Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sorority House Massacre Movie Review

Sorority House Massacre is a 1986 horror movie directed by Carol Frank and starring Angela O' Neill and John C Russell.

The movie begins with a girl called Beth(O'Neill) who has a brother called Bobby(Russell), who killed her family, but she escaped. He is in a mental institution now, but he is eager to finish the job he started. Beth has visions of him. She is living in a sorority house and she is with some friends of hers there. Her brother takes his chance and he escapes. He is coming for her. Beth tells her friends about her visions and dreams. Meanwhile, Bobby is stealing a car and heading straight for the sorority house. Beth is with her friends, Linda, Sara and Tracy. Some guys turn up to join them. They are Craig, Andy and John. You can see what is going to happen here!!

The guys start telling stories about Bobby and what happened. Beth gets scared. Bobby reaches the sorority house and he starts to kill people. Beth gets hypnotised and she remembered what happened with Bobby when she was young. He tried to kill her. Tracy gets killed by Bobby. Everyone starts to panic and Bobby cuts the phone line. Beth sees him and he chases her. She runs into a room with some of the others and they try to keep him out. He kills more until Beth and Linda are the only two survivors. His doctor figures out where Bobby is and what he is there to do. He tells the cops and they make their way to the sorority house to stop him before he can kill Beth.

Beth and Linda try and run from him. Linda hits him with a shovel and they think that he is dead. He isn't. He kills Linda. He runs after Beth and they face off. She grabs a knife and she stabs him. He is dead this time!! Beth ends up in hospital as the film draws to a close. She still has visions of her homicidal brother. This is a by the numbers slasher movie. That doesn't mean that it is bad, though.
It is quite enjoyable despite being formulaic. The story is similar to Halloween in some ways. It has a sister who is being stalked by her maniac brother. Hmm. That sounds familiar!!! Unfortunately, this film is nowhere as good as Halloween. If you enjoy 80's slashers, as I do, then you will find this entertaining!!! I will give it a 5/10.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sssssss Movie Review

Sssssss is a 1973 horror movie directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and starring Dirk Benedict, Strother Martin and Heather Menzies.

The movie begins with Dr.Carl Stoner(Martin) who is giving something away in a box. He is selling whatever it is to a freak show. He goes to see a friend of his, Dr. Daniels, to get his research grant extended. He wants a student to work with. He chooses David Blake(Benedict). Stoner has a pet snake called Harry. He also has a daughter called Kristina(Menzies) who David meets when he arrives at Stoner's house/lab. He shows David around and he gives him an injection which he says will protect him in case he gets bitten by a snake. Stoner has a King Cobra in a box and it is aggressive. Dr. Stoner performs a show with his snakes and people pay to see him.

David starts to feel different after a while. His skin starts to peel. The sheriff comes to see Stoner. He wants a tour of the snake lab. They are asking about a man called Tim who used to be his assistant. He is missing. David and Kristina become closer. It turns out that the doctor is turning David into a snake! David and Kristina visit a carnival and they see a snake man there. A local bully tries to fight with David and there is a scuffle. He comes to the house later and kills Harry. Stoner knows it was him and he goes off with a black mamba in a bag. He goes over to the bully's house and he finds the guy in the shower. He lets out his black mamba which bites the guy and kills him.

Dr Stoner finds out that Kristina and David have been spending a lot of time together and he isn't happy about it. David's face starts to change. Something is happening to his body. Stoner sends Kristina to pick up a snake for him to get her out of the way. Dr. Daniels comes looking for David. Stoner won't let him see David. Daniels tells him that he won't be getting his grant. He gets hit on the head by Stoner. He chains him up and he puts the key into a box filled with snakes. Daniels gets the key and gets attacked by a python. Kristina finds that she has time to kill and she visits the freak show again. She sees the snake man. She realises that it is Tim, the assistant. The Sheriff comes looking for Dr. Daniels.

David changes into a snake. Stoner keeps him in his lab. Stoner brings out his cobra and he gets bitten. He dies as David becomes a cobra. Kristina arrives back and sees what has happened. A mongoose is attacking David as she screams and the cops are there too. The movie ends with us not finding out what happened to either of them. This was a pretty good film. It is no masterpiece, by any means, but there is enough here to keep you entertained. I liked Dirk Benedict in this and the story is so bizarre, it's interesting. It isn't the greatest film, but the cast are pretty good and it is worth a look just to see a man transform into a snake!!! I will give this one a 5/10.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Blood Fest Movie Review

Blood Fest is a 2018 horror/ comedy movie directed by Owen Egerton and starring Robbie Kay, Seychelle Gabriel, Jacob Batalon, Barbara Dunkleman, Nick Rutherford and Tate Donovan.

The movie begins with a guy called Dax(Kay) who wants to go to a horror festival called Blood Fest.
His dad doesn't want him to go because Dax's mother was murdered on Halloween and Dax witnessed his father shoot the killer. Dax has a pal called Krill(Batalon) and he wants Dax to go. They both know a girl called Ashley(Dunkleman) who can get them in. Dax decides to go with his friend Krill and another friend, Sam(Gabriel). The group get in and they look around. Dax meets his horror hero, Roger Hinckley who was in his favourite horror movie franchise, Arbor Day. He is not a very nice guy and Dax is disappointed. The organiser of the event is called Anthony Walsh(Owen Egerton) and he addresses the crowd. He unveils guys with chainsaws and a killer called Red. He says that he will kill anyone who comes up on stage. People think that it is a joke. It isn't. The guys come into the crowd and the real killing begins.

Dax and his friends escape from the massacre. They hide. There are different horror sections in the place. They work out that they need to go to Clowntown to escape. They pass through a graveyard and there are zombies there. They find a cabin and hide there. The zombies are controlled by people who are on computers in a control room. Hinckley is in the cabin. Something is coming from the basement. Dax figures out that the zombies are not really. He pulls the wires out of a box he has found and they all fall. They keep going and meet another killer. They run into a school. They meet Zachary Levi but he gets killed. Krill gets separated from his friends and he runs into a few people who are sitting around a campfire. They are vampires. He meets one that he likes and she spares him when she realises he is a virgin. Meanwhile, Dax tells Hinckley to pretend to be the killer's dad. Roger talks to the killer and distracts him while the others escape. Dax and the others run. Roger follows.Krill comes back and he kills the psycho.

The group end up in Tortureville and Sam gets herself caught up in a trap, but Roger saves her, dying in the process. Ashley and Krill gets locked into a bathroom and they end up having sex. Outside the fest, Dax's father, Dr.Vaughn Conway(Donovan) is on a TV show complaining about the fest and horror movies and he is waiting for his son to show up. When Dax doesn't come , his dad knows that he has gone to the fest. The group of pals reunite and head to Clowntown. Obviously, there are killer clows there and they get surrounded. The zombies also show up and there is a battle. Ashley gets killed. They reach a warehouse where they can escape. They try and get out. Rain shows up and she kills Krill when she realises that he is no longer a virgin. Sam stakes her and kills her. Conway shows up and he has a gun.

Red comes and grabs Sam. It t urns out that Red is Dax's sister, Jayme. She tells them that it was their dad who set all of it up with Walsh. He did it to show how evil horror movies are. Jayme tells them to go. They get locked in and they fetch weapons and a truck. They want to stop the maniac dad. Conway talks with Walsh and tells him he messed up. He activates a pulse to drive people insane. Sam gets infected by it. She tries to kill Dax. Dax confronts his dad and the dad shoots Walsh. He wants to blow the whole thing up. Jayme kills him. She tells Dax to take off Sam's wristband that she got at the fest. He does so and she returns to normal. Jayme escapes. The movie ends. There is a mid credits scene where Sam and Dax see a huge explosion in Blood Fest. There is also a post credits scene where we are shown that Walsh is still alive! Sequel maybe???

I really enjoyed this one. I liked the premise of a horror festival which is real. It was funny in parts and I liked all of the horror cliches. I don't usually like horror mixed with comedy, but it works really well here. It is silly, of course, in parts and there isn't much that we haven't seen before, but I don't mind that. I liked it. So, all in all, this is a horror comedy with some fun scenes and I think that any horror fan would enjoy it. Just don't take it too seriously!!! I will give it a 6/10.

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