Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Haunting of La Llorona Movie Review

The Haunting of La Llorona is a 2019 horror movie directed by Dennis Devine and written by Geno McGahee. It stars Kaylin Zeren, Diana Acevedo and Orlando McNary.

The movie begins with a woman who is looking for her daughter, Selma. She finds a crying girl who turns out to be evil. The woman ends up possessed by some evil being. Cut to Cassandra(Zeren) and her boyfriend, Chad(Tyler Coleman), who are arguing. Chad works away from home and he is leaving Cassandra on her own in their house. One night, Cassandra wakes up and she sees a strange woman on her couch. She wakes up Chad and they confront her. She starts crying and then she tries to attack the couple. Chad hits her and they call the cops. The cops know her. They are looking for her daughter who is missing. Chad has to go to work and he tells Cassandra to get a friend to stay with her, as she is still shaken by recent events.

The evil being is called La Llorona(Mari Mijangos) and she is interested in Cassandra for some reason. When a friend of Chad's calls over and tries to come to to Cassandra, La Llorona kills him. Weird things happen in the house. Cassandra is getting nervous. One day, she is out for a run when she is attacked by some guy on the street. She is saved by a homeless girl called Tiffany(Acevedo). Cassandra is so grateful that she invites the girl to stay at her house. Cassandra tells her what happened in the house. She also tells her that strange things have been occurring. Tiffany offers to bring a friend of hers, Fr. Gomez(McNary), over to bless the house. The two women go to visit him and they fill him on the weird happenings. He thinks that Cassandra is just jumpy after seeing the woman in her house.When Fr. Gomez finds out that the woman was La Llorona, he throws them out. He is scared. He has been having visions of the evil woman.

Tiffany and Cassandra find out about La Llorona. She was w woman who killed herself and her children. They think that she is caught in limbo and cannot rest. They decide to try a Ouija board to contact her. She comes. They ask her what they can do to help and she spells out 'die'. Chad returns home and is not impressed to find a homeless woman living in his house. He wants her out of the house. He has a vision of La Llorona and he changes his tune. Chad tells Cassandra what he saw. She goes running and she meets the same guy who tried to attack her. This time, she is possessed by La Llorona and she kills him. La Llonona pays Chad a visit and she kills him. After this, Cassandra starts acting very strangely. Tiffany is worried, especially when she discovers that Cassandra is pregnant..
Cassandra is acting as if everything is fine. She doesn't seem to care that Chad is dead. Tiffany pays a visit to Fr Gomez and she tells him what has happened to Cassandra. He has to face his fears and confront La Lllorona.

SPOILER ALERT!!!He performs an exorcism on Cassandra. He comes face to face with La Llorona. It tries to seduce him but he holds out and continues his exorcism. She knocks him out. He wakes up and starts again. Llorona comes out of Cassandra and Fr. Gomez tells the two women to go. He stands up to La Llorona alone. He tells her to take him instead of Cassandra. She does and he promptly kills himself. The movie ends with Cassandra and Tiffany preparing for the baby. When it does come, Tiffany looks at it and it is possessed!!!!

This was a fun film. I liked the story about La Llorona and there was lots happening in this.
The cast did a good job and I liked the three lead characters. The Fr. Gomez character was a little dubious in parts, but he came good in the end !! I liked the ending too. I would certainly recommend this. It is a low budget horror movie but it is well worth a watch. I enjoyed it!! If you would like to see this, you can get it on Amazon Prime.


Tony Briley said...

Thanks for the review Amanda. I'll definitely check this one out after reading this. Easy to pick up since it's on prime.

Amanda said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you like it. It is fun!!

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