trip goes looking for gas. The others remain at the motel. Cookie is seeing things. Trip meets Radford, who threatens him. Trip gets away from him and meets a guy called Henry(Ironside) who has an RV and is looking for his wife.
He gives Trip a lift to the motel. He tells the group that his wife went missing. Trip isn't sure what to make of him. Henry says that there are people around who are half dead. He says that he saw them.
Cookie ends up getting killed when she goes to the bathroom. Nelson goes looking for her and he gets killed too.

Jack and Gretchen find Nelson dead. Jack is blind so he can't see what is happening but he can sense it. They also find Henry dead. Gretchen has a gun and she looks for Trip and Cookie. Jack is left alone. Trip gets killed by some sort of creature. Jack gets injured. Gretchen is alone. She sees a weird creature. She tries to escape in her car. She drives away from the motel. The creature is on her car and it makes her crash. Someone pulls her out. The movie ends with the cops coming. They find all of the dead bodies. They think that it is a car crash. It turns out that some of the group were killed when the RV hit them. Jack and Gretchen survived. The rest of them died in the crash and Henry died too.

I liked this film. It was an interesting one. I didn't know what to expect here but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the premise and the ending was a fun twist. It is different to the normal slasher type movie and I recommend this if you are looking for a fun horror movie . I will give it a 6/10.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 3

This episode begins with the aftermath of the explosion. Everybody is upset. Rebecca thinks that they should move to a better place. Nena won't leave her dead daughter. Michelle has very serious burns. Brian thinks that Michelle is going to die and he thinks that they should just leave her behind. The others disagree with him. They decide to carry her with them. They set off to find somewhere more suitable to camp. Oscar realises he has forgotten his blood pressure medication so Rebecca and Brian decide to go back to the wreck and get them, plus some water. They are there when they see a blue truck coming. It's Mick!

Rebecca makes a fire to distract him and then she and Brian get into his truck and take his rifle and mess up his fuel tank so he will be stranded. Rebecca is going to shoot him, but Brian stops her. Mick is annoyed when he sees what they have done. He goes about fixing it himself. Brian and Rebecca go back to the others. They all move on. They are walking along when they see headlights. They shout and scream, hoping that it is someone who can help. It isn't. It is good old Mick and he isn't going to help them. A storm forces them to look for somewhere to hide. They find shelter in a cave. Michelle is in a very bad way, so Brian smothers her to put her out of her misery.

Another great episode.  The survivors are really getting desperate now. I like the cat and mouse element to the story. Mick could just kill them if he wanted to, but he enjoys the game and that makes it really interesting. We don't know who is going to survive and what Mick will do next. I really enjoyed this episode.
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