Friday, January 11, 2019

Zombi 2 Movie Review

Zombi 2 is a 1979 horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch and Al Cliver.

The movie begins with a boat floating in the harbour in New York. There is nobody on it. The police come to see what is going on as do the Harbour Patrol. They call out but there is no answer. They board the boat and they find that it is a mess. They discover worms and a putrefied hand as well as a zombie who kills a cop. It is shot by another cop and it falls into the river. A journalist, Peter West(McCulloch) is going to investigate what is happening. A woman, Anne Bowles(Farrow) is called in to identify the boat, which belonged to her father. She says that she hasn't seen him in three months. She is worried about him. She and Peter decide to go to the Caribbean, where her father is, and find out what is going on.

They fly over and they get a boat to go over to the island of Matul, where Anne's father is. They meet a couple called Brian(Cliver) and Susan and they take them along too. The island is meant to be cursed. Dr. Menard(Richard Johnson) works in the hospital on the island. He is also doing research on voodoo. He injects himself with something. He then tests his blood. Peter and the others are looking around for the island. Susan goes scuba diving off the boat and she sees a shark. Then she sees something else. She thinks that it is a man but it is a zombie and it tries to get her. It gets distracted by the shark and there is a zombie vs shark fight!!!!

Back on the island, Dr. Menard looks at all of the infected people in his hospital. The locals are scared. The witch doctor is scaring them. Menard's wife gets killed when a zombie breaks in.  In the hospital, the doctor shoots the corpses to stop t hem from becoming zombies. He is going to make sure they are buried. He meets Peter and the others and they talk about Anne's father. He tells her that her father died. The locals tell him that they saw a zombie. They run to the doctors house and find his wife's body being eaten by zombies.  They get into a car and try and escape. Brian and Susan find a graveyard. The zombies start to rise from their graves. Susan gets bitten. Brian shoots at the zombie and Peter smashes its head. They find the doctor and barricade themselves into the hospital. 

The doctor tells them that the infection began three months ago and got worse and worse. The zombies come to the door. Peter and the others fight. Menard gets bitten. More and more zombies arrive and the group try to burn them out. They have to try and escape. Susan reanimates and she bites Brian. Peter shoots her. The hospital explodes. Brian, Peter and Anne get to the boat. Brian is in a bad way. They hear on the radio that the zombies are taking over. Brian dies. They keep his body in a box so that they can show it to the authorities as proof of the zombies. The movie ends with New York being taken over by zombies...

I liked this film. It is a really good zombie movie with some gory scenes. Fulci does a good job here and the scene with the zombie and the shark is unique!!! It is a sequel of sorts to Dawn of the Dead(1978) also. There is plenty to like about this film. It has zombies and some gore and the story is not bad. So, all in all, I recommend this one. It is fun and I really enjoyed watching it. I will give this one a 7/10.


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