Monday, November 5, 2018

Cherry Falls Movie Review

Cherry Falls is a 2000 horror movie directed by Geoffrey Wright and starring Brittany Murphy, Jay Mohr, Michael Biehn and Gabriel Mann.

In the town of Cherry Falls, a couple are making out in a car. Someone comes along and kills them.
Kenny(Mann) and his girlfriend, Jody(Murphy) are in his car. He tries to get her to have sex with him, but she won't. He tells her that they should break up. Cut to Sheriff Marken(Biehn), who also happens to be Jody's dad. He is at the crime scene and he looks at the couple who were murdered.
They were students and he goes to the local high school and asks questions about that night. The killer is after someone else. Another student is murdered. The FBI are brought in. The coroner says that the dead students were all virgins. The Sheriff calls a town meeting for the parents.

Jody is at school while the meeting is taking place. She is talking to her teacher, Mr. Marliston(Mohr). She thinks that she sees someone lurking around. He goes to look, but there is nobody there. The killer is there though. Jody hears the Sheriff talking about the virgin thing. She
 finds her friend dead. The killer comes out and chases her. She fights him. She tells her dad and he looks around but the killer has fled. Jody tells him what the killer looks like and the Sheriff faxes a picture to the FBI. All of the kids start having sex to save themselves. There is a local woman called Lora Lee Sherman and she is a suspect in the killings. Jody asks her mother about Laura. She looks up old newspapers for information. Lora Lee was raped by four men and nobody was charged. She tells her that two of the men still live in the town. One of them is the principal of her school and the other one is her father.

The killer murders the principal and knocks out the Sheriff. It turns out that the killer is Mr. Marliston. He has captured the Sheriff. Jody goes to see him and she finds out what he has done. He grabs her and ties her up. Kenny is looking for her and he sees her bike outside Marliston's house and wonders what is going on. It turns out that Marliston is Lora Lee's son. He is angry because of what the rape did to his mother and in turn him. He says that one of the rapists is his dad. It could even be the Sheriff, who participated in the rape. He wanted to get revenge by making all of the kids lose their virginity. There is a fight between the Sheriff and Marliston when Kenny arrives to save Jody.
Marliston kills the Sheriff. 

There is a mass orgy on at the school and Jody and Kenny go there. Marliston follows and scares everyone when he bursts in, dressed as Lora Lee. He gets killed when the Deputy Sheriff shows up and shoots him after Jody impaled him on railings. Jody and her mother decide not to reveal the real story behind Marliston's killing spree and they are going to leave town. Jody thinks that she sees someone who is dressed like Lora Lee. The movie ends. This was a decent horror movie. I enjoyed it, even though there is not much originality about it and it is more of a teen horror movie than an adult one. I did think that it was entertaining and fun and it had a good cast. If you enjoy slashers, then you will like this one. I recommend it and I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

I remember this one, and I liked it too. Not great but a decent slasher movie.

Amanda said...

Yes,not the best but I enjoyed it all the same. It was fun overall!

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