Friday, July 20, 2018

Amityville:The Awakening Movie Review

Amityville: The Awakening is a 2017 horror movie directed by Franck Khalfoun and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne and Kurtwood Smith. It is the tenth movie in the Amityville franchise.

A new family are moving into the Amityville house. They are Joan Walker(Leigh), her daughters Belle(Thorne) and Juliet and her son James(Cameron Monaghan), who is in a coma after having an accident. Juliet tells Belle that James has been using bad words. He has a bad turn but his eyes open.
The locals make fun on Belle for living in the murder house. She looks up the story of the house and finds out what happened there. The doctors come to see James but they don't think that he is making progress, despite his eyes opening. Belle has a dream about the Amityville killer, Ronald DeFeo.

Belle meets Terrence(Thomas Mann) and Marissa(Taylor Spreitler) and they become pals. They watch The Amityville Horror movie together. The power goes out. Dr. Milton(Smith) comes to do some tests on James but he gets spooked when flies appear from nowhere. He runs off. James becomes more active and he begins to communicate with them by using a special computer.  Bella and Terrence begin to wonder if his sudden abilities have something to do with the evil house. Bella asks James if there is something controlling him and the answer is yes. He wants her to end his life.

She shuts off his machines, but the evil emerges and frightens her. Joan comes in and she sees what Bella is doing. James starts to breathe on his own. Belle goes down to the basement and knocks down a wall. She finds the red room. She finds a magical circle around the house. James can't leave the circle. Belle tries to tell her mother about the house but Joan doesn't listen. Belle decides to take Juliet out of the house. Joan knocks her out. At 3.15 AM, James wakes up and goes to the red room. He gets a shotgun and he shoots Joan dead. Belle sees what he is doing. She pushes him out of the window and falls herself. She wakes up and sees James. He wants her to take him back inside the house. She refuses and drags him out of the circle. He dies and the real James says thank you. The movie ends with a news report about the killings saying that the police are asking Belle questions but that she has her sister to corroborate her story and that James' fingerprints were found on the gun.

This was a middle of the road horror movie. There was nothing special about it at all. Saying that, it was better than some of the terrible Amityville sequels. I think that the Amityville series should really come to an end some time soon. I have seen a lot of those movies and they are not getting any better.
I love the original movie and parts two and three are decent too. After the fourth one, they started to go downhill. That's just my opinion. Anyway, this film is okay. There is nothing amazing or original about it but if you enjoy the Amityville franchise, then you will like this! I will give it a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

I'll probably give this one a try since you said it is better than the others, not that it would take a lot to beat the most recent ones. Maybe going into it expecting middle of the road will give me some lower expectations that might be exceeded.

Amanda said...

Well, this is a mediocre movie. I was not expecting much from this. It is middle of the road but saying that, there have been worse entries in the series. I found it more tolerable than Amityville 4,5 and 6!! So, keep that in mind when you watch it!!

Tony Briley said...

Cool! I’ll keep that in mind and give it a try.

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