Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 4

This time, Rebecca is not happy with Brian because of what he did. Nena wants a funeral but Rebecca thinks that they should move on. Rebecca covers the body to shut her up. Steve is lying on the side of the road and he is in a bad way. He is found by two Aboriginal men who are driving along.
He tells them what happened. One of the men mentions a 'spirit man' and it could be Mick. They seem to know about him. He wants to look for Kelly who is wandering around. They agree to help him to look for her. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who are looking for Kelly. Mick is on her trail and he is very close to getting her.

The other group are walking through the outback. There is nothing in sight. Cut to Steve and the guys who are in their truck. A shot hits the truck. Who could it be? Nena gets bitten by a snake and this adds a load of trouble to their plight. Brian shoots at it and this draws Mick's attention. Mick shoots at the guys in the truck. He shoots one with a bullet to the neck and kills the other. Steve is caught by Mick. Kelly is safe for the moment as Mick is busy. She finds one of the guys' rifles and she goes after Mick, planning to shoot him. The still living Aboriginal man goes to a camp where he meets a healer. He tells him what happened.

Steve is tied up and Mick laughs at him. Kelly turns up with the rifle, but she is no match for Mick and he stabs Steve to death and captures her pretty easily. He brings her along with him in his truck which does not bode well for her. Suddenly, Mick seems unwell. Something is happening to him. Along come the two Aboriginal men and the healer guy has put some sort of spell on him, making him weak. He seems to be dying or something but he pulls out a gun and he shoots the two guys dead. So much for that! They might know the land, but so does Mick and he is a match for them.
The others are still walking around when they see  lots of lights. It is an old mine and they are heading for it. Mick brings Kelly back to his home which isn't going to be fun for her...

Brilliant episode once again. I loved this one. I found the scenes with the Aboriginal men very interesting as they are like Mick in some ways. They know the land as he does and they are very much in tune with nature. He got rid of them pretty easily, though. There was a lot happening here and the story is really moving along which I love. The only thing that annoys me is the character of Nena. I was hoping that the snake would finish her off!! She is very irritating. Other than that, this was a great episode.


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