Sunday, August 22, 2021

Outback Movie Review

Trailer here.

Outback is a 2019 Australian thriller directed by Mike Green and starring Lauren Lofberg and Taylor Wiese.

The tale begins in Sydney. Wade(Wiese) and his girlfriend, Lisa(Lofberg) get a car and are going to drive around Australia. They are arguing. They visit a beach and Wade gets stung by a jellyfish. Lisa wants to go to Ayers Rock. They drive to the outback and their GPS sends them into the middle of nowhere. They are in the desert. Lisa wants to head back to the main road but Wade says that they are going on. The GPS keeps rerouting them and they get lost. They find time for some chatting about their relationship while this is happening. They decide to walk to a ridge to see if they can spot a way out. It begins to get dark so they can't drive until the next morning.

Wade's leg is getting worse from the sting. They walk along for a while, but then have to rest. Lisa gets stung by a scorpion. Wade sees a plane and he goes off to get some help. Lisa wakes up and she is alone. They both search for each other. Wade makes his way back to the car but it doesn't work. Is anything going to go right for these two?? Wade wanders around in the heat, looking for Lisa. Lisa makes a video on her phone . Wade becomes sicker as time goes on. His leg is in a bad way. He starts to cough up blood so you know his time is running out. Lisa finds him and he tells her that the battery is dead in the car. He tells her that she should go to the car for shelter. She doesn't want to. Wade becomes very sick and he passes out. Lisa has to drink his urine to survive. She makes her way to the car but there is a snake in it. She has to come out. On the sixth day, she is found by a woman. Wade has died. Lisa makes it out of there alive.

This film is pretty simple. There isn't a lot to the story, but it is worth a look. The outback is a scary place if you get stranded and this story revolves around that. The characters are okay but you don't really care that much if they survive. At least, I didn't. I liked the idea of it and it was entertaining so I will award this one a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

I love a lot of Australian films so I'll check this one out. Sounds a little iffy with just a 5/10, but at least you said it is entertaining. One of the few I've ranked as 10/10 on my IMDb profile is the Australian movie These Final Hours. I found it gripping from beginning to the unfortunate end. I had read there was going to be a big budget American remake but I guess it never materialized. But I don't see how it could have topped the acting in this one.

Unknown said...

It's worth a look sometime. I still haven't watched These Final Hours. I need to see it if it gets a 10/10!!

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