Friday, July 6, 2018

Reeker Movie Review

Reeker is 2005 horror movie directed by Dave Payne and starring Devon Gummersall, Derek Richardson, Scott Whyte, Michael Ironside and Eric Mabius.

The movie begins with a family who are driving on a desert road. The mother hits a deer and they have to stop. Their dog runs off and the father chases it. He gets killed by something. The rest of the family are attacked by the same unseen force. Cut to a guy called Trip(Whyte) who is buying pills from a drug dealer called Radford(Mabius). He cheats him and steals some of his stash. He is going on a trip with his pals, Nelson(Richardson), Cookie(Arielle Kebbel), Jack(Gummersall) and Gretchen. Radford is after him and he knows where he is. Gretchen sees that he has drugs and she freaks out. She wants him gone. She agrees to take him to an abandoned motel that they saw. It is called The Halfway Motel. They leave Trip there but the car won't start and they all have to stay there too.

Cookie takes one of the tablets. The rest of the group try and figure out where the radio is. They find it and hear that there has been an accident and the road is closed. Trip goes looking for gas. The others remain at the motel. Cookie is seeing things. Trip meets Radford, who threatens him. Trip gets away from him and meets a guy called Henry(Ironside) who has an RV and is looking for his wife.
He gives Trip a lift to the motel. He tells the group that his wife went missing. Trip isn't sure what to make of him. Henry says that there are people around who are half dead. He says that he saw them.
Cookie ends up getting killed when she goes to the bathroom. Nelson goes looking for her and he gets killed too.

Jack and Gretchen find Nelson dead. Jack is blind so he can't see what is happening but he can sense it. They also find Henry dead. Gretchen has a gun and she looks for Trip and Cookie. Jack is left alone. Trip gets killed by some sort of creature. Jack gets injured. Gretchen is alone. She sees a weird creature. She tries to escape in her car. She drives away from the motel. The creature is on her car and it makes her crash. Someone pulls her out. The movie ends with the cops coming. They find all of the dead bodies. They think that it is a car crash. It turns out that some of the group were killed when the RV hit them. Jack and Gretchen survived. The rest of them died in the crash and Henry died too.

I liked this film. It was an interesting one. I didn't know what to expect here but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the premise and the ending was a fun twist. It is different to the normal slasher type movie and I recommend this if you are looking for a fun horror movie . I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

I remember this one. Was pretty entertaining for an afternoon watch.

Amanda Smith said...

Yes I enjoyed it!!

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