Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 3

This episode begins with the aftermath of the explosion. Everybody is upset. Rebecca thinks that they should move to a better place. Nena won't leave her dead daughter. Michelle has very serious burns. Brian thinks that Michelle is going to die and he thinks that they should just leave her behind. The others disagree with him. They decide to carry her with them. They set off to find somewhere more suitable to camp. Oscar realises he has forgotten his blood pressure medication so Rebecca and Brian decide to go back to the wreck and get them, plus some water. They are there when they see a blue truck coming. It's Mick!

Rebecca makes a fire to distract him and then she and Brian get into his truck and take his rifle and mess up his fuel tank so he will be stranded. Rebecca is going to shoot him, but Brian stops her. Mick is annoyed when he sees what they have done. He goes about fixing it himself. Brian and Rebecca go back to the others. They all move on. They are walking along when they see headlights. They shout and scream, hoping that it is someone who can help. It isn't. It is good old Mick and he isn't going to help them. A storm forces them to look for somewhere to hide. They find shelter in a cave. Michelle is in a very bad way, so Brian smothers her to put her out of her misery.

Another great episode.  The survivors are really getting desperate now. I like the cat and mouse element to the story. Mick could just kill them if he wanted to, but he enjoys the game and that makes it really interesting. We don't know who is going to survive and what Mick will do next. I really enjoyed this episode.


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