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The Premonition Movie Review

The Premonition is a 1976 thriller/horror movie directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer and starring Richard Lynch, Sharon Farrell and Edward Bell.

The movie begins with a man called Jude(Lynch) showing pictures of a child to a woman who is called Andrea(Ellen Barber). The woman goes to see the child, Janie, at school. She gets seen by the child's foster mother, Sheri(Farrell) who is not happy. Janie's foster dad is Miles (Bell) who is a professor and is working with a woman called Jeena Kingsley who specialises in parapsychology.
 Sheri tells her husband about the woman who was at the school. Sheri starts to have visions about Jude and Andrea. Meanwhile, her husband goes off on some sort of a date with his colleague, Dr. Kingsley. The same night, Andrea goes to Janie's room. She gets disturbed by Sheri and she runs off with the child's doll but not before telling her that Janie is hers. Sheri calls the police and then Miles comes home to discover what has happened.

Jude is angry with Andrea. She has really lost the plot. He thought that they were going to get Janie and live together but she has gone mad. He runs after her with a knife. Miles tells the cops that Andrea is Janie's real mother and that she was trying to get her daughter from them. She was a bad mother and she got put into a mental institution. Sheri thinks that Andrea has put a hex on them. Sheri has another vision. This time it is of Andrea, who is covered in blood. She tells Miles about it. Miles tells his colleague. He wants Sheri to meet Dr. Kingsley and talk about the visions. Sheri crashes her car and when she wakes up, Janie is missing.

Janie has wandered off alone. She sees a carnival where the weird Jude is a clown. He happens to be drinking and walking around when he hears Janie crying. He takes her back to his van. Sheri remembers the house where Jude and Andrea were staying and she brings Miles there. They find Janie's doll there and call the cops. The cops find Andrea dead. Dr. Kingsley talks to Sheri and she wants her to try and envision where her daughter is. Sheri tries and feels that Janie is alive. Jude kills a carnival worker as she was going to call the cops and tell them he has Janie. Dr Kingsley thinks that they should have a concert for Andrea. It might help Sheri find her daughter. Sheri plays music that Andrea wrote. Jude is on the run with Janie.

The woman Jude killed sent a picture of Jude to Sheri's house. The cops see it and start sniffing around the carnival. They find out that Jude is on the run with Janie. Miles sees him in his van. He runs over and gets inside. They have a big fight. The cops come in time and arrest him. Janie runs out and finds her mother. This is an odd film. It isn't really a horror movie, even though there are some horror elements in it. I would class this as a thriller. There aren't really any scary scenes. It is a decent movie and Richard Lynch is creepy as the psychopathic clown. I think that it is a strange film with some drama elements as well as thriller and horror. It is a mixed bag, but don't let that put you off. It is a good watch and I enjoyed it. I would have liked more in the way of scares, but I will still give this one a 6/10.

Wolf Creek, Season 2 Finale.

So, the finale is here. This season has been short, but oh so good. The last episode saw Mick with Oscar and Nena following Brian and Rebecca as they go to find Danny and anyone else who Mick has taken at Mick's lair. Brian and Rebecca are still driving along. Mick gets a flat tyre and he has to fix it. Nena grabs Mick's knife from her husband's neck. Mick has killed Oscar already and she is going to kill him. Except, she can't. Mick is too clever for her. He grabs his knife from her and hits her. Brian and Rebecca come to Mick's place. They look around for Danny. They discover an underground tunnel. They go into it. Rebecca wanders around and she finds dead bodies hanging up.
Clearly, this is Mick's playground.

Brian is looking for gas for the truck. He wants to get out of there. Mick arrives back. Brian hides.
Mick carries Nena into his place. He dumps her into his tunnel. Mick can hear Rebecca as she has disturbed his dog. Brian has to go into the tunnels too. Rebecca steps onto spikes that have been put in the ground and impales her foot. Mick sets his dog after her. Brian is going to leave Nena there as he gets his gas. Rebecca finds Danny, who has been tortured. Kelly is there too. She releases them. Mick catches Brian, who is going. Brian tells him he will leave and say nothing to anybody. Mick believes him. Brian heads off.

Rebecca tells Kelly to go. She and Danny stumble through the tunnels. Danny is in a bad way and you know that this won't end well. Brian realises he has no keys to the truck and he has to go back down and get them. He kills Nena when she won't give them up. Mick comes back and finds out what Brian has done. Brian tries to tell Mick that they are the same. He isn't a psychiatrist, but he is an inmate of a psychiatric hospital. He has killed and he is crazy. He thinks that he and Mick understand each other, but he annoys Mick, who shoots him dead. Mick traps Rebecca and Danny in a cage with the gas. He tells her that he will keep her alive for a long time. She and Danny agree that they need to die. They agree to blow up the gas and hopefully kill Mick too. They blow up his tunnels. Kelly escapes. She grabs her phone too. She wanders around the outback and meets Mick, who tells her that she will die as there is no town for hundreds of miles. He leaves her to die. The episode ends with Mick watching the news about the disappearance of the tourists. Post credit scene has Kelly on the ground. She is on her last legs when her phone rings. She goes to answer it.

What a fantastic finale! I loved it. It was full of action and we got to see inside Mick's lair. It was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. It is interesting how the ending is left open now. Mich made an error in not killing Kelly. Will she survive and get rescued? Will she tell people what happened? Will people come after Mick? There are so many possibilities. I really hope that there will be another season of this. I know that there will be a third movie, so I am hoping that there will also be a third season. I will watch it!! All in all, a great second season which was more than I could have hoped for.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Eyes of A Stranger Movie Review

Eyes of a Stranger is a 1981 horror/thriller directed by Ken Wiederhorn and starring Lauren Tewes, John DiSanti and Jennifer Jason Leigh in her acting debut.

The movie begins with a body which is found. There has been three murders recently in Miami. A woman is being followed home by some weirdo. He calls her on the phone. She calls the police to tell them about it. She goes home but the killer is at her place. Her boyfriend calls over and the killer murders him. Cut to a reporter called Jane(Tewes) who lives with her deaf, mute and blind sister Tracy(Leigh). She has a boyfriend called David(Peter DuPre). Jane recalls when she was younger and how she was with Tracy but she left her alone. Tracy got picked up by a man.

Jane sees a car in the lot and she asks the security man who owns it. He tells her it is a man who lives in the apartment across the street. The killer strikes again. Jane begins to think that the killer is a man called Stanley Herbert(DiSanti). The killer continues his spree. Jane continues to think about what happened to her sister. The doctors couldn't figure out why she was blind, deaf and mute. Jane becomes convinced that Herbert is the killer. She gets the key to his apartment and she enters. She looks around but he comes back unexpectedly. She escapes with his shoe. She gives the shoe to David, who is a lawyer. He thinks that she is crazy.

Jane gets herself a gun and she decides to call Herbert and tell him that she knows he is the killer. She keeps calling him. He tells her that he is confused. He recognises her voice from TV and he knows who she is. He decides to go after her sister. He goes to Jane's place and he sees Tracy. He messes with her at first. She realises that he is there and she throws coffee at him and runs. Jane is is in his apartment. She can see her place from across the street and she spots him in there. Tracy finds that her sight is returning. She finds the gun and she shoots at Herbert. She thinks that he is dead so she lets her guard down. He gets back up and attacks her again. Janet comes home and she manages to shoot Herbert in the head. Tracy regains her speech.

This was an interesting movie. It has elements of horror and thriller. The special effects were by Tom Savini but some of the gorier scenes were cut from the version I saw so it was a disappointment there. I enjoyed the story,though and I thought that it was a good movie throughout. I did think that the side story about the sister being abducted when she was young could have been left out. but I suppose it added to the ending of the movie. It was fun to see Jennifer Jason Leigh in her first role. She didn't do much, but I didn't dislike her character. Overall, this is an entertaining film which is worth a look. I will give it a 6/10.

Wolf Creek, Season 2, Episode 5

So, everything is getting really exciting as we near the end of this great season. The group saw lights up ahead and they figured it was an old mine. Kelly has been captured by Mick. She wakes up in his lair. She grabs a rock from the ground. He comes in and demands to know here the others are. She hits him with the rock. That doesn't go down well with Mick. Rebecca, Brian and the others find the mine. They see a young boy called Danny. His father,Spence, is there too. He sees the state that they are in and he wants to help them. He tells them that the mine was shut down years ago. Mick sees the mine and he goes inside to investigate.

He meets Spence and they talk. Spence offers him a drink, which he accepts. Mick asks him where the group are. He threatens him. Spence tells him, but Mick kills him anyway.Oscar sees that Mick is here and he runs off the tell the others. Rebecca finds the body of Spence's wife and the son is missing too, suggesting that Mick has killed him too.The group get together and try to decide what to do. Oscar and Rebecca decide to go and get the truck going so they can escape. They will come back and get Brian and Nena and they can all go. Mick is after them.

He comes after Rebecca and she dodges him.She and Brian are in one truck and Oscar and Nina are in the other, or so she thinks. Mick has caught them and he gets into the truck with them. He follows behind Rebecca and Brian, who think that Oscar and Nena are fine. Wow. This episode had so much happening!!! Mick was at his terrifying best and the group are really in trouble now. The mine setting was creepy and Mick took no prisoners as he murdered the family. The finale is next!!!Already!!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wrong Turn Movie Review

Wrong Turn is a 2003 horror movie directed by Rob Schmidt and starring Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku.

The movie begins in West Virginia. A man called Chris Flynn(Harrington) is driving along a road. He needs to get to a meeting. He asks for directions at a gas station and some old guy tells him to take a back road. He ends up crashing into a jeep with five passengers. He meets them. They are Jessie(Dushku),Carly, Francine, Evan and Scott(Jeremy Sisto). The group see that there was barbed wire in the road and that caused the crash. Jessie's tyres were punctured by someone. There is something weird going on. Evan and Francine stay with the cars while the rest of them go and look for help. Unfortunately, Evan and Francine meet a nasty end.

The rest of the group find a shack and they look around. They see human body parts. They are going to leave with a family of freaks come back to their horror shack. There are three- Three Finger, Saw Tooth and the charming One Eye. The group has to wait until they get a chance to escape but they get spotted by one of the freaks and they run off into the woods. Saw Tooth chases them and kills Scott and shoots Chris in the leg. Chris manages to escape. There are just three left alive- Chris, Jessie and Carly. They spot a watchtower in the woods and hope that there will be a radio there. They use it to call for help, but get no reply. The freaks find out where they are and proceed to burn it down. The three have to get out. Carly gets caught and dies.

Jessie and Chris have to try and get away from the hillbillies, but they know the area and they are on their trail. The local Sheriff turns up but he is quickly dispatched by the freaks. Jessie gets caught and brought to the shack. Chris rescues her and burns down the freak shack. He thinks that they are all dead and he and Jessie take one of the hillbilly cars and drive away. There is a post credit scene with a deputy Sheriff looking through the burnt remains of the shack. Of course, one of the freaks comes back and attacks him so we know that they will be back!!

This is entertaining and fun. The old hillbilly vs city slicker thing has been done to death but it is still worth watching. This is an enjoyable horror movie which will not amaze you, but will pass ninety minutes quite nicely. The cast do a pretty good job in this and there are some decent scenes. So, all in all, this is a standard horror movie with nothing really original, but it is fun and very watchable so I will recommend it to slasher fans. I will give it a 6/10.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Puppet Master :Axis of Evil Movie Review

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil is a 2010 horror movie and the ninth entry in the Puppet Master series.
It is directed by David DeCoteau, who also directed the third movie. It stars Levi Fehler, Jenna Gallaher and Tom Sandoval.

The movie begins in 1939. A young man called Danny(Fehler) is a carpenter. He lives in the Bodega Bay Inn with his uncle Len. There is a war coming. There is a flashback to Toulon and how he died. Danny heard the shot that killed Toulon and he sees the Gestapo men leaving. They see his face. He runs in and finds Toulon dead. He finds the puppets. Danny takes the puppets. He wants to fight in the war but he has a limp and they won't let him. Danny talks about Toulon to his brother, Don, who is going to go fight in the war soon. Danny tells Don that the puppets are special and that Toulon told him all about them.

Two Nazis, Klaus and Max are going to meet a Japanese woman called Ozu. She is going to work with them to destroy an American plant that makes bombs for the war. They think that by doing this, they will hamper America's part in the war. Max is to cosy up to a girl called Beth(Gallaher), who works at the plant and get inside. Beth just happens to be Danny's girlfriend. Danny comes to see her at work and bumps into Max. He recognises his face from the Toulon situation and he knows that he is a Nazi. She thinks that he is just jealous and dismisses it. Danny follows Max to his meeting place with Ozu. He sees them plotting. The puppets are also watching. Ozu has a bomb to blow up the plant. They are going to do it in two days. Danny leaves, but is spotted by Max.

Danny and the puppets agree to stop Max. Danny tells Beth about the meeting, but again, she doesn't believe him. He shows her the puppets and she starts to believe his story.  While Danny is out investigating Max, men come in to his mother's house and shoot her dead. They shoot his brother, Don too. He is not going to make it. Danny comes home to find this and he uses the formula to put his brother's soul into a puppet called Ninja, that Toulon had been making when he died. Beth has been taken by Max and he is holding her. The puppets help too. Ninja kills Max before he is mortally wounded and the other puppets mop up the rest of the baddies. Unfortunately, Ozu escapes with Tunneler. Danny swears that he will get her.

This was a fun entry in the series. I like the setting of World War Two and the story is decent. The addition on the Nazis and a Japanese baddie is also fun. I was a little disappointed with the last part with the demonic toys. It wasn't great. This was much better. I enjoyed the three Axis movies and I will review the others soon. So, this film is one of the better Puppet Master movies. I liked the story and I enjoyed the puppets, as always. Ninja was a newcomer and, even though he didn't last long, he was fun to watch. I found this enjoyable so I will give it a 6/10.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 10

Last time, we said goodbye to Carl. This episode begins with Rick and Michonne, who are mouring their loss. Michonne sees walkers coming into Alexandria. There is a hole in the wall. The place is being wrecked by the walkers and Rick and Michonne have to leave. They look around and remember Carl as they go. Michonne looks through the letters and she finds one for Negan which makes them both think. They are going to visit Jadis and try and get her to help them. They drive in there but there is a booby trap and they end up stuck.

Cut to Negan and Simon. They chat about what happened in Alexandria. Negan wants Simon to go to the Scavengers and frighten them by killing one or two. Simon wants to wipe them out, but Negan tells him no. Simon goes off to the junkyard and finds Jadis and her Scavengers. He talks to her about their deal that they had. Simon demands that they surrender their weapons and they have to do it.
Simon demands an apology from her for siding with Rick and she does give him one. Simon goes mad and he orders his men to shoot all of the Scavengers, except for Jadis. She escapes. He goes back to Negan and tell him that everything is fine, but he doesn't tell him about the slaughter. Negan is satisfied as he hears that Rick is calling on the walkie talkie.

Rick and Michonne find Jadis wandering around and looking lost. She shows them the way out. She offers to join them, but Rick tells her no. He forces her to go at gunpoint. She is being chased by walkers. She uses a machine to destroy more walkers and then she sits in the junkyard alone. Rick and Michonne get out and Rick calls Negan on the walkie talkie. He reads the letter Carl left to Negan. It contains a plea for peace. Rick doesn't believe that this will happen. Negan is upset to hear of Carl's death. Negan blames Rick for Carl's death and tells him that he needs to stop fighting. He tells Rick that he is a failure as a father and a leader and he urges him to surrender before more of his people get killed.

This episode was interesting. I was surprised when the Scavengers were wiped out. Simon is going against Negan and that spells trouble. It was interesting to see Jadis as a real person and not just the odd leader she was. Seeing that Negan was genuinely upset over Carl's death was a good scene but he doesn't really strike me as the emotional type!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

And Now The Screaming Starts Movie Review

And Now The Screaming Starts is a 1973 horror movie directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom,Stephanie Beacham, Ian Ogilvy and Patrick Magee.

A married couple, Charles Fengriffin(Ogilvy) and Catherine(Beacham) move into his ancestral home. Catherine sees a portrait of Charles' grandfather, Sir Henry(Lom). She is drawn to it. A bloody hand comes out of the painting. Catherine is very upset. Charles sees nothing. Strange things begin to happen. Catherine gets locked into a room and something is in there with her. The portrait is haunting her. A hideous man's face comes out of it. Catherine runs off and she finds an old graveyard. She sees Henry Fengriffin's grave. She sees a strange woodsman and she asks Charles about him. She goes to his stone hut and talks to him.  His name is Silas(Geoffrey Whitehead) and he tells her that her husband's grandfather gave him the land where he lives. Catherine asks Charles about this.

Catherine wants to know why Henry Fengriffin gave the land to Silas and she goes to the family solicitor for answers. The solicitor promises to find out and talk to Charles. He gets thrown from his horse and dies before he can do anything. Meanwhile, Catherine thinks that she is going mad. She discovers that she is pregnant also. She is not happy with the news. Mrs Luke, the housekeeper goes into the library and she gets an old book to give to Catherine. Something tries to stop her. She sees an old man and a ghost hand pushes her down the stairs. Catherine finds her and she finds the book also.
Charles decides that Silas needs to get off the land as he thinks Silas is responsible somehow for his wife's behaviour.

Charles offers to give Silas money to leave, but he refuses. Catherine cuts up the portrait of Henry.
She ends up falling down the stairs. Doctor Whittle(Magee) thinks that she has mental problems. He knows a specialist called Dr. Pope(Cushing) who is in London. He calls him in to look at Catherine.
Pope arrives and he talks to Catherine. She tells him all that happened. He sees that she is reading a book on demons. Pope asks Whittle about the Fengriffin house.  Whittle is going to tell him what he knows when he is killed. Pope goes to see Silas but he doesn't get far. Pope asks Charles to tell him the secret that haunts the Fengriffin family.

Charles tells him that fifty years ago, Henry Fengriffin used the house as a den of debauchery. Silas' father, the woodsman, had a new wife and Henry went to see her. He and his pals burst into the house and Henry wants to have sex with the wife. When the woodsman tries to stop him, there is a fight.
Henry rapes the wife. The woodsman attacks him but ends up getting his hand cut off by Henry.
 The woodsman curses Henry. Henry tried to make it up to him, but the woodsman would not allow it. Henry gave him the land to have his house on. Silas is the woodman's son and he has been waiting for revenge.

Pope talks to Catherine about the demon book. She goes into labour. Her son is born. Charles looks at it and he runs off in horror. He goes to see Silas and he has guns. He shoots Silas and kills him. He destroys Henry's grave. Pope tries to stop him. It turns out that the baby has a birthmark the same as the woodcutter and it has a stump!!! A weird ending makes this film fun. It is an entertaining movie with some good scenes. I liked the cast and Cushing is good, as always, apart from a rather dodgy hair piece!!Beacham is all heaving bosoms and angst. Ogilvy does well as the husband and Lom is fun as the obnoxious Henry. This is a decent 1970's horror and there is a lot to like. I recommend it! I will give it a 6/10.

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 9

This episode begins with Rick having a flash forward to the future where Judith is older and he is happy. Cut to Michonne and Rick digging a grave in Alexandria. There is is flashback to Carl who was helping Siddiq and he got bitten in the stomach by a walker and that is how his infection started. Carl doesn't tell anyone what happened. He wants Rick to take Siddiq into the community. He takes him down into the sewers and sets up a bed for him. He sets about writing notes for Rick, Michonne and the others.  He is prepared for the inevitable.

Cut to Carol, who wants to rescue Ezekiel. She tells the young kid Henry that he can't come as it is too dangerous. Morgan comes along and the two get together to get Ezekiel. Morgan is becoming fond of killing, much to Carol's dismay. Rick, Michonne and Carl share emotional moments together. Carl gives Rick the letters. He urges Rick not to fight and to make peace. He says goodbye to Judith and gives her his hat. Rick and Michonne take him to the church. They have a chat about life and then Carl asks for a gun to shoot himself. Rick and Michonne leave the church and they hear the shot as they walk away. They bury his body.

Morgan and Carol rescue Ezekiel when Henry kills one of the Saviours. There is a vision again where Negan is part of their community. The episode ends with Rick holding a coloured object in his hand which is covered in blood. He is crying. This episode was sad because we said goodbye to Carl who has been with the show since the start. It was a fitting send off and it was a good episode.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Virgin Witch Movie Review

Virgin Witch is a 1971 horror movie directed by Ray Austin and starring Ann Michelle,Vicki Michelle and Patricia Haines.

The movie begins with two girls called Christine(Ann Michelle) and Betty(Vicki Michelle). They see an advertisement for a modelling job. They go to an agent called Sybil Waite(Haines) and she has a look at both girls and tells them that there is a job available for Christine. She has to go to a big house in the countryside with Sybil. She wants to take Betty with her. Betty's boyfriend, Johnny isn't too happy about this. Sybil and the girls drive down to the country house. Sybil points out a witches ring in the village. They all meet the photographer, Peter. There is also an old, creepy housekeeper. Sybil's friend, Gerald(Neil Hallett), owns the house. He is an expert on witches and witchcraft.

Sybil tells Christina about witches also. Christina is fascinated by the subject. Betty looks around the house and grounds. She sees weird things and she becomes frightened. She tells Gerald all about it.
Peter and Christina have sex. Sybil isn't too happy about it as she likes Christina herself. Gerald has his eye on Betty. He tells her that he is a white witch and that he practises white witchcraft. Christina wants to be a witch. She wants to join in their rituals. Meanwhile, Johnny is looking for Betty. The coven meet and Christina is accepted into it. Gerald has sex with her. Peter is worried about Sybil putting a spell on him. 

Christina and Sybil kiss. Gerald wants Christina to initiate Betty into the coven. Johnny arrives in the village. He is looking for Sybil. Christina asks Betty to take part in the coven. Johnny finds Betty and tries to get her to leave. She won't do it. Christine performs a spell on Sybil and burns her picture. Sybil feels pain. Christina wants to be priestess instead of Sybil. Johnny faces off with Christina and he tells her that he is  taking Betty back home. Christina threatens him. She becomes high priestess as Sybil is too ill. Christina forces Betty to go to the ritual. She is initiated. Johnny shows up and he takes Betty away.

Christina tackles Sybil with a dagger and she uses her powers to kill her. Everyone in the coven realises what she has done. They all follow her as their new leader. Betty and Johnny don't want any part of it, so they leave.  This film was pretty good. It has a real 70's feel to it and there is lots of 70's music to add to that. There is plenty of skin on show here too if that is your thing. The story is not too bad and the cast did a good job. There really wasn't a lot to this film but overall, this is entertaining 1970's fare. The film has been disowned for some reason by the two main stars, Vicki and Ann Michelle, but don't let that put you off. I will give this one a 5/10.
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